Mrs India 2017 Gourmet Queen

Mrs India 2017 Gourmet Queen ! by Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India 2017 Gourmet Queen ! by Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India Karnataka 2017

Mrs India 2017 :

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 a Season 2 was such a massive success, which was much expected after all Pageant was hosted by non-other than our Queen and regional director Pratibha Saunshimath who known as task master and perfectionist of every endeavor she has endorsed in life .From being winner of Classic Mrs India 2015 to representing India at International level and winning Mrs Asia International 2015 Photogenic and now Director of Mrs India is a fabulous journey to live .

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 :

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 3

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 was most awaited event in Namma Bangalore especially after looking at auditions where hundreds if Ladies participated. Selected ladies participated in Mrs India Karnataka 2017 hosted on 22-January at Orion Mall.

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 1

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud4

But before walking ramp of Mrs India Karnataka 201 contestants has to go through Talent round, Personal Interview round Photo sessions. Mrs India Karnataka 2017 Talent round saw real stunning performances that would surprise audience.

Mrs India 2017 : Talent Round

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka FINALE234

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 98

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 89

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 67

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 23

Mrs India 2017 Personal Interviews :

Personal interviews of Contestants was taken a Day before Grand Finale of Mrs India Karnataka 2017 to know contestants beyond physical fitness our beauty.

Mrs India 2017 Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud

Mrs India Photo-shoot :

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 Celebrated Red Colour, a Colour of love and compassion with Photo-shoot in Red Colour. As someone said No Beauty can go wrong in Red so does our beautiful Mrs IndiaMrs India Karnataka 2017 contestants. All looked really Gorgeous in Red.

Mrs India  2017 Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud 2

Mrs India  2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud 4

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud 5

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud1

Mrs India 2017 Training :

Pratibha Saunsimath made sure that when Mrs India Karnataka Contestants walk the ramp they are full of confidence and passion just like a Queen. Contestants were so very well trained to walk the ramp that no one could believe they are walking it for first time.

Mrs India 2017Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 2015

Mrs India 2017Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 2016

Grand Finale of Mrs IndiaMrs India Karnataka 2017 was Star studded where renowned personalities from Karnataka states graced the occasion. Karnataka’s famous Actress Ragini Trivedi made a special guest appearance.

Mrs India 2017Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud6

Mrs India Karnataka 2017Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud90

Grand Finale was judged on various rounds such as Evening Gown Rounds, Traditional Wear Round and Fitness wear round. Contestants of Mrs India Karnataka 2017 dazzled the stage and made mark .Turn out of huge audience was pleasant surprise which stayed till end of the event to cheer-up the Contestants was real boost in such a tough competition.

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 2017

Winners of Mrs India Karnataka 2017 will be participating in grand finale to be hosted in First week of June in Chennai.

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka FIN

Mrs India would like to Congratulate Partaibha Sunashimath for such a wonderful show, Show was not only witnessed by thousands and thousands of people but received spontaneous Media Coverage .

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud8

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Mrs India 2016 Photoshoot

Why Mrs India love Photo-shoots ?

Deepali Phadnis have always worked on unique and lively photoshoots for Mrs India Pageants .

Mrs India Photo-shoots are real fun ,which are based on themes in every Season of Mrs India ,Mrs India Photo-shoots very important part of Pageant, It is  not individual thing but at Mrs India we consider this as Team Building task, that improves bonding with Co Contestants that helps friendships bloom and strengthen the relations .

Mrs India 2016 Queens in Theme Hawaiian Queen ! Register Now for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Winner
Mrs India 2016 Finalist

At Mrs India Contestants comes from all across nation, All become friends with each other, this friendly environment boost the confidence of Mrs India Contestants .Confidence that not only helps them to face the Camera but face World high headed .Mrs India is an opportunity to meet remarkable Ladies of India, Learn from them and share your own experience with all.

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

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Mrs India 2017 NE
Mrs India 2016 Contestant

Mrs India Photo-shoots really fill-up floor with laughter, giggles and loads of Fun, because this gives opportunity to get groomed, dressed and Yes Pose! Pose!! Pose!!! Mrs India want all contestants to live these mesmerizing moments to the fullest and make it unforgettable that all want to live it again and again .But as per law of Nature Turning back the clock is not possible but documenting these moments and capturing this Joy in Click is very much possible and that is what Mrs India Photo-shoots are about,its Fun ,Friendship and Fashion . we all know how much Mrs India Contestants love to pose .These images speaks confidence of our Mrs India Contestants , Pride they take being themselves and reflects inner shine on their face . Mrs India Photo-shoots shuns the mouth of Body shames as every contestant takes pride and respect being themselves.

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

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Mrs India 2017 Kar
Mrs India 2016 Contestant

Mrs India 2017r1

Mrs India 2016 Contestant !

Mrs India Photo-shoots are always been theme based for Mrs India 2016, We decided upon Hawaiian Queen because it really matches with Queens of Mrs India who are as ecstatic as Hawaiian Beauty.  Costumes and accessories were designed specially for each Contestant as per Body .You can read our last Article about it.

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

Mrs India Classic 2016 Global Winner
Mrs India 2017 Bih
Mrs India 2016 Contestant

This is not the first time Mrs India has hosted this theme, In fact this was successful in Mrs India 2013 and from there it became favourite  Photo-shoot theme at Mrs India ,because this is very lively and Joyful that goes very much with Mrs India .

Images are clicked by Rahul Dev. A Fashion Photographer from Chennai. Mrs India thank him for his Wonderful work on Mrs India 2016 .Venue of Photo-shoot is Hilton Chennai .we are looking for Spectacular Mrs India 2017.

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

Registration in Progress for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India World 2016 Winner
Mrs India 2017 Pal
Mrs India Planet 1st Runner and International Delegate

So here are Few Magnificent Clicks of Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot! For more details you can visit our Facebook or Official Website .given at the end of this Article .

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Planet 2016 – Winner

 Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot

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Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India 2016 photo-shoot
Mrs India 2017 ja
Mrs India World 2016 2nd Runner Up
Mrs India 2017 Karna
Mrs India 2016 Contestant
Mrs India 2017 Karnataka
Mrs India World 1st Runner
Mrs India 2016 2017 1
Mrs India 2016 Photogenic Seema Subedi






Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot in Hawaiian Costume ,Guess what should be for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India Contest

Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot is playful an fun, Mrs India contestants always enjoy this, Now whats net for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot

Mrs India 2016 was televised on National Television NDTV Goodtimes

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Mrs India 2017 1
Mrs India Contestant Sonali Desai

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India
Anu Ravi in Glossy Golden Kanjivaram Saree

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Mrs India 2017 67
Mrs India 2016 Contestant

You can be the Next Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Pal
Mrs India Planet 1st Runner and International Delegate

Live your Dream and be the next Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Finalist Shweta Bet Ayala

Who will be the Next Mrs India 2017


Mrs India

Mrs India by Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India 2017 

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India Contest

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Mrs India Combating Gender Inequalities

Mrs India Combating Gender Inequalities !

What is the difference between Yesterday Woman and Today’s Woman?
Well we would like to speak about bright side , Today’s Woman is recognized as individual who have her own identity ,she is not dependent or confined within four walls .Today’s Woman have opportunity to make choices on own and lead life from front .Today’s Woman is not only independent but she major influencing factor in changing the society we live in . Woman is always been aspiration and inspirational factor but today she can realize these aspiration while yesterday’s Woman didn’t have window to look out for her dreams .

Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2017 Corporate Queen
Mrs India Finalist Shubha Sriram

Mrs India’s views on Gender Equality .

Open-hearted Change in Indian Society!

Today’s World is accepting Woman’s contribution in development, Her abilities are believed to be as equal to Men .It is now accepted that Woman should be given an equal opportunity as Men .We agree that change is not enormous but on positive note there is a change and it’s going to take a while to change things completely . Few Woman out there are still struggling for existence but difference is that today she have voice and support which yesterday’s woman did not have . Let us accept we all still a have long way to neutralize gender inequality but Good News is “Together We Can”
We all should stop blaming Indian Values first!

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Registrations
Winner of Classic Mrs India 2016 and Corporate Queen P Laxmi

Indian Woman have always been there 

History is a proof that World have prejudice and discriminated Woman in each and every strata of society all across the Globe, not only India .What is the difference in Indian Values? Indians Values Welcomes the change and Today’s Indian society is open to accommodate the progress and recognizes Woman’s individuality.

Mrs India 2017 India

Let’s not forget India, Largest Democracy of the World, elected Woman Prime Minister

Indira Gandhi way back in 1966 and headed Indian Government for 11 Years, while Woman in rest of the World is still struggling for their existence.

Mrs India 2017 IndWorld’s Most Powerful Corporate Woman Indira Noyi comes from Indian Origin who proved that if Woman is given equal opportunities she can outshine better in her career in fact sometimes better than men cannot do.

Mrs India 2017 on

Late Kalpana Chawala became first Indian Woman to go to space, still today she inspires millions of children’s across the Globe.

Mrs India 2017 Ki

Kiran Bedi broke the stereo types of Muscle power when she became first Indian IPS officer in well her struggle story is not a secret but what inspires is she fought all odds and remained grounded. She is one of most Celebrated Woman and respected in India.

We can never forget to mention Rani Laxmibai of Zansi, Who was leading force of first Indian Freedom fight in 1857. Rani Laxmi Bai proved emotional strength of Woman as well as leadership qualities of Woman. She is symbol of Woman’s strength, Motherhood. Rani has set an example that Woman is equally capable to protect Heritage as that of men.

Mrs India 2015 Finalist on Mrs India

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India 2015 Finalist as Rani Laxmibai

“Mrs India agrees that all Woman above must have gone through their own share of struggle and challenges, but end of the day they emerged as winners, the leaders from Indian Origin with Indian Values ,this means our society is not as rigid as we think .If we woman take a control our society is open to accommodate a change .”

When they did it Long Back, Why Todays Woman is still struggling?

If you take a closer look of all successful Woman listed above, all are in their late Fifties, While Rani Laxmibai is Exceptional leader is from two centuries back. When these Ladies achieved tremendous success in tough situation and challenging environments why Today’s woman is still struggling?

Well Answer is Gender inequalities! Or Simple Gender discrimination.

We are born and brought up with such an ease in prejudice that bigotry is accepted without any single thought. We never realize that We Woman ourselves are exploiting our own capabilities under the name of multitasking, we Woman ourselves are doing injustice with our Talent .We woman ourselves are closing doors on opportunities.
Worst part is Woman is been psychologically prepared to feel content on making sacrifices for society, family. Most of times these sacrifices comes with compulsion so will never be acknowledged.
Expectations from Woman are very high , every woman irrespective to her individuals abilities expected to be a “Super Woman” on other hand this Super Woman should not make choices on Own but only contribution which most of times society failed to recognize.

Mrs India 2016 Contest Photoshoot

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Mrs India 2017 89
Mrs India Asia International First Runner Up Priya Srivastava

Domestic Gender Inequality is bigger Concern !

Today most of Wedding Matching emphasize Woman to be Working Woman, Most of the time hidden reason Double Income for family that helps to make life more comfortable in soaring inflation and growing day to day needs (this is generic point of view of Mrs India).

“Working woman certainly reduces financial burden from family but sometimes Families forget to reduce burden of responsibility of Home maker on Working Woman.”

Domestic work is prominently gender based activity where woman supposed to take control of work while domestic work for Men is Taboo, which is sure sign of hypocrisy. This hypocritical mentality comes from Gender inequalities that are deeply rooted in all of us that refuses to accept when Woman is working equal to men at Work place Why Men cannot work Equal to Woman at Home?

Classic Mrs India Asia International Runner up and International Delegate of Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2017 Eldora
Mrs India 2016 Finalist and International Delegate Eldora Lyngdoh

Respect your Individuality not only being Independent!

Well who is victim of this Gender inequalities? Outsource a Woman ,then why Woman is hesitant to take control? Because Woman herself is trained to think its ok for Woman to overwork and never complain about it . Well how much Working Woman Over work than that of Men?

Statics about Working Woman

  • Working Woman works almost double to Men
    Working Woman Works 17.9 Hours per Day while Men works for 9 Hours on average ,so Woman almost works double of Men do , isn’t it exploitation ?
  • Indian Woman is Most Stressed and Needs to Relax!
    Nielsen survey of 6,500 women across 21 different nations, Indian women are the most stressed in the world today. An overwhelming 87% of Indian women said they felt stressed most of the time, and 82% reported that they had no time to relax.
    This unfortunate situation is again a outcome of gender inequalities where working woman should forget how much she worked at Workplace and resume all her responsibilities of Home maker moment she reaches home.
  • Working Woman’s Health is deteriorated!
    Working Woman have less time for herself ,All the stress and strain working woman goes through takes toll on her health naturally, Today Working woman is suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and diseases and disorders related to stress.

Mrs India 2016 Photoshoot
Mrs India 2017

Again No time for herself comes from Gender bias where woman is expected to take care of family first, which is fine but why she shouldn’t have time for herself? It should be a Family on whole and not only Woman.
We at Mrs India, believes in gender equality and will take every effort to combat gender inequalities for stronger nation and healthy society where everybody have equal opportunities to excel in life and everybody can realize their dreams without any hesitation or burden.

Mrs India 2016 Photoshoot for Mrs India

Mrs India 2017 Banglore
Mrs India 2016 Finalist

Mrs India believes Combating gender inequalities is Woman’s struggle but its starts with all of us, its starts with every Men and Woman out there. Let’s make India free from gender inequalities so that our coming generations can have equal opportunities to outshine in life be it Men or Woman. Mrs India combating Gender Inequalities.

Mrs India Hair Color Care

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hair Color and Care

Beautiful Hair runs in the Family is what we know all about till date ,but beautiful hair can be achieved with Proper care ,Today we have many options that can change look and feel of Your Hair .

Mrs. India gives Hair Color and Care Tips from non-other but Hair Color Guru Bony Sasidharan

Hair Color Guru Bony Sasidharan

Bony Sasidharan
Bony Sasidharan – Hair Color Guru

Mrs India 2016 was fortunate to have Seasoned Hair Stylist and magical hair makeover professional Bony Sashidharan with solid 12 years of experience presently leading Essential Looks by Schwarzkopf Professional World’s Leading Hair Products. Bony Sasidharan has groomed India’s Leading Pageants such as Mrs India 2016, Gabbana Life Fashion Show (2008 & 2010), Femina Miss India (2009), Ms Navy Queen Beauty Pageant (2009), Anams man’s PVR Launch in 2009, Bangalore Fashion Week (2010), Esthetica Hair Awards (2012), Esthetica Hair Magazine, Audi and Mercedes Awards (2015). So Here you go and Learn from Hair Color Guru Bony Sasidharan exclusively for Mrs. India.

Bony Sasidharan
Bony Sasidharan during Mrs India 2016 Workshop

Bony Sashidharan on Hair Color and Care

Our hair is our biggest beauty asset. Our appearance is what makes us unique as individuals. A great hairstyle can mean the difference between feeling ordinary and extraordinary. Once you get a great style, maintaining and styling hair is required.

Hair plays a vital role in the personality of an individual. It gives you a formal as well as a casual look. If we are emotionally in balance, our hair grows and looks beautiful.

Myths about hair coloring

Coloring will lead to hair loss or dryness.

  • It is really important to know that 100 hairs falling a day are normal. It is a part of hair growth cycle where after the fall the new hair grows. Coloring hair will never lead to a hair loss. Coloring hair is a professional service and it has to be done at a Salon. It is absolutely safe; it will never lead to any dryness or hair loss. It is important to know that taking care of hair once it is colored is very important. And it is not a tedious process also. Continue using the shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. Avoid home coloring, figure out some time and try to visit your stylist for color

Q Will coloring hair lead to white hair

  • Hair gets its natural color from Melanin pigments. White hair is the absence of these melanin pigments in the hair. Cause for white hair is Vitamin Deficiency or it can heredity. It is an absolute myth that hair colors lead to white hair. Coloring hair is an external service, where it has been applied on the outer surface of the scalp. That’s the reason you would require a touch up once your hair starts growing.

Whether the hair color will suit my complexion.

  • We are surrounded by color. Hair coloring is one of the quickest and most dramatic ways to change your personality. Choosing the right hair color is not as easy as picking a color you like. It’s important to consider your natural hair color, your skin tone and eye color when choosing a new hair color.

Hair color is not only about making your hair look brighter. When the hair color works correctly, your skin tone comes alive – hair color should make your face glow.However if you are not sure what color to choose the shades of Chocolate or Auburn browns, Keeping it dark or light as per your complexion.

Maintaining colored hair is really difficult.

  • Yes it is a fact that Colored hair needs extra care to keep it in good condition. But it isn’t that difficult though, use any Sulplhate-Free shampoo and conditioner contains UV protection for your color treated hair. Avoid using strong shampoo as it can strip color or dry out hair. Make conditioning as a habit. If you have fine hair use any leave-in spray conditioner.

Mrs India Beautiful Hair

Asha Jois Mrs India Planet 2016 and Mrs India Beautiful Hair 2016 who is simply proud of her lustrous long healthy hair and she never fails to Flaunt her Beauty on Mrs India . Apply now for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Asha Jois
Mrs India Planet 2016 Asha Jois

Blessed Beauty with inheritance

  • South Indian roots is what the secret of my hair is says Asha Jois with giggle and all I thank my Mother for giving this gift of Beautiful Hair that I never get enough of loving it while she runs fingurs thourgh her Hair .

Constant Pressure on looking Beautiful !

  • Being actress by profession Beautiful hair is what comes with compulsion but maintaining that is tough task . My Hair has go through so much of styling ,heating ,back combing .All this Harsh treatment takes a toll on my hair sometimes makes me nervous .but then I have left with no choice but do it .

Home Remedies First !

  • I owe my beautiful hair to my mother, from childhood my Amma will give me Hair Massage with warm Hibiscus oil and leave it over night .So make sure to follow hair care routine like Mrs. India.

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 56565
Mrs India Beautiful Hair 2015 – Swiza Paul

Mrs India Beautiful Hair 2015 Swiza Paul

“Well I never gave much attention to beauty of my Hair until I received Mrs India Beautiful Hair Subtitle at Mrs. India 2015 “

.Appreciation always encourages to be better, now I really treasure my hair ,its an assets of mine .When I am blessed ,I should treasure my beauty with proper hair care .I dont know much but yes few tips that everybody can follow .

Brush Your Hair upside down !

  • I always Brush my Hair upside down this avoids hair damage due to Tangles at the same time improves scalp blood circulation making Hair roots strong .

Quality Hair Products

  • As I am very busy with work and kids ,I cannot concentrate more on diet but yes I make sure I use Quality Hair Products such as Shampoo , Conditioners and leave ins I always use heat protecting serum before treating Hair with heat such as straitening. So now keep in mind these tips from Mrs India .

Below is Moment Swiza Paul crowned as Mrs India Beautiful Hair 2015


Mrs India
Mrs India Contest

Mrs India Pose Like a Goddess

Mrs India – Strikes Pose like Goddess

Mrs India’s Breath Taking images speaks itself about Beauty and Glamour of Indian Married Woman.  

Jaw dropping images of Mrs India’s Contestants have always celebrated Womanhood to the fullest and made mark in every Edition of Mrs India with innovative themes ,efforts and perfection.

Mrs India Finalist during Mrs India Photo shoot

Mrs India 2017 1
Mrs India Contestant Sonali Desai

Mrs India Photo shoot is a message

Mrs India have always chosen a Unique theme of photo-shoot that not only showcase beauty but speaks diversity, breaks stereotypical notions that World have set about Beauty. Images at Mrs India are just not Visual Treat but a its message that is all set to change the way World is going to look at Today’s Indian Married Woman who is just not confined within four walls but she is Career Woman who can lead her life on her own.

Mrs India 2016 Finalist represent today’s independent woman,Mrs India is Platform

Mrs India 2016 2017
Mrs India Contestants Shobha Sing

Mrs India’s Beauty In Diversity !

Photo-shoots of Mrs India is symbol of Woman’s Beauty in Diversity, Mark Woman’s Unity Who Celebrates friendships, lives remarkable life .Images that takes pride ,that inspires living and loving yourself .Images that does not know limitation of Age .

Mrs India finalist

Mrs India 2016 2017
Mrs India Contestant Kawaljeet Kaur

Mrs India Hawaiian Queen !

Every theme was skilfully chosen and implemented by Deepali Phadnis .She has planned it with respect to Time Limitations and Mrs India Contestants . During this journey skills of Photographer have lions share.It is Photographers Talent that brings best out of Mrs India Contestants in every Click of Camera.

Mrs India 2016 Winner Seema Subedi during  Mrs India Contest

Mrs India 2016 2017 1
Mrs India Photogenic Seema Subedi

Mrs India is a Team Work !

When Deepali Phadnis decided that 2016’ Mrs India is going to be Hawaiian Queen, she teamed up with Rahul Dev for Photography and Ayesha Mustaq for Hawaiian Costume Designs .And that’s all implementation started right from designing Unique Hawaiian Costumes with respect to individual Contestants of Mrs India 2016.

Mrs India Finalist on Mrs India 2016 Contest

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Photogenic Runners Up – Sonali Desai

Mrs India is Vivacious

Deepali Phadnis decided on Hawaiian theme because this theme is very vivacious and fresh like flowerily prints on Hawaiian Fabrics. Hawaiian Consumes were designed as lively and cheerful as theme. Ayesha added blossoms to Hawaiian Costumes with Floral accessories right from Flowery Head gears to Anklets. Mrs India 2016 contestants really looked like Goddesses whose beauty can pervade all the floors filling it with joy and fun.

Mrs India Finalist posed beautifully for Mrs India Photo shoot filling Mrs India 2016 lively

Mrs India
Mrs India Photogenic Second Runners Up – Sulakshna Soman

Mrs India Photo-shoot Management!

Photography is Talent but Photo-shoot is skill that needs lots of pre planning and time management.

Best of best photographers sometimes give-up if they are been left with constraints such as time and theme, simply because creativity need freedom but when it comes to Pageant where you have limited time and diverse pool of Talent and Beauty Photo-shoot is certainly a challenge . Fortunately  Mrs India have a Talented Photographer on board who is experienced enough who can bring best in one angle of Pose and smart enough to catch it in click of Camera .

Rahul’s style of ease and patience really made Mrs India Photo-shoot very comfortable for Contestants to face Camera and pose with confidence during the photo-shoot.

Mrs India is working with Rahul Dev from First Season of Mrs India 2013

Mrs India
Mrs India Contestant Dr Poonam Sharma

When Deepali Planned for photo-shoot, it was only Hawaiian theme was on mind, but when you have passionate photographer who do not want to miss the opportunity of clicking the images of Most Beautiful Indian married Woman, he took challenge of clicking various images on various themes that represent todays Indian Married Woman who comes from every walk of life. During this Photo-shoot regional director Jaspreet Kaur made sure that discipline is maintained without being strict so that everyone is cheerful and enjoying the experience of Posing like Professional Models for Mrs India Photo-shoot.

Mrs India 2016Finalist

Mrs India 2017 16
Mrs India Planet Second Runners -up

Mrs India 2016 Success! Success!! Success!!!

Well when we have team of such brilliant people on board it has to be a success isn’t it ?In every image Contestants of Mrs India’s Contestant are looking Gorgeous, They strike pose with ease, they made it elegant and beautiful Photo-shoot for Mrs India 2016. Winner of Mrs India 2016 Photogenic is Seema Subedi .Watch the Gallery of Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot.

Mrs India 2016 Finalist during Mrs India Contest

Mrs India 2017 16 1

And there you go, Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot gave Wonderful results in number of themes One is

  • Mrs India Floating Goddess,
  • Mrs India Hawaiian Queen,
  • Mrs India Corporate
  • Mrs India Queen of Parties ,
  • Mrs India Casual Freak .

Mrs India will We will come back  exiting images of themes and stories that will inspire you.So stay live on for more updates and news about Mrs India and don’t forget to Subscribe  .

Mrs India Pageant
Mrs India regional director Jaspreet Kaur getting things on direction

You can watch Mrs India Photo-shoot highlights in below Video :

Mrs India Gallery

Mrs India

Mrs India Sporting Pagdi !

Head-wear in is general Male Dominated piece of formal Indian ethnic Wear, Which is very important part of Indian Culture. Most of the Designs of Indian headwear developed around regional climatic conditions, social and status needs to sustain. Color and size of Headwear vary with various regions of India.

One Pagdi many Variations

Mostly Pagdi has dominated attires of north and western states of India .Where Pagadi is seen as formal and compulsory part of day to day wear in ancient days. There are various reasons behind it, we can see Colourful Vibrates Headwear’s in Rajasthan .In Rajasthan Pagadi was meant to control temperature of head in deserts of Rajasthan. Vibrant colour of Rajasthani Pagdi is like splash to Eyes on Hot season   .Rajasthani Pagdi’s fabric will be twisted before winding it around head.

Sikhs wear Pagdi as mark of devotion .While Pagadis of Soldiers were meant to protect their head from assaults on battlefield. There used to be variations in winding Pagadi around head. Size of Pagadi indicated Rank of Soldier in Army or Position in Royal Courts.

While Maratha Pagdi’s Variations comes with community and Classes, Scholars of Royal Courts of Maratha used Flat Hardened stitched Pagdi, Whereas Maratha Warriors Pagadi was manual winding around head and last Fold as Feather in front known As Turra as portrayal of Peacock Feather of Lord Krishna.

Royal Saga of Pagdi

Mrs India
Indian Royal Pagdi Heavily Ornamented

Indian Kings and Sardars donned Pagadies which were made from rich Pure Silk weaves sometimes with real Gold threads in its Weaves, Royal Indian Pagdies were ornamented with Diamonds ,Pearls or other precious stones such as Emeralds like epitome of richness.

It is been said that once British Convoy saw Indian Prince ,The Gaekwars of Baroda whose pagadi was so Heavily Ornamented that he was not able to play with his friends . When  this Convoy reported this incidence to British Empire, British Raj decided to increase taxes to be paid .

Rani Laxmibai a Leading Force

Mrs India 2017
Rani Laxmibai

While Indian headwear was predominantly used by Male, Most celebrated Woman in Pagadi is Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi. This Great Maratha Warrior Queen donned Pagadi claiming her Authority over her Kingdom while she dared British Raj . Rani Laxmi Bai became leading force of Indian Rebellion in 1857.  And from there New Jounery of Pagdi started as strength of Woman .However traditionally Many Queens and princesses of India donned Headwear Pagdi ,pagdi was commonly seen in Historic  Maharashtra where training Woman on Artillery was norm and wearing pagdi was very much part of it . Other than Rani Laxmi Bai , Rajmata Jijamata , Tarabai Bhonsale and many more Queens of Maratha Fought battles and till date they inspire Woman empowerment .



Mrs India Contestant during Mrs India 2015 Traditional Wear Round

Mrs India
Mrs India 2015  Contestant as Rani Laxmibai

When Mrs India donned Pagdi ,She Rocked it

Mrs India Personified headgear in her unique way and left the mark. Mrs India’s National Costume Round or Traditional Wear Round has always seen impact of Indian Headwear called Pagdi .Mrs India’s Contestants have sported Pagdi in their unique way and never failed to Impress India .

Inspired by non-other than Rani Laxmibai, Rashmi Bhonsale from Chhattisgarh refashioned Pagdi and Costumes of Maratha Queen of Jhansi Rani Laxmibai.  Rashmi gave best efforts to match her costumes to that of Rani Laxmibai’s Portrait. This Ensemble of Mrs India 2015’s Contestant is certainly impressive that speaks Beauty and Strength of Woman Empowerment.

Mrs India Winner Shweta Tiwari during Mrs India 2014 at Pune on Mrs India

Mrs India
Mrs India 2014 Shweta Tiwari

Mrs India in Rajasthani Pagadi !

Shweta Tiwari of Mrs India 2014 Contestant donned Vibrant Pagadi from Colourful Rajasthan, Shweta Tiwari stunned Mrs India 2014 grand finale in her Royal Rajasthan look, her Nose Ring was complimenting her to complete look. Shweta Tiwari twisted and winded Pagdi Manually to get that typical desired Rajasthani look of Pagdi.

Contemporary look of Shweta Tiwari is one of most remembered look on Mrs India Pageant, this look encouraged our Mrs India 2014 winner to reuse it for Mrs Asia International 2014.

Mrs India’s Award Winning National Costume Mrs India

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Winner of National Costume Round at Mrs Asia International 2014

This time Shweta Tiwari decided to wear Royal Pagadi embellished with Pearl threads and studs showcasing India’s rich heritage and Royalty .Shweta Tiwari’s pagdi not only added Glitz and Glam to Mrs Asia Internationals 2014 but Queen astonished Malaysian Audience making her Winner of National Costume Wear Round. Thanks to Pagadi Culture of India, that Mrs India never fail to showcase and spread it all over World .Mrs India is proud of Shweta Tiwari for winning this prestigious Title for Mrs India.

Mrs India’s Devotional Pagdi

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Contestant in Sikh Pagadi

When we speak about Pagadi, Sikh Pagdi is first thing that comes to the Mind by default, World wide known known as Turban, Pagdi is significant part of Sikh Religion that serves religious observance . .Mrs India 2016 saw Sikh Pagdi Proudly showcased by Ravneet Kaur .Ravneet was not only showcasing Pagdi as Sikh but she made sure that she delivers complete message given by Gurus of Sikhism with complete Sikh Attire .

Mrs India Finalist during Mrs India Traditional Wear round of Mrs India 2016

Mrs India
Mrs India in Peshwai Attire

Mrs India 2016 saw two more significant Pagadies Winner of Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane showcased Peshwai Woman with Royal Peshwa Attire .Mohini wisely completed her look with Peshwai Pagdi also known as Puneri Pagadi .

To maintain royal touch of Peshwai Pagdi Mohini chose Pagadi with Golden touch. Mohini sensibly Selected of Red Colour Pagdi to Contrast her Rich Green Sari .Mrs India winner made sure her Pagdi Dominates her look of attire. While her entire attire complimented her personality making her look like Queen of Mrs India.

Mrs India a symbol of Woman’s strength on Mrs India Pageant of Mrs India 2016

Mrs India’s Bow to Woman Empowerment

Mrs India Classic Beauty Anita P beautiful celebrated Motherhood and her Strength right in one single look? How? Anita showcased Rajmata Jijabai mother of Shivaji Maharajah . Anita was wearing Royal Maratha Pagadi with Feather on front, Sword symbolizing Woman’s reluctance to injustice.

Well Anita’s Bow with Pagadi and Sword was not a barely a Posture on Mrs India 2016, It was a message of surrender to divine Power of Goddess Bhavani who is nothing but Symbol of Woman Empowerment.

Mrs India till date have seen incredible Attires and accessories  ,these are not merely a Clothing but they speak language ,they spread message ,they make us recollect the Saga of Rich heritage of India ,They Celebrate history and inspire generations .

Mrs India is committed to Celebrate, conserve and Promote Indian heritage though our Platform .You have not yet Donned Powerful Pagdi? Go get it and sport it in your next look.

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