Mrs India 2018 Asia International Winner Prachi Agarwal

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2017 Winner Prachi Agarwal who has represented India Internationally and Won Mrs Asia International 2017 is busy living her reign at Mrs India .

Mrs India 2017 Prachi Agwarwal have done many Print Adds , Modeled for FMCG products and have promoted Jewels . Mrs India 2017 Prachi Agarwal who is dotting Mommy has very successfully  started a new ventures  and been a Role Models by many .

Mrs India 2018 Asia International Prachi Agarwal (14)

Busy with Personal and Social affairs Prachi never miss a moment to shine and always been pursued as beautiful in and out beauty queen of Mrs India .

Mrs India 2017 Prachi Agarwal

Recently Mrs India 2017 Prachi Agarwal was invited to Launch CTL Chhatisgardh T20 League where Queen shared a space with non other than Mohammad Kaif .Where Queen Launched a Cricket Championship Tournament comprised of 7 Teams . Ace Cricketer Mohammad Kaif is Brand Ambassador of this prestigious Cricket Tournament in Chhatisgardh state which is most sought after Sports event in the state .

Mrs Asia International 2017 Prachi Agarwal

This is really a proud moment for Mrs India as by being part of such prestigious Sport Events  ,Queen is not only promoting a Sportsmanship but this is an encouragement to every married woman that ground of Woman with Courage have no boundaries .

Mrs India 2018 Asia International Prachi Agarwal (14)

During this event ,Mrs Asia International 2017 was seen in simple Black embellished gown .Queen was joined by her hubby . Extravangza launch of CTL T20 was joined and supported by very Chief Minister of the Chhatisgardh state .

Mrs India 2018 Asia International Prachi Agarwal (14)

Keep rocking Queen ,Mrs India 2017 and Mrs Asia International 2017 Prachi Agarwal  we at Mrs India Pageants are very proud of you .


Mrs India 2018 Winner 2017 Asia International Photogenic Kalpana Thakur International Woman’s Day Greentrepreneur

Mrs India 2018 :

Mrs India 2017/2018 Winners  Celebrated International Woman’s Day 8-March-2018 in a perfect responsible way to make sure that their responsibility as representative of India’s Most beautiful Married Woman is well taken care .

Mrs India 2018 Winner 2019 2020

Mrs India 2017 Winner :

Our beautiful Classic Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur crowned with Photogenic Title at World Finals of Mrs Asia International 2017/2018 who is well known face of Greater Himalayan is been a Green Crusader from long time who is tirelessly working on cause very close to her heart Save Environment . So on International Woman’s Day Classic Mrs India 2017/2018 Winner decided to take this cause still further and root it to the budding future of India Our Beautiful Children .

Mrs India 2018 Winner 2019 2020

Mrs India Winner :

Classic Mrs India 2017/2018 Kalpana Thakur strongly believes that if our Children are ingrained with love for Mother Nature and trained how to take care of invaluable environment certainly future generation will be more responsible towards environment .

Mrs India 2017/2018 on International Woman’s Day !

Bringing awareness about issues and challenges about Climate Change at this age will be more fruitful is what Classic Mrs India 2017/2018 Kalpana Thakur firmly believes and works towards it , This International Woman’s Day Queen of Mrs India 2017/2018 went to a school to make School Childrens aware about how hazards is use of Plastic and how it badly affects our health and damages our environment with climate changes ,chocking and carcinogenic impact on every living kind on earth .

Mrs India 2019 Winner

Mrs India 2017/2018 Greentrepreneur

Classic Mrs India 2017/2018 Kalpana Thakur not only advocates World with No to Plastic but Queen of Mrs India trains on how to reuse the plastic which is already exists and choking our lives in easy and creative way .

When Mrs India 2017/2018 went to school she taught Children on how to reuse plastic bottles ,spoons etc and make decorative things out of it .

Mrs India Pageants :

Mrs India 2018 Winner 2019 2020

Hotelier by Profession Classic Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur have a rule in her hotels where they do not serv ready to serve Drinks packed in Plastic Bottles .In fact Mrs India 2017 made sure that Reused Plastic is prominently been used at Her hotel and no new plastic is coming in .She makes sure every guest walking in her Hotel is given a Message of Reuse of Plastics .Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur represented Indian Tourism at Mrs Asia International 2017.

Mrs India 2017 /2018 :

Mrs India Pageants Salutes such Great Woman who are Crowned as Mrs India’s and they are living a perfect example of Woman Empowerment that should be Celebrated on International Woman’s Day !

Mrs India 2018 Winner 2019 2020


Mrs India 2018 Winner 2019 2020

Mrs India 2018 Auditions :

Mrs India 2018 registrations are in progress , Mrs India 2018 Auditions to start soon after Mrs India‘s Regional Pageants .Mrs India Chhatisardh , Mrs India Central and Mrs India Rajasthan Pageants are over . Mrs India Karnataka is scheduled .


Mrs India 2018 Telangana Launch

Mrs India 2018 Telangana

Mrs.India Telangana by Mrs. India 2017 Mamta Trivedi, Mrs. Asia International World 2017

Mrs India 2018,A Press meet was organized by Classic Mrs India 2017 Winner Mamta Trivedi on January 22, 2018 at The Park Hotels, Hyderabad to announce the launch of Mrs.India Telangana 2018 beauty pageant for married women of Telangana state for Mrs India 2018 .Mamta Trivedi represented India at Mrs Asia International 2017 in Classic Catagory and Won Classic Mrs. Asia International World 2017 making all us Indians proud of our Queen Mrs India 2017 .

Mrs. Mamta Trivedi from Hyderabad, who was crowned as Classic Mrs India 2017 in July 2017, and Classic Mrs. Asia International World 2017 in November 2017 in China, is launching Mrs. India Telangana 2018 pageant. She is the Regional Director of Mrs.India Telangana.

Mrs India 2018 Winner
Mrs India 2017 Winner Mamta Trivedi

Mrs India 2018:

 About Mrs. India Telangana and how it is unique.

Mrs. India Telangana is part of the Mrs. India pageant India’s one and only National Pageant for Married Woman. It will be organized by Mrs. India Winner Mamta Trivedi under authority from Mrs. India Pageants and Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs India 2018 Winner

Mrs India Telangana 2018 :

Mrs India 2018

Who Can Participate in Mrs India Telganaga 2018 ?

Any Indian married woman can participate in Mrs India pageant. Women of all ages can participate. We have Classic and Super- Classic category. Women below 40 years of age come under the Mrs India Telangana 2018 , ladies aged between 40 to 60 years come under the Mrs India Telangana 2018 category and those above 60 years come under “Super- Mrs India Telangana 2018” category. So Your age is not constrained anymore , even grand-mothers can participate. You can be Queen at Mrs India Pageants .

Mrs India 2018 Winner

Mrs India is Platform to Showcase your Beauty Talent Glamour and Culture :

When Mrs. India 2017 Mamta Trivedi represented Telangana, she walked the ramp on the theme of Bonalu, carrying the Bonam. When she represented India in the International pageant, her costume was inspired by Bharat mata with the concept of Unity in Diversity. Mrs India Participants also wear gowns. Women should look beautiful and feel comfortable in all types of costumes.However, what counts is the overall personality. We are looking for a beautiful mind, a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul.

Mrs India Telangana is not looking for beauty on the surface, but is looking for a role model to portray confidence, talent, love and contribution to help the society as a married woman.

Mrs India 2018 Winner

Mrs India 2017 Crowning :

Mrs India , We do not look for Models ,We make Role Models .

The normal perception about beauty pageants is about models walking on the ramp. People think it is about wearing western clothes and looking good. Young, unmarried girls participate in these pageants, hoping to make a career in modelling or movies. It is associated with glamour. Many families do not encourage their daughters to participate in beauty pageants.

However, there is much more to beauty pageants than just ramp walk. It is about the overall personality of the woman. It gives an opportunity to the women to express themselves, show their talent and bring out the best in them. It leads to an increase in self- esteem. Women, who are generally apprehensive about a whole lot of things, naturally begin to do things with confidence.

Beauty Pageants for married women are necessary for

  • Women empowerment.
  • Life does not end after marriage.
  • Every woman is talented and capable. She must establish her identity and realize her potential.
  • Platform to showcase Beauty, Glamour, Talent and Culture of Indian Married Woman
  • Recognize and appreciate the contribution of married women to family and social values

Mrs India Telanagana 2018 Launch Coverage :

About Mrs. India Pageants 

Mrs. India is a Trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd headed by Deepali Phadnis , Mrs India is India’s only national level pageant. Participants need to apply at the State level and then represent the state at the national level. It was pioneered by Mrs. Deepali Phadnis in 2012, with the aim of empowering the married woman. Mrs. India believes that it is very important to recognize and appreciate her contribution to family and social values. Mrs. India does not look for Models but makes Role Models.

Mrs India 2018 Telangana pageant

Gateway to Mrs.India, India’s first, original and only national pageant. Mrs. India is the only way to world’s premium international pageants such as Mrs. Asia International, Mrs. Planet, etc.

  • Importance to Telangana tradition and culture.
  • Beauty in Diversity. Every woman is beautiful and every woman must feel beautiful.

Who can Apply for Mrs India 2018?

 Any married woman who has roots in Telangana

  • Any Indian married woman from the state who wishes to apply for Mrs.India 2018
  • Any Indian married woman who believes she can be a role model to others.
  • Any Indian married woman who is aspiring for recognition and an opportunity to realize her potential.

Mrs India 2017 Winner Mamta Trivedi :

Mrs India 2017 Winner Mamta Trivedi is the Regional Director of Mrs. India 2018  Telangana. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, she was crowned as Classic Mrs. India 2017 in July 2017, representing Telangana state. She continued her journey representing India, and was crowned as Classic Mrs. Asia International World 2017 in China on November 30, 2017. She was also bestowed with the sub-title “Mrs. Incredible”.

An Arts graduate from University College of Women, Osmania University, she is an ideal blend of tradition and modernity. She is a home-maker, businesswoman and social activist rolled into one. She is deeply rooted into Indian traditions and Culture.

Apart from managing the family business, Mrs India 2017 Winner Mamta Trivedi has recently featured in an advertisement for Government of Telangana, promoting investments in the state. It was telecast on various channels such as Zee News, NDTV, CNN, etc. She is the Brand Ambassador of various health and beauty products manufactured by Lala Dawasaz Pvt. Ltd, a 114-year-old company from Hyderabad.

According to Mrs India 2017 Winner Mamta Trivedi , being beautiful is about being responsible towards the society. She is associated with various social organizations and is working on various social causes such as creating awareness among people about depression and mental health related issues, women empowerment, fight against abuse, environmental protection, Go-Green initiatives, etc.

So join Mrs India Telaganga Today , You could be Next Mrs India Telangana 2018 .

Mrs India 2018 2017

Mrs India 2017 arrives for Finale

Mrs India 2017 grand finale

Mrs India 2017 grand finale was hosted on 4th July at Chennai .where Contestants from all over India and Globe participated after participating in Mrs India Zone and State Semifinals .

46 Mrs India 2017 Finalist contested for Coveted title above image is batch of Mrs India 2017 .

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