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Mrs India 2017 Auditions

Mrs India Finalist

Mrs India 2017 New Year for Mrs India started with Mrs India 2017’s first Auditions right at National Capital at Dilwalon Delhi on 7-Jan-2017 at Radisson Blue Paschim Vihar Delhi. India’s most beautiful married woman from Northern states participated in Mrs India 2017 North Edition’s Auditions. Mrs India 2017 North Auditions Jury: Former Mrs India 2014 and Classic Mrs Asia

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Mrs India De-Cluttered your surroundings for 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016 Creative Queen

Mrs India 2017 welcomes with positivist Mrs India Creative Queen 2016 Says Say  “Good Bye to Year 2016 with Positivism and welcome 2017 with Fresh Breeze and lots of energy.” Do we realise that our surrounding plays a vital role in our life? Knowing or unknowingly we absorb vibes from our surroundings that creates mind state for you. State of

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