Mrs India Karnataka 2017

Mrs India 2017 :

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 a Season 2 was such a massive success, which was much expected after all Pageant was hosted by non-other than our Queen and regional director Pratibha Saunshimath who known as task master and perfectionist of every endeavor she has endorsed in life .From being winner of Classic Mrs India 2015 to representing India at International level and winning Mrs Asia International 2015 Photogenic and now Director of Mrs India is a fabulous journey to live .

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 :

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 3

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 was most awaited event in Namma Bangalore especially after looking at auditions where hundreds if Ladies participated. Selected ladies participated in Mrs India Karnataka 2017 hosted on 22-January at Orion Mall.

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 1

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud4

But before walking ramp of Mrs India Karnataka 201 contestants has to go through Talent round, Personal Interview round Photo sessions. Mrs India Karnataka 2017 Talent round saw real stunning performances that would surprise audience.

Mrs India 2017 : Talent Round

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka FINALE234

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 98

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 89

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 67

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 23

Mrs India 2017 Personal Interviews :

Personal interviews of Contestants was taken a Day before Grand Finale of Mrs India Karnataka 2017 to know contestants beyond physical fitness our beauty.

Mrs India 2017 Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud

Mrs India Photo-shoot :

Mrs India Karnataka 2017 Celebrated Red Colour, a Colour of love and compassion with Photo-shoot in Red Colour. As someone said No Beauty can go wrong in Red so does our beautiful Mrs IndiaMrs India Karnataka 2017 contestants. All looked really Gorgeous in Red.

Mrs India  2017 Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud 2

Mrs India  2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud 4

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud 5

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud1

Mrs India 2017 Training :

Pratibha Saunsimath made sure that when Mrs India Karnataka Contestants walk the ramp they are full of confidence and passion just like a Queen. Contestants were so very well trained to walk the ramp that no one could believe they are walking it for first time.

Mrs India 2017Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 2015

Mrs India 2017Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 2016

Grand Finale of Mrs IndiaMrs India Karnataka 2017 was Star studded where renowned personalities from Karnataka states graced the occasion. Karnataka’s famous Actress Ragini Trivedi made a special guest appearance.

Mrs India 2017Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud6

Mrs India Karnataka 2017Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud90

Grand Finale was judged on various rounds such as Evening Gown Rounds, Traditional Wear Round and Fitness wear round. Contestants of Mrs India Karnataka 2017 dazzled the stage and made mark .Turn out of huge audience was pleasant surprise which stayed till end of the event to cheer-up the Contestants was real boost in such a tough competition.

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka 2017

Winners of Mrs India Karnataka 2017 will be participating in grand finale to be hosted in First week of June in Chennai.

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka FIN

Mrs India would like to Congratulate Partaibha Sunashimath for such a wonderful show, Show was not only witnessed by thousands and thousands of people but received spontaneous Media Coverage .

Mrs India 2017 Karnataka Aud8

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Mrs India 2017 Chhatisgardh

Mrs India 2017Mrs India 2017 ,Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2017 by Purnima Khare

Mrs India 2017 India’s Largest and only national Pageant for Married Woman .

Mrs India on Garbha

Mrs India 2016 on Garbha …. The longest dance festival of Gujarat

We all know India is blessed Nation with Incredible Culture and Colourful Festivals. Now this is Season of Navratri and we can see differ ant parts of Indian Celebrating this Season in own style.

While most exciting part of Nine Days of Festival Garbha Dance, Indian Folk Dance from State of Gujarat which is now Global. Garbha Dance is performed all over the World. This spirited festival is very close to one of Mrs India 2016 Contestant Sonali Desai who belong from Vadodara Gujarat.

Mrs India
Mrs India on Navratri

Sonali Desai goes on full swing during this Festival and never miss this Colourful Season of Dance .This Article is presented by our Very Own Mrs India Contestant about Garbha.

Mrs India 2016 Contestants Sonali Desai on Navratri, The longest dance festival of Gujarat

The exuberant nine nights of melodious music, spirited dancers& great food, a time when city comes alive to the traditional Garbha .
Vadodara, Continues to celebrate this magnificent festival with the same zeal and enthusiasm.
The colourful and brightly decorated Garba venues are a spectacle to watch. They are immaculately designed to cater to thousands of dancers, dancing together, is unheard off and quite unimaginable if you have not seen it for real.
The highlight of the festivity is the way revellers express themselves as they dress up for the nine nights.
Some who follow the vibrant traditional look while some others fuse it with contemporary designs and set new style statements.Generally women dress in Chaniya- Choli with elaborate accessories to complete the look .

Mrs India
Mrs India in Garbha Mood

What is unique about Vadodara s Garba is all dancers dance together making concentric circles which is quite different from Garbas in Ahmedabad or Surat, where people dance in separate groups. So if you’re with your friends or if you have come on your own, you can join with the others and dance to the pulsating music with thousands around to inspire you.
There is something amazing about Garba during Navratri that automatically electrifies the atmosphere as you make your way to the Garba grounds. It is certainly the best time to be in the city!!

Mrs India

So this Navratri season keep Swinging on Tune of Garbha Enjoy Festival Food to the fullest .Spread the Joy of India Culture .I Sonali Desai would like to invite all to Gujarat to Enjoy the Authentic Guajarati Food and experience Festival of Gujarat .Learn and perform Indian Folk Dance Garbha.

Mrs India Pageants would like to thank Sonali Desai for this beautiful write-up on Longest Dance Festival of India ,Garbha .Sonali  Sades Stood tall among Mrs India 2016 Top 17 and She is winner of Subtitles Mrs India Creative Queen 2016 .

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Mrs India 2017 Contest
Mrs India Contest

Mrs India Bollywood

Mrs India on Bollywood Bonding !

Mrs India is blessed with India’s Most Beautiful married Woman who have made mark in every front of life with their tremendous Talent , compassion and zeal to exel.Mrs India is graced by most remarkable married Woman of India who comes from all walks of life right from Housewife , successful Entrepreneur to athlete, Mrs India’s are ruling the roof top of Career as working Woman , She is rocking in Glam World as Model or grabbing Eye balls as Talented Actress  or living Hobbies of various Art and culture .Be it devote Yoga practitioner , Classical Dancer or humble School teacher Mrs India’s have proved her mettle in every role she has taken . Mrs India is fortunate to have such a diverse pool of Talent that makes Mrs India stand taller to taller every next year.

Mrs India Pageant Second Season Mrs India 2014 Shweta Padda

Mrs India
Mrs India 2014 -Shweta Padda ruling Ramp

Unparalleled Talent at Mrs India is USB of success of Mrs India till date and hopefully Mrs India will continue to pull in exquisite Talent from all across the World. It’s very difficult to pen down about our every Gorgeous Mrs India contestant.  So we decided to narrow done on our common love of all Indians in general, a Bollywood.

Peppy Numbers of Bollywood never failed to grab attention of audience and tune them move on its musical numbers whether you know how to dance or not .We know at least one Bollywood Number that make us hum it all day .Bollywood knows very Pulse of Indian’s who has made us Cry or laugh . Bollywood is part of our life in some other way so we decided to write about Few of Bollywood Queens of Mrs India.

Mrs India 2014 Talent Round -Shweta Padda

Mrs India
Mrs India 2014 Talent Round

Mrs India’s Bollywood Talent has made special place on International Platform with Mrs India’s breath taking talent that made our Queens stand apart from rest of the World. Mrs India platform have showcased electrifying performances that stunned the audience every time with their moves, expression and grace.

Contestants of Mrs India have proved that Talent have No Age ,No Language and No Boundaries. That’s Why Mrs India Pageant have dedicated Sub Title called Mrs India Bollywood that will be bestowed on Contestant who have Bollywood Queen Qualities ,It can be Dancing ,Singing or Acting .

When we Speak about Mrs India Bollywood first name that comes to our Mind is Shweta

Mrs India 2017
Shweta Padda receiving award

Padda from Chhattisgarh who makes heads turn with just one Bollywood move , Mrs India 2014 contestant and winner Shweta Padda has proved her supreme dance talent on India’s leading reality shows such as Dance India Dance (DID) on Zee TV or Star TV  .

Shweta Padda not only impressed India but astonished Asia with her Bollywood Number at Mrs Asia International 2014 that received overwhelming response to the extent that she Won Mrs Asia International Bollywood title .Shweta Padda was invited to perform specially on Grand Finale of Mrs Asia International which was really prestigious and proud Moment for India to receive this Honour among 36 Talented and Beautiful ladies from across Asian Continent.

“Whenever Mrs India will speak of Mrs India Bollywood, Shweta Padda will be first lady we will remember always.”



We have another such Beautiful Bollywood Dancer who herself is living message Whats in the  Age ? Pratibha Saunshimath from Bangalore, Jury missed a heartbeat when she did turn upwards with Be Buoying at the age of 48 , No one could imagine Mother of Two Teenagers is so talented and continued her love for Dancing all her life despite of Busy acting career and juggling on growing  two kids beautifully ,Mrs India salutes the spirit of Pratibha Saunshimath who continue inspire many Woman .

Mrs India Pageants Third Season Mrs India 2015 – Pratibha Saunshimath

Mrs India 2017
Pratibha Saunshimath at Mrs Asia International 2015

Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2016 saw two such thrilling performers who grabbed Mrs India Bollywood 2016 and Mrs India Dancing Queen 2016 sub titles with their breath taking Performances.

Mohini Sharma Mane claimed Mrs India Bollywood 2016 without any second thoughts, her perfect footwork, detailed Costume and dot timing of moves was noteworthy. In limited timing of performance Mohini made sure she is not missing Bollywood Drama, not to forget she used Typical Properties Bollywood Audience love with her Goggles and Guitar in the End.

Mrs India Pageants Fourth Season – Mrs India 2016 Talent Round

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Dancing Queen 2017

While Shweta Oza surprised all on Mrs India 2016 Talent round when she jumped on Tune of Bollywood Peppy Number “Surma Lagake” when all were tired and about to retired after busy Day ,Shweta Oza’s Peppy Number was like breath of Fresh air .

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India 2014 Grand FInale- Jazzpreet Kaur

Our talented Regional Director Jazpreet Kaur is spontaneous dancer, You cannot ignore ourvery Talented Bollywood dancer who can dance on any number any time, Pageant Groomer by profession Jazpreet is running her own dance show called Move for Cause to promote Local Talent from every corner of India. Jazpreet Kaur gave amazing performance on “High Heel Nacche” after receiving Director of the Year Award for Mrs India 2016.

Mrs India
Purnima Khare’s Winning performance on Mrs Asia International 2015

Another name that we should never miss is Mrs Purnima Khare who mastered Hula Hoop skills that she grooves around on any songs including Bollywood Song. Purnima received accolades for her Bollywood Number “Udi Hawa Main Udi” with her Hula Hoping and bagged Mrs Talented Award on Mrs Asia International 2015. Purnima was invited to performance her unique talent at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia .

Well one day is not enough to write about immense talent Mrs India have to showcase to the World, We would like to take a break here and will come back with more interesting stories and inspiration from Mrs India.

Mrs India, I am Woman Eternally Beautiful!

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Mrs India

Mrs India Sporting Pagdi !

Head-wear in is general Male Dominated piece of formal Indian ethnic Wear, Which is very important part of Indian Culture. Most of the Designs of Indian headwear developed around regional climatic conditions, social and status needs to sustain. Color and size of Headwear vary with various regions of India.

One Pagdi many Variations

Mostly Pagdi has dominated attires of north and western states of India .Where Pagadi is seen as formal and compulsory part of day to day wear in ancient days. There are various reasons behind it, we can see Colourful Vibrates Headwear’s in Rajasthan .In Rajasthan Pagadi was meant to control temperature of head in deserts of Rajasthan. Vibrant colour of Rajasthani Pagdi is like splash to Eyes on Hot season   .Rajasthani Pagdi’s fabric will be twisted before winding it around head.

Sikhs wear Pagdi as mark of devotion .While Pagadis of Soldiers were meant to protect their head from assaults on battlefield. There used to be variations in winding Pagadi around head. Size of Pagadi indicated Rank of Soldier in Army or Position in Royal Courts.

While Maratha Pagdi’s Variations comes with community and Classes, Scholars of Royal Courts of Maratha used Flat Hardened stitched Pagdi, Whereas Maratha Warriors Pagadi was manual winding around head and last Fold as Feather in front known As Turra as portrayal of Peacock Feather of Lord Krishna.

Royal Saga of Pagdi

Mrs India
Indian Royal Pagdi Heavily Ornamented

Indian Kings and Sardars donned Pagadies which were made from rich Pure Silk weaves sometimes with real Gold threads in its Weaves, Royal Indian Pagdies were ornamented with Diamonds ,Pearls or other precious stones such as Emeralds like epitome of richness.

It is been said that once British Convoy saw Indian Prince ,The Gaekwars of Baroda whose pagadi was so Heavily Ornamented that he was not able to play with his friends . When  this Convoy reported this incidence to British Empire, British Raj decided to increase taxes to be paid .

Rani Laxmibai a Leading Force

Mrs India 2017
Rani Laxmibai

While Indian headwear was predominantly used by Male, Most celebrated Woman in Pagadi is Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi. This Great Maratha Warrior Queen donned Pagadi claiming her Authority over her Kingdom while she dared British Raj . Rani Laxmi Bai became leading force of Indian Rebellion in 1857.  And from there New Jounery of Pagdi started as strength of Woman .However traditionally Many Queens and princesses of India donned Headwear Pagdi ,pagdi was commonly seen in Historic  Maharashtra where training Woman on Artillery was norm and wearing pagdi was very much part of it . Other than Rani Laxmi Bai , Rajmata Jijamata , Tarabai Bhonsale and many more Queens of Maratha Fought battles and till date they inspire Woman empowerment .



Mrs India Contestant during Mrs India 2015 Traditional Wear Round

Mrs India
Mrs India 2015  Contestant as Rani Laxmibai

When Mrs India donned Pagdi ,She Rocked it

Mrs India Personified headgear in her unique way and left the mark. Mrs India’s National Costume Round or Traditional Wear Round has always seen impact of Indian Headwear called Pagdi .Mrs India’s Contestants have sported Pagdi in their unique way and never failed to Impress India .

Inspired by non-other than Rani Laxmibai, Rashmi Bhonsale from Chhattisgarh refashioned Pagdi and Costumes of Maratha Queen of Jhansi Rani Laxmibai.  Rashmi gave best efforts to match her costumes to that of Rani Laxmibai’s Portrait. This Ensemble of Mrs India 2015’s Contestant is certainly impressive that speaks Beauty and Strength of Woman Empowerment.

Mrs India Winner Shweta Tiwari during Mrs India 2014 at Pune on Mrs India

Mrs India
Mrs India 2014 Shweta Tiwari

Mrs India in Rajasthani Pagadi !

Shweta Tiwari of Mrs India 2014 Contestant donned Vibrant Pagadi from Colourful Rajasthan, Shweta Tiwari stunned Mrs India 2014 grand finale in her Royal Rajasthan look, her Nose Ring was complimenting her to complete look. Shweta Tiwari twisted and winded Pagdi Manually to get that typical desired Rajasthani look of Pagdi.

Contemporary look of Shweta Tiwari is one of most remembered look on Mrs India Pageant, this look encouraged our Mrs India 2014 winner to reuse it for Mrs Asia International 2014.

Mrs India’s Award Winning National Costume Mrs India

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Winner of National Costume Round at Mrs Asia International 2014

This time Shweta Tiwari decided to wear Royal Pagadi embellished with Pearl threads and studs showcasing India’s rich heritage and Royalty .Shweta Tiwari’s pagdi not only added Glitz and Glam to Mrs Asia Internationals 2014 but Queen astonished Malaysian Audience making her Winner of National Costume Wear Round. Thanks to Pagadi Culture of India, that Mrs India never fail to showcase and spread it all over World .Mrs India is proud of Shweta Tiwari for winning this prestigious Title for Mrs India.

Mrs India’s Devotional Pagdi

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Contestant in Sikh Pagadi

When we speak about Pagadi, Sikh Pagdi is first thing that comes to the Mind by default, World wide known known as Turban, Pagdi is significant part of Sikh Religion that serves religious observance . .Mrs India 2016 saw Sikh Pagdi Proudly showcased by Ravneet Kaur .Ravneet was not only showcasing Pagdi as Sikh but she made sure that she delivers complete message given by Gurus of Sikhism with complete Sikh Attire .

Mrs India Finalist during Mrs India Traditional Wear round of Mrs India 2016

Mrs India
Mrs India in Peshwai Attire

Mrs India 2016 saw two more significant Pagadies Winner of Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane showcased Peshwai Woman with Royal Peshwa Attire .Mohini wisely completed her look with Peshwai Pagdi also known as Puneri Pagadi .

To maintain royal touch of Peshwai Pagdi Mohini chose Pagadi with Golden touch. Mohini sensibly Selected of Red Colour Pagdi to Contrast her Rich Green Sari .Mrs India winner made sure her Pagdi Dominates her look of attire. While her entire attire complimented her personality making her look like Queen of Mrs India.

Mrs India a symbol of Woman’s strength on Mrs India Pageant of Mrs India 2016

Mrs India’s Bow to Woman Empowerment

Mrs India Classic Beauty Anita P beautiful celebrated Motherhood and her Strength right in one single look? How? Anita showcased Rajmata Jijabai mother of Shivaji Maharajah . Anita was wearing Royal Maratha Pagadi with Feather on front, Sword symbolizing Woman’s reluctance to injustice.

Well Anita’s Bow with Pagadi and Sword was not a barely a Posture on Mrs India 2016, It was a message of surrender to divine Power of Goddess Bhavani who is nothing but Symbol of Woman Empowerment.

Mrs India till date have seen incredible Attires and accessories  ,these are not merely a Clothing but they speak language ,they spread message ,they make us recollect the Saga of Rich heritage of India ,They Celebrate history and inspire generations .

Mrs India is committed to Celebrate, conserve and Promote Indian heritage though our Platform .You have not yet Donned Powerful Pagdi? Go get it and sport it in your next look.

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Mrs India 2017 Registration ….

: : Entries for Mrs India 2017 are now Open : :

Mrs India
Mrs India in Traditional Wear

India’s Largest Platform for Indian Married Woman to showcase Your Beauty,Talent,Glamour and Culture is now open for Registration . Mrs India Makes Role Models ,We are Not Looking for Models … So Don’t Hesitate Go For it , You can be the Next Mrs India 2017 . Age is just a Figure You Can be the the Queen only at Mrs India . If You think You have it what it Takes to be the Queen then we are looking for you ,Apply Today and Live your Dream for lifetime .

Mrs India
Mrs India in Evening Gown

Mrs India ,I am Woman Eternally Beautiful. India’s Only Beauty Pageant that Celebrates Beauty In Diversity !!!  As Every Woman Is Beautiful and Every Woman should Feel Beautiful about herself irrespective to Her Height ,Weight,Age or Color . Pageant is an brain child of Deepali Phadnis. What are you waiting for ? Have you missed your Bus? Want to relive your Childhood Dream of Being Queen? Here we are giving life time opportunity to live your dream Today , Dare to live your Dreams and Be Queen ! Stand Tall out of Billions ,Be  a Queen only At Mrs India .

Mrs India
Mrs India in Fitness Wear

Apply Today at  or Watch Our regular Updates about Mrs India on http://www.MrsIndia.Live

: : About Mrs India 2016 : :
Mrs India Grand Finale Complete Show :
Mrs India™ 2016 “I am Woman Eternally Beautiful”, Fourth Edition was hosted in Chennai

Mrs India
Mrs India World 2016 – Mohini Sharma Mane

City at Hilton Chennai on 22nd May 2016. Show was telecast on National Television NDTV Goodtimes which received tremendous response  .
About  Mrs India :
Mrs India™ is trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd. Mrs India is annual Beauty Pageant is based on theme of Beauty In Diversity is committed to makes the Role Models Not Models.Pageant is run by Deepali Phadnis .

Mrs India is successfully taking place from 2013.Mrs India

Mrs India
Classic Mrs India – Anita P

2016  Pageant was telecasted on National Television and watched by Millions of people across the Globe. Mrs India received the tremendous response, lots of accolades and Lot of love from all across the Country

About Mrs India™ – Mrs India is Trade Mark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd, Which is Conceptualized and Directed by Deepali

Mrs India
Mrs India Asia International 2016 – Seema Subedi

Phadnis .Is the India’s only National Beauty Pageant for married Woman offering International Platform .Mrs India™ is an Annual Beauty Pageant taking place from 2013 , Winners of Mrs India participate in in World’s Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant including Mrs World ,Mrs Asia International ,Mrs Planet.Excellent Track Record Winning:

Mrs India
Mrs India Planet – Asha Jois

Mrs India™ is proved to be the most successful Beauty Pageant for in the Indian History of Pageants for married woman by winning three International Titles in One year. Mrs India have Won following International Titles in short span of three Years.
1.       Mrs Asia International

2.       Classic Mrs Asia International

3.       Mrs Planet

4.       Top 10 Mrs World

Beauty with Heart Project:

Mrs India strongly believes Beauty has no Meaning

Mrs India
Classic Mrs India – Darshini P

without cause and committed to work on Diabetes Awareness. Along with Pageant’s Cause Contestants can choose to work on any cause the want to work and bring difference in the Society.
Contestants of Mrs India™ 2016:
40 Contestant participating from all over India and abroad Contested  for Coveted titles in two age Groups Mrs India – Age up to 40 Years and Classic Mrs India above 4o Years of AgeMrs India™ 2016 was 4 days grooming where Contestants will be groomed to International Pageants on
• Time Management and self-assessment
• Classical Dance
• Story Telling and Identity
• Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition
• Indian Drapes and Wardrobe Management
• Ramp walk and Self Presentation
• Hair and Make up
• Table Etiquettes
• Theme Based Photo-shoots
o Hawaiian
o Party Wear
o Fitness Wear
o Traditional Wear
o Corporate Wear
o Casual Wear

Mrs India
Mrs India in Casual Wear

Contestants were evaluated during the course of Pageant through numerous Sub Contests and personal Interview. Apart from main titles Contestants will be awarded many Sub Titles such as Mrs Finesse, Mrs Talented, Mrs Photogenic, Mrs Creative Queen, Mrs Vivacious, Mrs Fitness Guru, and Mrs Inspirational Queen etc.

Mrs India
Mrs India in Party Wear

Grand Finale: Grand finale was Extravaganza of
• Evening Gowns Round
• Ethnic Wear Round  Fitness Wear Round
• and Fashion Parades
And loads of Entertainment and Good Food .Show was closed  with Crowning Glory of Mrs India and opened a New Chapter of History with New Reining Queens

Mrs India
Mrs India as Hawaiian Queen

Winners of Mrs India 2016
Mrs India World 2016 – Mohini Mane Sharma from Mumbai
Mrs India Asia International 2016 – Seema Subedi from Shilong
Mrs India Planet 2016 – Asha Jois 2016 from Bangalore
Classic Mrs India Asia International All Nations 2016 – Darshini P from Hyderabad
Classic Mrs India Asia International Global 2016- Anita Pradyumna from Mumbai

Mrs India
Mrs India as Floating Goddess

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