Mrs India 2017 Auditions

Mrs India 2017

New Year for Mrs India started with Mrs India 2017’s first Auditions right at National Capital at Dilwalon Delhi on 7-Jan-2017 at Radisson Blue Paschim Vihar Delhi.

India’s most beautiful married woman from Northern states participated in Mrs India 2017 North Edition’s Auditions.

Mrs India 2017 North Auditions Jury:

Former Mrs India 2014 and Classic Mrs Asia International 2014 Promila Kapoor , Mrs India 2015 Pratibha Saunshimath , General Manger of Radisson Blue Paschim Vihar Ashwin Oza Judged the Auditions . While our Director Jazzpreet Kaur made sure entire show is executed as planned.

Selected candidates are now participating in Mrs India 2017 Semi-finals for north on 7-April-2017  at Radisson Blue Paschim Vihar Delhi . Winners will participate at Mrs India 2017 National Pageant to be hosted in Chennai on first week of June 2017 .

Mrs India™ is Largest platform for Indian Married woman and India’s only national gateway to World’s Premium Beauty Pageant .

Mrs India follows a long and steady process to hand pick best of Indian Married Woman .Mrs India 2017 has successfully completed Number Auditions and State grand Finale that received Tremendous response and Media attention. We will be doing Regional Pageants and National Pageants

Mrs India 2017 Auditions PhotoGallary :

Mrs India 2017 Auditions Highlights Video :

Mrs India’s 16 Things You should do before Saying Good Bye 2016

Mrs India’s 16 Things You should do before Saying Good Bye 2016

Mrs India 2017 2016 New Year

Ohh Yes its End of Year 2016 and you didn’t even realise how the time flown away. You planned so many things but this busy life ran out so fast that you could not live these moment? No Problem You still have few days left for 2016. Mrs India want to make sure you make much out it and Mrs India has come-up with 16 Things You Should do before you say Good Bye 2016

1 .Hug !Sometimes all you need a hug from your loved once

Mrs India 2017 2016 Karnataka
Mrs India 2016 Contestants Now Friends Forever ! Rajyashri and Anu

Researchers says hugging is lowers levels of stress hormones like cortisol and releases “the cuddle hormone” known as Oxycontin.Let’s accept simple act of arms wrapped around you gives feel of being protected, being loved and adored, feeling that feeds soul making you happy and joyful.

2.Soak yourself in Luxury and relax ,Rejuvenate ,Nourish and breath the New you for coming year

Mrs India 2017 2016 1

For all year around you have been busy juggling between Families, Career and kids it’s time to take a break and treat yourself life Queen. Most of Spa’s offering Christmas/New Year discounts go Grab it or simply let your feet on relaxation at home with soothing music for you.

3.Seat back ,Relax and give wings to your imagination

Mrs India 2017 2016 Shubha

Most of the times we are so busy for getting things on place for our loved once that we forget ourselves .We tend to ignore our own inner voice .We sacrifice our dreams ,thoughts so that our loved once dreams can take shape . This time around give yourself an importance seat back for a while ,relax ,take a deep breath and allow your imagination take a shape ,let them fly .

4.Take a Picture – Chin-up you are a Queen!

Mrs India 2017 2016 Asha Jois
Mrs India Planet 2016 Asha Jois

Watching good image of self or simple selfie gives confidence.

5.Plan a Exotic trip

Mrs India 2017 2016 Asha Jois 1
Mrs India Asha Jois on Mrs Planet 2016

We have a one life and this World is such a Beautiful place ,let’s not waste time .Just plunge on exotic trip make be short but make it .Google it many Tourist are offering discounts this season .

6.Are You a Career Woman? Plan your resume for next High .

Mrs India 2017 2016
Winner of Classic Mrs India 2016 and Corporate Queen P Laxmi

Career woman always strive to be better ,Learning should never stop this not only adds strength to your resume but make you see latest things to test where you stand .

7.New Year ,New Resolution for Fitness

Mrs India 2017 2016 Mohni
Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane

Fitness is something never goes out of fashion , its never late to find new Fitness Resolution

8.Show Back to negativity and follow your dreams they know their way

Mrs India 2017 2016 Purnima Khare
Winner of Classic Mrs Asia International 2015 Purnima Khare

9.Sport That foot wear, Dress and accessory you bought and forgot

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Finalist Shweta Bet Ayala

Every woman out there love shopping , sometimes buying things just because you liked but never got opportunity to sport it ,This is the time Do It !

10.Plant a Tree, Best thing you can do anytime

Mrs India 2017 2016 Shweta Ojha
Mrs India International Delegate Shweta Ojha

Mother Nature gives you so much and ask nothing in return .Lets do our part Plat a tree .Planting a tree is not only an act its symbol of new beginning, gesture of gratitude towards Nature .Its sign of growth and new hopes. Don’t only plant a tree make sure you nature it .

11.Meet that one Person you are missing from long time

Mrs India 2017 2016 Asha Jois with Director

Technology has connected World so well that we hardly stay out of touch with people who matter us. Today we all are connected virtually , but at the same time same connectivity has distanced people in real world .No network on Earth can replaces Joy of watching your loved ones expressions when you see them in real ,Nothing can be as tight as bond we share with friends hug . So step out make a move and see that one person you are planning to see from long time .

12.Take a Deep breath and learn New Yoga Pose

Mrs India 2016 2017 2015 Iris Maju
Mrs India World 2015 Iris Maju

Indian is blessed with spiritual power ,Our ancestors has gifted us Divine power called Yoga which is celebrated by Whole World .Lets embrace Yoga . So make sue this time arorund you take Yoga classes and if you do Yoga give classes to at least one a Person . After all its our heritage let embrace it .

13.Take Family Portrait

Mrs India

Mrs India 2017 2016 Shobha Sing
Shobha Sing and Family !

Spending time with family is dear to every being, why not freeze that beautiful moment ? Click that Moment when whole family is together ,Frame it and  hang it on wall at most visible e place of home. Watch the magic what an image can do, this portrait will remind goodtime you spend together as family strengthens bonds .This will invite you for more and more family get together that will fill your home with happiness and joy.

14.Go through your old Album

Mrs India 2014 2017 2016
Mrs India 2014 Shweta Tiwari with Husband

Turn back and see from where you have come, how far you have come .Who did you start your journey with ?Nothing refreshes you than running through good old times, these memories witness of your celebration that inspire you fills your heart with content .

15 .Count on your achievements,Say hats off !

Mrs India 2016 Seema Subedi

Mrs India 2016 and Mrs Asia International 2016 Seema Subedi

If you have did it, you can do it again may be bigger and better .So take plunge prepare yourself to new heights in life .After all growth is life.

16.Eye on New Horizons you know Sky is the Limit !

Mrs India 2017 2016 2014 2013
Mrs India 2014 and Mrs Planet Mahekanita Murthy as International Jury

Never limit yourself to your comfort zone ,World is Global Village .Go out there make new friends ,search new possibilities .Delegate yourself to  new horizons ,learn different cultures embrace lines “ Vasudaivah Kutumbah Kam” World is One Family

So Open Your Arms to New Year, Every end have New Beginning.

Mrs India 2017 2016 Sulakshana Joglekar

Mrs India’s International Delegate Sulakshana Joglekar

Mrs India Family Wishes You and Your Family a Very Happy and Joyful end of 2016!

Mrs India De-Cluttered your surroundings for 2017

Mrs India 2017 welcomes with positivist

Mrs India Creative Queen 2016 Says Say  “Good Bye to Year 2016 with Positivism and welcome 2017 with Fresh Breeze and lots of energy.”

Mrs India 2017 2016 Creative Queen
Mrs India 2016 -Creative Queen Sonali Desai

Do we realise that our surrounding plays a vital role in our life? Knowing or unknowingly we absorb vibes from our surroundings that creates mind state for you. State of your mind that impacts your behavior, decisions, actions and hence your own life and life of people around you that in turn Creates ultimate environment where you, your family or people around you breath in.

Mrs India 2017 2016 Art and Culture
Queen in Action ,Sonali at work with team

Positive environment generates positivism that shapes life around you ,happiness and productivity around you so it’s very important what environment we want us to surround and work to get it around you .One cannot decide what surroundings they are been raised but at certain age we can certainly make environment you want to live in ,breath in and reciprocate same into surroundings that shapes everything .

Mrs India 2017 2016 Registrations in progress
Sonali Desai with colleague on Material Procurement Tour

Well surroundings are not only comprised of people but as well things around you such as colors of walls, furniture, entrance or exit of place such as Doors, Windows. To give better idea about it we have our sub title winner Mrs India –Creative Queen 2017 Sonali Desai who won this Subtitle for her expertise in Architectural knowledge and creativity.

Sonali is well known architect from Gujarat state who is stationed at Vadodara, Who articulate her own designs and develops architecture with handpicked articles that she procure by travelling around the world. We thought our Creative Queen will be the right person to advise you one getting you surrounding in place on coming year 2017, so Here we go with Word of Wisdom from none other by Mrs India – Creative Queen 2016 Sonali Desai!

Mrs India
Mrs India 2016 Creative Queen  on Navratri

 An Art that en-roots the civilization of Human !

An Art is What distinguishes man from an animal! Even back in stone ages when Human’s lived in caves, they decorated the walls with pictures, narrating stories for future generations and in turn making them beautiful and educating for younger generation of their society.

In fact this was the first nonverbal communication human’s started with these drawings which in future led to development of alphabets and language isn’t that really mesmerizing?

Mrs India says Art Knows No Boundaries

Mrs India 2017 67
Mrs India 2016 Photoshoot,Sonali Stood First Runners up for Mrs India Photogenic

Art is the only language that knows no boundaries and been the easiest tool of communication with, Art have a very big role in and its importance in architecture still remains defacto and is becoming increasingly important day by day .

Language of Art !

It is so rightly said that a picture can speak a thousand of words when words fail to express, art says it all . I am so fortunate that I studied architecture and then did my post-graduation in interior designing and now practice both of them successfully. I always found this subject interesting because it is a very unique blend of art and technology. Whenever there is a perfect balance between Art and Technology Beautiful Architecture is born .

Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot

Mrs India 2017 1
Mrs India 2016 Floating Goddess theme with Sonali Desai

When its  Enough is Enough ?.

I read a very beautiful description of art somewhere, “How to know, enough is enough?” I felt it is a very relevant question especially when you come across over designed spaces & frames, in the name of art.Though answer is very simply beautiful

 “When you won’t  feel the need to add or take away anything from a particular design , you know it’s complete, it’s ready ! “

This field of Architecture  becomes more interesting because it has new challenge every day, catering to the different clients, their lifestyle, tastes and budget. Interior designing is about how we experience the spaces.

It is a powerful and very essential part of our daily lives that affects the way we, work, play, relax and rejuvenate. It’s a joy for me to craft spaces anticipating the client’s needs and appeal to their emotions. It’s also a job of great responsibility as we bring to life and shape the dreams with client’s lifetime’s investments!!! Every single mistake is direct loss of investment. So be wise when you invest it’s not only financial investment, its investments to your dreams .Nurturer of your environment around you where life you surround breaths and reciprocates.

I would love to give 5 quick fixes for before wrapping wonderful year of 2016 and welcome 2017

  1. De- clutter: We tend to fill our houses and offices with a lot of stuff we collect over the years. This New Year do away with any such items you have not used over the past year, if you have not needed it in the entire year u probably don’t need it further.
  2. Windows: the windows and doors are our connections, between our own world and the outside world. Spruce up your windows with beautiful new drapes and add new life to your home. I suggest soothing bright colours.
  3. Light: Celebrate light this New Year, say it and flaunt it with a classic Standing Lamp Shade in a beautiful elegant white and festive gold. The indirect ambient light is sure to change the mood of the entire room.
  4. Art: Great time for the family to come together in the festive best clothing and get a beautiful family portrait which can be put onto opulent frame to enhance the beauty of your family or dining room. Every time you see this will increase bonding and love among your family.
  5. Fresh flowers & Candles: Nothing can be more romantic then beautifully coloured candles and incense sticks teamed up with beautiful fresh flowers at the console table in the entrance to give a warm, fragrant welcome to New Year and all your guests.

Below image is classic example how image matters, Mrs India 2016’s Group Photo that inspires me ,gives me new hopes .Image that speaks my life changing Journey with Mrs India ,that Celebrates Beauty in Diversity .

Mrs India 2017 2016 Winner
Mrs India 2016 Beauty In Diversity

So Move on with 2016 and welcome 2017 with lots of positivism and  energy !

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Mrs India 2017 – Diabetes Awareness

Mrs India 2017 for Diabetes Awareness by Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India 2016
Mrs India in Hawwain Round
Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India Contest

Close2 copy

Mrs India
Mrs India and Classic Mrs India
Mrs India
Mrs India 2014


Mrs India 2017

Mrs India on Everything You Want to Know About Evening Gowns!

Evening Gown Born in Royal Courts of Europe is now global resident and local to wardrobe of Costume Lovers.As name suggests evening gown is type of dress to be worn in the evening has its roots from Royal Courts as formal attire which was considered a luxury of a Royal Woman and remained desirable for commoners for long until markets thrived with textile mills with increased Fabric production that made resource abundance of Fabrics that should be consumed by Consumers to improve Economy making Evening Gowns a Democratic.

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Mrs India 2017 Gwon
Mrs India Contest 2016

Evening Gowns were status symbol in Victorian Era as length of Gowns signified purchasing power of Womanpower of Woman wearing it this trend can be seen in Victorian Gowns. As upper class Woman supposedly fashionable use to have enormous spread of Wardrobe as Luxury so to segregate this Wardrobe they use to label their wardrobe as Morning Dress, Afternoon Dress ,Beach-side Dress, Dinner Dress ,Evening dress ,Ball Dress etc .

Classic Mrs India 2014 Promila Kapoor walking Ramp of Mrs 2016

Mrs India 2017 Promila
Classic Mrs Asia International 2014 Promila Kapoor in Special appearance !

Be A Belly of Ball!

Gowns were formal wear, as most of Balls and Royal events were hosted in the Evening Formal dresses which was Gowns received its name Evening Gown that considered to wear in Royal events making it most desirable till date. To maintain symbol of status evening gowns received much attention on Fabrics, embellishments, lengths and detailing.

Mrs India 2015 Winner Nupur Saigal in Ball Gown ,Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India 2015 and Mrs Asia International 2015 Nupur Saigal

Evening Gown and Ball Gowns are not same!

Ball Gowns were evolved specially for Ball Parties which are mainly Formal Dance Parties where Men and Woman dance socially. In Ball dance Gentlemen will place hand on Lady’s back, sometimes swirling her around or lifting or kneeling during Dance steps .Woman with Thinner waist and slicker back was easy to hold, woman with thin waist received more attention. To retain this attention and look thinner in waist Ball gown fashioned themselves around Corset that have fitted Bodice and fuller skirt .Layered and fuller skirts of Ball gown were meant to avoid feet’s to be seen during dance as it was considered indecent in Royal Courts .I am sure we all remember Fairy tale gown from story of Cinderella she wore for Royal Ball? Moment we think of Cinderella we can visualize her Ball Gown with ease.While Evening Gowns can be anything right from mermaid, Sweetheart Cut, Empire cut, A Line even ball gown can be Evening Gown. Today Ball Gown and Evening Gown is used interchangeably. Cocktail dress and Evening Gowns are not same ,You can read our article on cocktail dress to know more about it .

Red Carpets were always meant for Evening Gowns of Queen !

Royal Formal wear Gowns were exclusively made out of exquisite fabrics with floor sweeping lengths and were most expensive parts of royal treasure. To maintain these expensive Gowns of Royal highness elite Carpets were spread whenever and wherever Queen made the appearances. As Queens walking rout should be uninterrupted, unused and distinctive from rest of the crowd Carpet of Red color was used being it Prominent to be recognised. As King supposed to accompany a Queen, Kings enjoyed the luxury of Red Carpet.

Classic Mrs India 2014 Promila Kapoor During Photo-shoot of Mrs 2016

Mrs India 2017 Promila
Classic Mrs India 2014 and Classic Mrs Asia International 2014 Promila Kapoor

How to take care of Evening Gowns !

While owning a exquisite Evening Gowns is sheer luxury, maintaining it is a real Job . Mrs India has come-up with some useful tips that can help to maintain long lasting charm of your Evening gown ,these tips can be used to maintain all types of Clothing .

Get It Natural as comfort is real Fashion!  

  • As long as possible use natural fabrics, those are not only environment friendly but gives ultimate comfort keeping you away from skin rashes and allergies.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to artificial fabrics before investing Big Bucks on Evening Gowns!

What to do when there is no choice of Natural fabrics!

Sometimes using artificial fabrics is only away when one need Body hugging dress or desired fall of fabric or using endless fabric is not economical. Go for it but keep in mind following things to avoid Skin Rashes or Static effects of Artificial Fabric.

  • Apply dollop of body butter or moisturizer all over your body before you wear evening gown to avoid rash and static effect ,make sure moisturizers you use are not full of wax or else it will give reverse effect by sweating you out ,ending in chaotic situation .
  • Walk bare foot on ground before you put on Heels ,as Earth absorbs Statics from body
  • Spray little water on part of fabric clinging to your body and causing static (Don’t overdo and get your gown wet )
  • Use two or three Hangers to continue tail of lengthy gowns and restore gowns make in short Wardrobe.
  • Never Machine Wash ,As dry cleaning is most preferred option through cleaning and freshness comes only with water washing .Make sure when you wash make it hand-wash with large variety of Detergents , fabric conditioners available today to choose from to maintain Color and texture of Fabrics .

Most Beautiful Evening Gowns of India are spotted at Mrs India.

Mrs India Contestants who are most beautiful Indian married Woman and Queens are seen sporting beautiful gowns .

Mrs India 2015 Winner and Mrs Asia International 2015 Nupur Saigal seen a class apart with exquisite Gowns every time she has made appearances as Queen .

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Mrs India 2017
Mrs India 2015 Nupur Saigal Performing at Mrs India at 2016

Mrs India can see Reflection of Nupur Saigals style can be noticed in her disciples where Eldora Lyndon wore Beautiful Ball Gown for Mrs India 2016 grand finale .

Classic Mrs India  Runner and International Delegate of Mrs India 2016 .

Mrs India 2017 d
Eldora Lyngdon Mrs India Contest 2016

while Kawaljeet Kaur looked astonishing in Corset Gown on  evening Gown Round of Mrs India 2016.

Mrs India 2017 Grand
Mrs India Contest 2016 – Kawaljeet Kaur

Seema Subedi selected Mermaid Style of gown with  frills sweeping  the floor .Well looking at these beauties one thing can be concluded Most Beautiful Gowns are designed by North Eastern Fashion Designer isn’t it ?

Mrs India 2017 Seema Subedi
Mrs India 2016 and Mrs Asia International 2016 Winner Seema Subedi

Mamata Jain of Mrs India 2016 Finalist walked like beautiful Peacock in Evening gown inspired from Peacock in Bright and beautiful peacock Blue color embellished with accessories on Mrs India 2016 .

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 123
Mrs India Contest 2016

P Laxmi looked cheerful in Retro style of Gown inspired by 1980’s trends for Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2017
Classic Mrs India 2016 All Nations Winner P Laxmi

Anita P looked young and magnificent in Red bodycon evening gown she wore during Mrs India 2016 evening gown round and nailed it .

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 007
Classic Mrs India 2016 Winner Global Anita P

Asha Jois maintaining Indian look in Anarkali Inspired Gown for Mrs India 2016 Grand Finale .

Mrs India 2017 Asha Jois
Mrs India Planet 2016 Winner Asha Jois

Mohini Sharma Mane wearing monochrome plain gown highlighting her Curves on Mrs India 2016 Contest .

You can be Next Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Mohini Sharma Mane
Mrs India World 2016 Winner Mohini Sharma Mane

Komal Kalra Pagrani looks marvellous in exquisite embellished Evening Gown on Mrs Asia International 2014

Mrs India 2017 Komal Kalra
Mrs India 2014 giving Most Supporting Husband Award

Mrs India Asia International 2014  Shweta Padaa looks drop-dead gorgeous in rich Wine Color Corset evening gown ,She is winner of Mrs India Bollywood Queen 2014

Mrs India 2017 Winner
Mrs India Asia International 2014 Shweta Padda

Laxmipriya Srivastava looks Playful in Red Skirted flared Gown she dazzled on Mrs India 2016 Contest

Mrs India 2017 Laxmpriya
Mrs India Asia International 1st Runnerup Laxmipriya Srivastava

Shweta Ojha looks alluring in frilled gown on Mrs India 2016 International delegation.

Mrs India 2017 registrations in progress
Mrs India Contest 2016 Shweta Ojha

Classic Queens of Mrs India in posing together in exclusive evening gowns with own unique style.

Mrs India 2017 Classic
Classic Mrs India Queens

Well writing on Evening Gowns is not enough in one article so we will come back more .Until then enjoy your evening Gowns !

watch Complete show of Mrs India 2016 on below YouTube link .

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Mrs India 2016 Photoshoot

Why Mrs India love Photo-shoots ?

Deepali Phadnis have always worked on unique and lively photoshoots for Mrs India Pageants .

Mrs India Photo-shoots are real fun ,which are based on themes in every Season of Mrs India ,Mrs India Photo-shoots very important part of Pageant, It is  not individual thing but at Mrs India we consider this as Team Building task, that improves bonding with Co Contestants that helps friendships bloom and strengthen the relations .

Mrs India 2016 Queens in Theme Hawaiian Queen ! Register Now for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Winner
Mrs India 2016 Finalist

At Mrs India Contestants comes from all across nation, All become friends with each other, this friendly environment boost the confidence of Mrs India Contestants .Confidence that not only helps them to face the Camera but face World high headed .Mrs India is an opportunity to meet remarkable Ladies of India, Learn from them and share your own experience with all.

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

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Mrs India 2017 NE
Mrs India 2016 Contestant

Mrs India Photo-shoots really fill-up floor with laughter, giggles and loads of Fun, because this gives opportunity to get groomed, dressed and Yes Pose! Pose!! Pose!!! Mrs India want all contestants to live these mesmerizing moments to the fullest and make it unforgettable that all want to live it again and again .But as per law of Nature Turning back the clock is not possible but documenting these moments and capturing this Joy in Click is very much possible and that is what Mrs India Photo-shoots are about,its Fun ,Friendship and Fashion . we all know how much Mrs India Contestants love to pose .These images speaks confidence of our Mrs India Contestants , Pride they take being themselves and reflects inner shine on their face . Mrs India Photo-shoots shuns the mouth of Body shames as every contestant takes pride and respect being themselves.

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

Apply Now Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Kar
Mrs India 2016 Contestant

Mrs India 2017r1

Mrs India 2016 Contestant !

Mrs India Photo-shoots are always been theme based for Mrs India 2016, We decided upon Hawaiian Queen because it really matches with Queens of Mrs India who are as ecstatic as Hawaiian Beauty.  Costumes and accessories were designed specially for each Contestant as per Body .You can read our last Article about it.

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

Mrs India Classic 2016 Global Winner
Mrs India 2017 Bih
Mrs India 2016 Contestant

This is not the first time Mrs India has hosted this theme, In fact this was successful in Mrs India 2013 and from there it became favourite  Photo-shoot theme at Mrs India ,because this is very lively and Joyful that goes very much with Mrs India .

Images are clicked by Rahul Dev. A Fashion Photographer from Chennai. Mrs India thank him for his Wonderful work on Mrs India 2016 .Venue of Photo-shoot is Hilton Chennai .we are looking for Spectacular Mrs India 2017.

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

Registration in Progress for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India World 2016 Winner
Mrs India 2017 Pal
Mrs India Planet 1st Runner and International Delegate

So here are Few Magnificent Clicks of Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot! For more details you can visit our Facebook or Official Website .given at the end of this Article .

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot ,Theme Hawaiian Queen !

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Planet 2016 – Winner

 Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot

Search if on for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India 2016 photo-shoot
Mrs India 2017 ja
Mrs India World 2016 2nd Runner Up
Mrs India 2017 Karna
Mrs India 2016 Contestant
Mrs India 2017 Karnataka
Mrs India World 1st Runner
Mrs India 2016 2017 1
Mrs India 2016 Photogenic Seema Subedi






Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot

Mrs India 2016 Photo shoot in Hawaiian Costume ,Guess what should be for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India Contest

Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot is playful an fun, Mrs India contestants always enjoy this, Now whats net for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot

Mrs India 2016 was televised on National Television NDTV Goodtimes

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Registrations on for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 1
Mrs India Contestant Sonali Desai

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India
Anu Ravi in Glossy Golden Kanjivaram Saree

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Mrs India 2017 67
Mrs India 2016 Contestant

You can be the Next Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Pal
Mrs India Planet 1st Runner and International Delegate

Live your Dream and be the next Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Finalist Shweta Bet Ayala

Who will be the Next Mrs India 2017


Mrs India

Mrs India by Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India 2017 

Mrs India 2017 2016
Mrs India Contest

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