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Mrs India ahead of Mrs World 2016

Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane ahead of Mrs World Pageant ….

Mrs India
Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane

Amachi Mulagi from Mumbai is a Born Queen, Who is meant to be a Winner right from Childhood. Mohini Won countless competitions and Pageants however most remarkable is Wining we must agree is winning of Miss Toddler title that leaves a very sweet memory on every person and hint to the World that this Bright child is not like any other Child .This Child is going to Conquer the World of her dreams and she is unstoppable .No wonder she Won most prestigious title of Mrs India World 2016 and she none other than reigning Queen of Mrs India 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane Mrs India World 2016 from Mumbai.


Well it’s not only Mohini’s Pretty Face that strikes your attention, but dedication that she keeps in every endeavour she takes in hands .Born and Brought-up in Mumbai Mohini decided to complete MBA overseas, When our Proud Mumbaikar came back to City after completing her MBA she did have many opportunities waiting to launch her that will skyrocket her career, but brilliant people do things differently. A school running close by her home caught her attention that have very good resources to occupy 1000’s but

Mrs India
Toddler Mohini a Born Winner

attendance of students hardly 100 , Mohini dared to take challenge and today School is prospered with 1000’s of Student attending school regularly  .Mohini as a educationist want to work on Quality Education for all as she understand Today’s Children are future of our nation and education is vital part of social system that need to be taken care and our beautiful Queen want to fill that Gap .

“This zeal at such young age and aspiration to provide Quality Education speaks thousand words about our Queen that makes us proud of her “

Anyone can be impressed with Mohini at first sight with her outstanding personality and brilliant Speaking skills that she probably adopted from her Mother who is Political leader and very much part of today’s Woman Empowerment for better Society. From the Moment Mohini is been crowned as Mrs India World 2016, Mohini has received tremendous support from Mumbai City .She is been invited for several Celebrity appearances and product Launches.

“Spark in her eyes has lit thousands of ambitions that today’s Indian woman want to live and feel the experience how it feels to be a Queen”

Mrs India
Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane

Queen has shared a platform with well leading personalities of various fields. Recently Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane received honor of meeting Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis and discussed to work together on awareness and eradication Cervical Cancer  .

Mrs India
Mohini with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Mohini’s compassion can be felt in her answer that she delivered in Question and Answer

Mrs India
Mrs India Bollywood Queen 2016

round of Mrs India 2016 Grand finale where she expressed her worry about National Borders that left unrest in the all over the World and emotional borders that separates Indian from Indian, Instead mohini want to bring people closer and lead as a nation who celebrates Diversity that none of Nations of in the World have this luxury of diverse culture.

Mrs India Bollywood Queen 2016 – Mohini Sharma Mane

First thing first Mohini is not trained on any particular dance style still Mohini gave an electrifying performance at Mrs India 2016 talent round that no one blinked eyes to witness her detailed footwork, face expressions and not to mention dramatic costume she wore making her ultimate claim on Bollywood Queen title .So coming to here we all must agree that Mohini is passionate person and all-rounder who can take any challenge and prove her worth if she decides to.

Mrs India
Mrs India Bollywood Queen 2016!

Mrs India 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane is now preparing for Mrs World 2016 ,She appreciates that now competition is now going to a very tough level as Mrs World is World’s first and only Largest Beauty Pageant for Married Woman that every Woman across the World want to part of this Pageant . Participating in such prestigious pageant is certainly ultimate Pride but this pride comes with huge responsibility as this Mrs World has very high benchmark of excellence. Mohini is working day and night to reach that level.Mrs India

Mrs India 2016 Mohini is working on every detailing right from her Diet, Fitness, Public Appearances, Wardrobe, and Social Cause. Mohini’s Wardrobe for Mrs World is been specially designed by leading Designer of industry Pink Peacock Couture, who is known for bringing Indian fabrics stand out of the Crowd.

Mohini’s magnificent Jewelry is sponsored by JOHRI by Amaze Jewels that will leave impression of what is India Jewelry is all about  .Mohini will dazzle Mrs World with her JOHRI jewels .Mrs India

Mohini is getting groomed under grooming and Wellness expert Avni Varma Gandhi who has been groomed India’s leading Pageant for Miss and now working on Mrs India World 2016 to make sure no stone is been left unturned .While Queens diet is been monitored by Happy Health Founder Deepti Patole dietician from Mumbai

Mrs India
Mrs India’s Dietitian Deepti Patole




Mrs India wishes all the Luck to our very Own Mrs India World 2016 who is running for Mrs World Title.

Mrs India has won several international titles on various platforms she has represented for 2016 Mrs India Asia International 2016 has Won Mrs Asia International while Classic Mrs India Anita P Won stood tall at Second runners –up at Classic Mrs Asia International held at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia this Year . Our Mrs India Planet 2016 Won Mrs Planet – Star 2016 Subtitle.

We are very sure Mrs Mohini Sharma Mane is going to give her best on Mrs World and she will make all of us proud her .

Wishing Our Queen a Lots of Love and Luck …..

Winners of Mrs India 2016

  • Mrs India Asia International Global 2016- Anita Pradyumna from Mumbai
  • Mrs India World 2016 – Mohini Mane Sharma from Mumbai
  • Mrs India Planet 2016 – Asha Jois 2016 from Bangalore

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