Mrs India – Remarkable

Story of Mrs India 2016 Contestant and Winner of Sub Title Remarkable Indrani Medhi who made North East proud of her .

SuperWoman , Multitalented ,MultiTasking She is just not Gorgeous face ,She is Beautiful Soul and adventures Woman who is all set to Rock #Mrs India 2016…. Here Comes Indrani Medhi from NorthEast India and her Spectacular Journey ….A dream with the open eyes…

Mrs India
Indrani Medhi

We are two sisters, reared like queens. We are the dream of our parents. And, fulfilling their dreams is our dream. I learnt what life is, just by seeing our mom balancing her university studies and rearing us up, withstanding the turmoils of life amidst a conservative household.

Mrs India
Indrani Medhi as Singer

I had to be like her – strong, confident and perseverant. Sky is the limit for us and attaining a masters degree is the least possible goal that we had to achieve in life. My alma-mater St. Mary’s Convent was like my second home because I always had my mom there. I never felt wierd addressing ‘mom’ as “ma’am” in school like all other students. Her firmness taught me to be bold and strong since childhood. She has always been the best teacher, guide and inspirer all my life.
Mrs India
Be it the various talent competitions held within the school or outside or the college elections, challenges and the twinge of envy were inevitable. Attaining my masters in English from Gauhati University while pursuing Sangeet Nipun in Hindustani Classical Music was strenuous. Nonetheless, I started working as a Soft Skills Trainer right after my varsity years. But I wanted to learn more, I was craving for another masters! I couldn’t just let the beautiful varsity years wind up so soon. I started my second innings at the university – my masters in Mass Communication
and Journalism. Earning my own pocket money while studying was no lesser than a stumbling block. But I knew that every good thing has a beautiful end. My double masters worked wonders
leading me to become not only a Soft Skills Trainer but a Radio Presenter in All India Radio as well.

Mrs India
Indrani Medhi

I was the little child at home who during school holidays, would make delicate paper crowns and sashes and adorn them with coloured sketch pens and write ‘Miss World’ or ‘Miss Universe’ on
the sashes, don them and wander around the house like a ‘just-won’ beauty queen! No sooner had I got introduced to music, I started believing in music the way some people believe in fairy tales. Music purges my soul. I was hardly 14 years, when I started doing public stage shows, trying to allure the crowds with my music, my voice. At the very 8 years of age, I fell in love – love
with poetry and verses. Penning down poems was what I did during my school days even amidst hectic study schedules. Getting them published in the ‘Children’s Corner’ of our local English daily was like a feather in my cap. But I wanted to reach the society at large. As I grew up, verses stopped hinting me and I widened my writing flare into non-fiction. Women empowerment, our education system, social stigmas, our culture and traditions, unemployment are some issues which incited the writer in me to voice my heart out into the papers.

Winning the sub-title of Miss Disciplined in the #Dabur #Gulabari Miss Fresh Face of North East 2010 was yet another feather in my cap. However, the qualm of snag and resentment never diminished. The second coup was the title of Miss Gauhati University 2nd Runner-up in the year 2012. It was yet another honour to be a part of the first ever women bikers’ rally held in our city for the support of women empowerment. Balancing my work as a radio compere, soft skills trainer, singer, writer has been challenging always. But I learnt to be like the sea waves because each time they fall, they never fail to rise again.

Finally in 2014, the most beautiful thing of my life happened – I stepped into the nuptial bliss. Living away from my friends and family in a far away city like Bangalore was the biggest challenge ever.  Soon, I adopted a new lifestyle, apt with the new city, people, the food and the culture. But my dreams and passion were something which I never let lose. I started breeding and nurturing them yet again. Writing for one of the largest and most famous English dailies of India, attending music and talent hunt contests, sharing the stage with famous personalities is no lesser than a feat. Nothing would have been possible without the love, encouragement and continuous support of the man of my life. I felt myself like the skylark – soaring high above in the blue sky. I wanted to reach out to the world as a true Indian.

And finally, #Mrs India Asia International Pageant 2016 made me realize that dreams do come true!