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Beauty with brains will be the first lines you will say moment you will see the glimpse of Dr Bhawna Vij Varora Mrs India 2017 Semifinalist from Delhi ,One who suppose to be serious person being PhD in Philosophy but this Beautiful Contestant from Delhi will surprise you with her energy and charming face .Never give-up attitude and always giving back nature adds tons of beauty to her enthralling personality that makes Bhawna a very Classy yet Sassy .

Lets meet Well spoken and down to Earth beautiful Bhawna Vij Varora .

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Q1) What motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning?

To serve and give a meaningful aide to my family, my acquaintances and my nation through means which are within my capacities and capabilities.
Q2) What is Most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017?
 When my name was announced in the Top 16.
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Q3) If you can be swap a role of one person from Family who that would be and why?
Given a chance I would like to swap the role of my father-in-law. From him, I witnessed how life can be an absolute joy given any circumstance  and in order to be peaceful and happy one can enjoy each moment ticking the clock. Happiness comes in smallest of things, an average and normal happening can be a reason for merriment too. We humans tend to find happiness in big achievements, life events, fame and laurels but true joy is when one is absolutely in-sync and harmony with what the present has offered you!
Also, his magical ability of calm down any aggravating situation, person, event etc. makes me feel like he is a saint but like I mentioned, he very much enjoys life in all it’s incompleteness!

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Q4) What do you do when you are not working?
Catching up with my old friends, cousins and relatives, dining out with my parents, shopping, collecting fashion magazines, reading blogs etc.
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Q5) Who inspires you and why?
People like Mother Teresa , Gandhiji and Kalyanasundaram etc. inspire me for their unwavering philanthropic commitments for humanity. Their great and selfless deeds prove beyond the point that we still are brothers and sisters sans boundaries and nationalities. That we share a common religion called humanity. But presently, we all are in this state of forgetfulness and narrowness where we have drawn boundaries and fixed identities etc. and do not wish to be engaged with someone who is different.
Spiritual Leaders inspire me: Guru Shri Shri Ravi Shankar for his ever-smiling way of dealing with public at large
Sadguru for his uncanny intellect and simple n crisp way of responding to queries of the masses
Brahma Kumaris Sisters for the brilliant radiance of peace and happiness literally on their faces.
Suhel Seth for his unequivocal desire for self-growth through learning as well as his razor-sharp wit and the edgy intellect with which he puts his audience in complete awe and admiration!
Apart from the big names, every man and woman who surpass their ability to perform a certain role with execellence, draws my admiration for them. A labour woman working as well as taking care of her kids, a Sales man who tries hard to convince his customer to buy his product,exhausting all possibilities to persuade him, a student who does his project with sincerity and integrity, a mother who puts her kids’ future above her own-they all inspire me. I believe one needs to have that knack or an eye to find good in others, as every human being on the earth has something Unique to offer.
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Q7) What is your Favorite Quote?and Why ?
“Life isn’t about finding yourself life is about creating yourself” George Barnard Shaw.
This popular adage by Shaw clearly reveals how powerful beings we are, as humans to have the ability and autonomy to create anything about ourselves. If I wish to pursue higher studies I will find ways to do to, If I wish to see all over America I will find ways to do it. If I wish all the happiness for my parents I will have it done by making them proud. If I wish to bring meaningful change in society I will find ways find a suitable space for myself, thus, life isn’t a pandora box out there to be opened and be surprised for myself- It is an open universe where you decide what you wanna have in your life Despite having unfavourable circumstances! You can not curb the string winds but you can surely adjust your sail and beguile the winds from bothering you.
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Q8) What is Your Favorite Outfit ?
A comfortable and airy maxi dress which should look chic and classy as well!
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Q9) If you wanna go on vacation what would be my plan?
My plan would be take all my favourite people along and have a huge grand party-preferably near a beautifully and architecturally done city- May be Rome / Vatican City/ Greece or even a far-off uncommon beach like Seychelles Islands or Madagascar.
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Q10) What is your Spiritual Practice?
At least 20-25 Minutes Meditation everyday – which includes remembering the Parmatma , asking for his blessings, powers of peace,happiness, joy and love. Thanking him for whatever he has given. Asking for his blessings to all of the humanity, especially those who needs him the most. Taking out short interval time in between my busy schedule to quickly catch with Lord. Bascially a state of Yog with Paramatm.
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