Mrs India – Ready to Swift

“Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise
Choice is Yours “

Mrs India 2016– Would like to Introduce Water Baby at Mrs India who is all High with Mrs IndiaHighFives , FAMILY, FITNESS , FRIENDS,FOCUSED & FAITH.
We have such Super Energetic Woman from Bangalore who is nothing but Living Mermaid

,Despite being Married at Young Age she didn’t give up on her aspirations and dreams ,Rather completed her education along with serving her #family duties .
Lets see what it takes for Woman to be a SuperWoman

Here comes Mrs Gayathri Ravi who is ready to Swift away

I can swim, dance, exercise cycle, jog ..anything under water. I just joined swimming coaching classes to over come the fear of water and over years overcame everything under water.
MY #JOURNEY OF LIFE started in a nuclear family as a elder daughter with so much of love and care from parents and was soon blessed with siblings of a brother and a sister to accompany me. But I dint even think I would be out of that loving family so soon. I was married at the age of 18. My dad wanted to get me married as he was concerned of his health .

Mrs India
Mrs India Karnataka

I am married for 14 yrs now and blessed with a son who is 10 yrs and a daughter 6yrs old.
my dad had given me the confidence that he will be doing things that is good for me and my future and that I Should take complete responsibility of the house I will be stepping. It was a very traditional family wedding with so many positive and negative comments.
Had so many dreams unfulfilled even my studies suddenly felt drowning. Just decided to obey my parents .
But all thanks to my dear hubby with whom I have grown all these years and my mother in law who knew the value of education for a girl though she is not educated, she always felt that if I am educated I will be able to teach my children and understood my dreams and educated me . I had a lot of discouragement from many of my close people and relatives who felt that studying after marriage was next to impossible and that I had to give up on my studies.

Mrs India 2017
Happily Married…

Today I can proudly say I hold Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree of Engineering in Information systems. And not to forget my friends in college who have supported me. Though I had the fear of how will my treat me if they knew I was married .they helped me during my semester projects and those days during my final year project as was carrying . The day my results were announced I was happy to know I cleared my BE in #disctinction.
During my final year I was excited and always Dream of being that one person who could get in the right candidate person into the company and not just the person who works always. Yes Recruitment and training is all that I was passionate about my career. And I can proudly say I am an expert in it now.
My passion for dance anchoring modelling always kept me tickling for an opportunity. I have learned few forms of classical dances.
And then came a chance of walking the ramp for MUMS OF Bangalore. Through which I could make some more friends and that got me here Mrs India Karnataka Inner beauty title and Now into the national finale where I will be representing my State is a very proud moment for me.
I cherish those really encouraging women in my life. My in laws, my favorite teacher at school, my sister , my swimming mermaids, my dance teachers , my friends who keep me on my toes always encouraging me at every point and now a beautiful women who gave me this opportunity .it is shaping up very colourfully.
A Beauty pageant is not just about how you dress and walk. It is about how a women is balanced mentally and how well her life is handled and how strong she is to face every step to reach the destination.
I strongly believe that there is nothing impossible that a women cannot achieve.


Mrs India 2016
Mrs India in Hawaiian Round


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