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Kind Attention, This is to Notify that Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd is proprietor and Rights Owner of Title “Mrs India™”.

It has been brought to our Notice that some unscrupulous organisers are falsely using Title Mrs India which is unlawful and illegal.

While Mrs India only have largest and National Presence we are concerned with proliferation of fraudulent and infringing activities of Organisers who are trying to make illegal Title “Mrs India™” by offering Auditions, Events and Titles etc. and posing as Mrs India, there by causing Confusion and infringement of Mrs India Title.

It has further came to our notice that these unscrupulous organisers are sending scam messages to create panic therefor be aware of these Organisers and notify us such elements.

Such unscrupulous organiser are here by warned of swift and stringent legal action for Trademark Infringement of Mrs India™.

We further would like to inform that Only Winners ,Contestants and Directors of Mrs India have right to use Title Mrs India anybody else claiming Title Mrs India is sheer False and Fraudulent attempt of gaining publicity by using Mrs India Property which has been created and developed by Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd .


Mrs India™

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