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Mrs India and her Love for Saree

Mrs India
Mrs India’s look in Party Wear Sari

Mrs India and 9 Yards of Magic ….

Nine Yards of unstitched fabric that does not need any designer, Just a Simple and Elegant drapes , pleats and knots that turns fabric into Huge variety of forms that sustained though many trends  ,Same Nine  yards of Fabric is flexible enough to accommodate every generations need still does not lose bit of its Beauty  is Sari….

Long-way She Has come …

Traditionally Sari is widely used clothing across Indian Continent including Sri-lanka and Bangladesh. Except few states such as Punjab, Kashmir with few other that traditionally did not used to Sari.Sari is been mentioned right from 2nd Century of literature so we can imagine the changes this sheer piece of garment has gone through changes from centuries to centuries .Look  of Sari changes from place to place without fading its charm . Be it a humble Cotton, Rich Silk or Patriotic Khadi Sari Cladded Woman is most beautiful piece of Garment we ever come across the World.

Mrs India Finalist in Sari as Royal Attire on Mrs India 2016 Contest

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Mrs India
Mrs India Contestan in Royal Peshwai Look of Sulakshna Joglekar

We can find the change in Saree Draping from class to class or else we can say Profession to Profession .Ancient Royal Indian Woman seen Saree covering her whole Body with additional Silk Shawl on Shoulders as Symbol of Royal Woman and her Authority .

Mrs India in Tribal Look of Saree for Mrs India Contest of Mrs India 2016

Registrations on for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Finalist Neelanjna in Tribal look of Jharkhand State

Length of Sari seen Shorten in Tribal and Fisher woman of working class ,as they have to go inside water or do physical work that need flexibility that got developed in the Sari these Ladies adopted .

Mrs India 2016 saw a very Vibrant and bright Tribal Sari from State of Jharkhand showcased by Neelanjna, Sari carried tribal Beauty signifying its roots from with lively Peacocks painted on it.  This Sari speaks the simplicity of this Tribal Costume that is bright and Colorful.

“Advantage of this unstitched fabric is that one can drape it in one style and then fold it back as it is to your Wardrobe , Bring different look next time with little twist in Draping and fold  it back as it is for  new look again .No garment offers this frill that Sari has.”

Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is most remembered Ambassador of Sari who adored mostly Sambalpuri Sari getting the attention towards Orissa handlooms that range from Iktat ,Bomkai ,Barhumpuri ,Sambhalpuri both in Cotton and Silk .

Mrs India have always encouraged this very Indian Costume and celebrated its diversity on Traditional Wear Costume Round which translates to National Costume as well on Mrs India Pageant.

Mrs India winner for Mrs India Season Four Mrs India 2016 ,apply now for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2016
Mrs India World Mohini in Paithani

Recently Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane was spotted in typical Royal Purple color Paithani Sari while she visited Ganesh Mandal seeking blessings of Bappa for her upcoming Pageant Mrs World to be hosted at South Korea. Mohini said when it comes about auspicious occasions I always drape myself in my mother’s sari, I feel like her blessings are around me .I don’t have to be worried about look because my Mamma is perfect when it comes about choosing Saris. This Purple Paithani is my all-time favorite.

Mrs India’s look in Party Wear Sari

When it comes for Party wear or Casual Wear Our Mrs India Mohini Sharma says ” I am So Much Designer Wear  geek” . Well I agreed after all designer make Unique Piece for our Unique look of unique Queen of Mrs India isn’t it ?

Our Mrs India have large spread of Saris, recently she looked Candid in Golden Sari Photo-shoot after Winning Mrs India 2016. Queen looks simply look Dazzling in Golden Drape bordered by black Velvet.

Mrs India Classic Winner on Mrs India Season Four of Mrs India Contest 2016 ,Register now for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Classic Winner Anita P ,A Brave Indian Woman

Our Mrs India Classic Beauty Anita P did it perfect with Orange Drape in warrior style of Saree that Great Maratha Leaders practiced in ancient time .Anita Decided to accessories her Saree with traditional Ornaments as Beauty of Woman and symbolized strong sense of strength of Woman Power with Sword in Her Hand . Mrs India Anita P completed her look with Pagadi (Turban) as symbol of Royal Maratha Woman, who never hesitated to fight for justice in Era when Woman was confined to Kitchen or jump in Funeral Pyre of Husband on defeat in battlefield.

Mrs India Contest of Mrs India Season Four Mrs India 2016 finalist in Sari

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Mrs India
Mrs India Finalist Anu Ravi in Glossy Golden Kanjivaram Saree

Mrs India 2016 Top 10 Contestant showcased Rich Kanjivaram Sari of Tamil Nadu State, Saree is known for its luxurious fabrics which is certainly symbol of Prosperity. Mrs India 2016 Top 10 Anu Ravi looks like Goddess Laxmi in Glossy Golden Sari that astonished Mrs India 2016 Grand Finale. Mrs Anu Ravi effortlessly maintained poise of Glossy Golden Silk saree pai red with Velvet Blouse. Saree was carefully jeweled with Traditional Temple Jewelry keeping traditional look in the mind.

Mrs India saw Mrs India in Saris of Mrs India Finalists of Mrs India 2017

Mrs India
Mrs India Finalist Shubha Rajan in Red Coorgi Bridal Sari

Winner of Mrs India Karnataka showcased Coorgi Style of Sari in Coorgi Bridal Wear .Coorgi bride is mostly wear Red Color Saris.

Looking at Diversities and ever changing trends of Sari Mrs India 2016 decided to host Sari Draping Session to Mrs India 2016’s grooming. Managing Director of AFTT herself gave very interesting session on Sari Draping that Contestants of Mrs India can utilize this in real life.

Mrs India Pageant gave training to Mrs India finalist on Mrs India 2016,Apply now for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2016
Mrs India 2016 Trainer Ayeesha Mushtaq during Sari Draping Session

Contestant of Mrs India 2016 who Won Fitness Guru Shobha Sing subtitle used Saree Draping skills at her corporate event and Won the competition.  Shobha gave a Retro Look to indigenous Sari and won it.

Well Saga of Saree is Endless and Beauty is timeless … India is blessed with countless variety of Saris that very difficult to accommodate in one Article ,Mrs India will come back with more on Mrs India draped in Saree .In mean time indulge yourself in Nine yards of Magic …..

Mrs India 2016 Contestant and Mrs India Fitness Guru.

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Mrs India
Mrs India Finalist Shobha Sing in Retro Style Sari

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