Mrs India on Garbha

Mrs India 2016 on Garbha …. The longest dance festival of Gujarat

We all know India is blessed Nation with Incredible Culture and Colourful Festivals. Now this is Season of Navratri and we can see differ ant parts of Indian Celebrating this Season in own style.

While most exciting part of Nine Days of Festival Garbha Dance, Indian Folk Dance from State of Gujarat which is now Global. Garbha Dance is performed all over the World. This spirited festival is very close to one of Mrs India 2016 Contestant Sonali Desai who belong from Vadodara Gujarat.

Mrs India
Mrs India on Navratri

Sonali Desai goes on full swing during this Festival and never miss this Colourful Season of Dance .This Article is presented by our Very Own Mrs India Contestant about Garbha.

Mrs India 2016 Contestants Sonali Desai on Navratri, The longest dance festival of Gujarat

The exuberant nine nights of melodious music, spirited dancers& great food, a time when city comes alive to the traditional Garbha .
Vadodara, Continues to celebrate this magnificent festival with the same zeal and enthusiasm.
The colourful and brightly decorated Garba venues are a spectacle to watch. They are immaculately designed to cater to thousands of dancers, dancing together, is unheard off and quite unimaginable if you have not seen it for real.
The highlight of the festivity is the way revellers express themselves as they dress up for the nine nights.
Some who follow the vibrant traditional look while some others fuse it with contemporary designs and set new style statements.Generally women dress in Chaniya- Choli with elaborate accessories to complete the look .

Mrs India
Mrs India in Garbha Mood

What is unique about Vadodara s Garba is all dancers dance together making concentric circles which is quite different from Garbas in Ahmedabad or Surat, where people dance in separate groups. So if you’re with your friends or if you have come on your own, you can join with the others and dance to the pulsating music with thousands around to inspire you.
There is something amazing about Garba during Navratri that automatically electrifies the atmosphere as you make your way to the Garba grounds. It is certainly the best time to be in the city!!

Mrs India

So this Navratri season keep Swinging on Tune of Garbha Enjoy Festival Food to the fullest .Spread the Joy of India Culture .I Sonali Desai would like to invite all to Gujarat to Enjoy the Authentic Guajarati Food and experience Festival of Gujarat .Learn and perform Indian Folk Dance Garbha.

Mrs India Pageants would like to thank Sonali Desai for this beautiful write-up on Longest Dance Festival of India ,Garbha .Sonali  Sades Stood tall among Mrs India 2016 Top 17 and She is winner of Subtitles Mrs India Creative Queen 2016 .

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