Mrs India – Most Supporting Husband

Mrs India – Most Supporting Husband

He is Caring Son,Loving Father ,Protective Brother and a Very Supportive Husband ….. Now lets be real feminist , accept and appreciate Husbands who really stands behind his wife’s dreams she want to live ,Allows her to live her life on her own conditions .

Not only by word but by an act .

An Act that says:

Give your best Honey  will take care of Home !

You Take care of yourself I will take care of Kids !

Don’t give-up you have to make me and our Family Proud !

You dint win ? Its ok You are still Queen of my Heart !

Mrs India appreciates this support not only to reorganize but to encourage other Husband to come forward to understand wife and be stand by her side in all her aspirations ,be it career,family ,Hobby or just a wish.

On Mrs India 2016 was lucky to have such a supporting husband from Jharkhand who was patiently juggling around two kids to make sure that kids wont grab their Mumma’s attention and pull her out of all experience she was living at Mrs India .

Running from one room to other with luggage without complaining to wife so that wife can concentrate with training sessions .Taking Kids out so that Wife gets time to make new friends and have lots of Fun at Mrs India .Getting things on the place ,Ironing Wardrobes so that wife wont feel stressed during Pageant.

Highlight was the Peacock Feather Piece of Costume which he made himself by sticking one Piece at at time seating Day and Night whenever he got time from Kids .Same Peacock Feather Piece which his Wife Shimmered so Beautifully on the Grand Finale of Mrs India and Won hearts of the Audience .

And this Piece of Feather was enough for Mrs India 2016 to add Feather of Most Supporting Husband Ajay Jain’s Cap ,Husband of Mamta Jain .Who got Sashed with Most Supporting Husband  and Bagged Trophy at Mrs India .Well that’s not only the honor ,He Crowned his Own Queen on stage of Mrs India .

That was most mesmerizing Moment witnessed at Mrs India 2016 ,A Moment when Joys of Tears rolled down her Cheeks ,The same very Moment was a symbol of strength and support a Husband can offer to Wife as a Friend ,as a Companion . We  all should appreciate each others efforts that makes things happen ,that takes you out of all tough time we go through .

Be it a Husband or Wife we all need Love and support of family .While Woman by nature is expected to do things on her Own ,She is always glorified for her sacrifices she made and supposed to be a Pillar to bear all Family expectations ,husbands like Ajay Jain has set an Example to the society that Being Supporting Husband is Real Pride .Mrs India is proud of such Beautiful Couple Mamta Jain and Ajay Jain who makes Beautiful family with two Naughty Toddlers .

So All Lucky Husbands out there Are You Listing ? Its Your Turn now .                                       Be a Supportive Husband all your life ,in all the endeavors of your Wife want to take.As we all know what Goes Around comes around .Below is Candid Picture of Mr Ajay Jain along with Mamta Jain.Congratulations for Winning Mrs India – Most Supporting husband Award .

Best Supporting Husband Award 1

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