Mrs India Mohini Sharma Mane

Mrs India 2018 :

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Mrs India Contest Pageant Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India 2016 Winner

Mrs India 2016 is just completed a Month Before , And Mrs India Queens are ready with their Agenda and Priorities in hand . So one of Our Queen at Mrs India 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane did Tree Plantation to give away a Message of Go Green and Save the Environment to live healthy life .

Mrs India Winner Mohini is getting ready to represent India as Mrs India 2016 at Mrs World 2016 ,which will be held at South Korea . Most of the Queens of Mrs India have already chosen a Cause they want to dedicate during their rein and even after as we all know “Beauty Has No Meaning Without Cause “. Mrs India 2016 was shown on TV

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