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Sparkling eyes and pleasant personality is what you will notice at first sight of Ritu Sood who is Mrs India 2017 Semifinalist .Very humble person who has zeal to excel in life ,ready to learn news thing ,Explore World without any hesitation is what makes her what she is .Ritu Sood Mrs India 2017 Semifinalist from Shimala ,Himachal Pradesh . Ready to accommodate changes is what makes her flexible enough.

Ability to explore new things irrespective to results makes Ritu Sood a very good learner.You might feel that Ritu Sood is very shy person but she will surprise one with confidence that she is ready to break the stereotypes .Ritu sood Mrs India 2017 Semifinalist lady from Shimla will grab your attention who should be known for breaking stereotypes and of beauty an will be role models for many .

Lets Meet Ritu Sood Mrs India 2017 Semifinalist :

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1 What Motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning ?

Every morning I wake up first of all i thank god for giving me another chance to live in the world and also for giving me another day of life to do the best out of my life and  tasks at hand. My daughter is the source of motivation as when i look her sleeping peacefully  besides me i feel contented to the core of my heart and thank god for blessing me with  the beautiful baby who made me complete woman.
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2 .Your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017?

To me the journey started when i appeared for the auditions, I lived and loved every single moment of Mrs India 2017. Made so many friends there and also was lucky to have guidance from the very down to earth and very strong personality mentors .
 For me the very  memorable moment was the talent round where I danced on manwa lage song. Its memorable for me because i was first time ever dancing in front of audience, my heart was beating faster then the beats of the song, blood was gushing through my veins, i was nervous and on completion i realised that yes i can dance… bingo!
As a result of it now m looking forward to get trained professionally in this field where i can learn dance of different types because now i know it that i can do it.
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3.If you can be swap a role of one person from Family who that would be and why?

 In my family its my husband and my daughter, i don’t think that i can swap my role with with my husband as he is perfect but yes if still i’m given the chance then i would love to swap my role with my daughter as she is so pure heart soul, happy in life,  everyone loves her.
I would do this to re-live childhood as its the best part of ones life and i would have a mother again to pamper me, because after loosing my mother to cancer in 2005 none had really pampered me.I miss it.
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4. What do you do when you are not working ?

 when free I love  playing with my daughter and hearing her show and tell stories,doing painting and playing badminton with friends.

Mrs India 2018 2019 Finalist 15.How would you describe Yourself in one Word ? And Why ?

I would describe myself as “courageous” because after my mother died n i was in final semester of my MBA things turned upside down for me being a girl. None wanted me to continue studies and working and staying alone was being considered as a big deal then.I was also told ” i should stay back leave all and should take cars of my DAD and BROTHER as one female is needed to run the house chores and studies give nothing.”
 I was courageous enough to step out and follow my and my mothers dreams without any family support( physical as well as financial), what ever I am today is a result of that one step, Though life had been challenging always as its not easy to live alone being young and managing all by yourself specially after loosing a person who was everything to you but with my mothers blessing i was able to pass through all and today I am well settled.
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6. Who inspires you and why ?

My Mother is my role model because of the personality she had. My NANA ji was in army and fought world war 2 and was bed ridden there after  and my Nani scummed to death after the birth of her 3rd child. So my mother being the eldest along with her 2 sisters lived their childhood in Chamba orphanage. she took the responsibility of her 2 sisters used to knit chairs for the livelihood and did  nursing herself also made her sisters do MSC in those times. first she got  her sister married in a nice family and settled her n then she herself got married to my dad though the smallest sister was still studying.
After marriage also she had her own battled to fight and professionally she was a very respected and influential person, we had no servants at home, she was managing her professional and personal life so well. She was very hardworking , self motivated, loyal and God fearing person.She was my source of inspiration all through n though she is not physically present but her teaching are as fresh as today in my mind.
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7.What is your favorite Quote and why ?

Try and Try until u succeed  is my motto of life and favourite quote, this is the mantra of life taught to me by my mother. I keep trying my best until I Succeed, being of a sports background i used to compete with my own self till I achieve my aim and win it.
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8. What is Your Favorite Outfit ?

Jeans and smart jacket with sports shoes.Mrs India 2018 2019 Finalist 1

9 If your want to go on Vacation what would be your plan?

I love unplanned vacations specially in the Himalayas where i feel connected to my roots, jungles there give me peace and self realization of my thoughts, i feel more connected with my own self.

10.What is your spiritual practice?

Gayatri mantra is what i recite often. i don’t go to temples often but i always make sure to thank god for everything in life and every morning I thank God and then start my day and at night again i thank him for the day and then I go off to sleep.

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