Mrs India – Eternal Love

Mrs India 2016 Contestants

Nothing can replace #experience of #CrowningGlory ….

#Dreams have No #Expiry Dates , When #responsiblites and #priorties keeps you away from your Dream , Just #Relax , #Life Always gives you second #Chance , IF You have #Missed the bus #board it Now …. #Grab the #Chance…If You have #Courage and #Confidence You can be a #QueenMrs India

Lets Meet Mrs #Kawser Khan from #Banglore here to fulfill #dream for her #Eternal love of #Husband .

One morning of 1983, a newspaper lying on the #breakfast table caught my attention. There was a picture of a beautiful girl balancing a resplendent crown on her head, splashed across the front page. The pretty girl was Rekha Hande, who had freshly been crowned Miss India. That morning of 1983, I had nothing more for breakfast than that newspaper.
Call me crazy, but as a teen, I spent hours in front of the mirror, not admiring myself, but trying to correct the minutest flaws I could find – and same went for my personality. Mrs India
#Perfection was underrated, I thought. Participating in a pageant was a dream I fostered since that blessed day decades ago, but life had other plans in store. I lost my mother to cancer at the age of thirteen and life took a steep detour.
Nevertheless, the ambition to be the best in every field I pursued, whether beauty, art, music or dance, kept me going. I went on to win titles like ‘Alliance Française Princess’ and ‘Best Student Of The Year’ in my twenties, but they only gave me a gave me a lingering feel of the #crown, along with a trove of confidence to do greater things.
As it happens to every Cinderella, a charming prince came my way one day, swept me off my feet, and two beautiful fairieslanded in my lap. Life went on, but there was always a hidden desire to test my abilities to see if they were worthy of another crown. Perhaps why pageants on television gave stinging reminders each year.
Life slowly dissolved into priorities of work and family, and twenty-five years flashed by at the blink of an eye. Soon after our twenty fifth anniversary celebration came the time for the Prince Charming to return to his heavenly abode. Was it a part of life or a life torn apart ? steadying your ground at every pitfall is what life’s about, right? Mrs India
These days I do my bit for underprivileged women who aspire to fulfill their dreams – something I’ve always wanted to do. It gives me great happiness and solace working to introduce the English language to women and children deprived of basic education.

Recently, an angel friend of mine threw light on my path to the crown once again …. Mrs India the coveted Mrs. India Karnataka crown sat like a halo on my head, it seemed like the big dream was finally coming true! And the blissful journey has begun to win yet another crown – the prestigious Mrs. India!
But what’s my biggest motivation? That there’s no better place than that stage amidst the moon and the stars from where my Prince could get a full view of me in that crown that he always wished for me