Mrs India Contest Photoshoot

Mrs India 2018 :

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Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2016 ,Lights ,Camera andddddddd Action …. Click ! Click !! Click !!!! … WoooooHoooo…

Pose ! Pose ! Pose Baby Camera is all Yours ….Take on Show What its takes to be a Beauty Queen at Mrs India . You can apply online for Mrs India .

Mrs India Queens Love for Camera is not a Secret Anymore ,What amazed us most is enthusiasm and energy that filled Mrs India 2016 with Laughter ,Friendship and lots of Creativity . When Mrs India Pageants Director Deepali Phadnis was planning a Photo-shoot she kept only one theme on Agenda but when you have a Talented Photographer like Rahul Dev on Board of Mrs India Pageant why not explore Indian Beauty and Capture her Beauty in every possible Frame ? Mrs India Photoshoots are fun…

Mrs India Photoshoot:

And that Simple thought triggered a Brilliant Photo-shoot of Mrs India 2016 Contestants at very Scenic and Glamorous Hilton Chennai .Mrs India was on National Tv .

Mrs India’s Crew was prepared to face all stress because so many photo shoots 40 Mrs India 2016 contestants and all that changes but guess what all Mrs India Photo-shoots went so cheerful that No one realized that its Photoshoot wrapp-up.                                                                                               Mrs India’s Queens were asking Really is it over ? No We want some more Photos and and I just wanna  Pose ……..Pose……….. Pose…….Pose……. Ohhh La La !!!

Mrs India 2016

Mrs India’s Venue was filled with Gorgeous Ladies ,Beautiful Faces ,every Queen is helping other Queen whole kindheartedly , All over Hugs ,Kisses and so much of Fun….   Mrs India 2016 did Following Photo-shoots . Well posting all images at once and watching all at once is not Easy so we are Posting it together … Hope you Enjoy .Beauty in Diversity is what it is every Woman is different yet each one of her is so Beautiful and Unique . That is why Mrs India’s Beauty for stands Tall out of Billion .

Mrs India – Floating Goddess

BasePool copy

Mrs India – Hawaiian Queen


Mrs India – Corporate Queen

BaseCorp copy

Mrs India – Casual Freak

BaseCasual copy

Mrs India – Queen of Parties

BaseParty copy.jpg

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