Mrs India – Bravado is She

Mrs India 2016 Contestant – Story of Major Poonam Sharma who is now Practicing Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai

Best Part of being FaujiChild is opportunity to explore #New Places ,Make New #Friends  Mrs IndiaPand #Learn about #differnat #Cultures making you a different person all together

She Always wanted to be a #Doctor and #Serve the #Nation and guess she did it All… Mrs India Proudly presents #Major Poonam Sharma from #Dubai and here is her Beautiful Story ….on Mrs India 2016

I was born in the pink city Jaipur,in a Defense family,so use to love it
that every 2-3 years, would move to a new place,have new friends.However my
father liked the city of Ajmer and he settled there after being posted to
different parts of the country.
I have fond memories of Vishakhapatnam ,where I did my early part of the
schooling.Later we moved to Ajmer and I completed my schooling from Ajmer
SOPHIA.I always wanted to be a Doctor,partly inspired by my two elder
sisters who were doctors.Despite my studious commitments,I always had an
adventurous streak,which inspired me to join the Indian Army.In the army I
met my soulmate and married in ’96.My adventurous streak was awakened as my
hubby was also an outdoor man .We always use to drive to new stations on
posting.We would drive in turns by the day and stop during the night.In
2000 we finally got posted together to the field area Joshimath.

Mrs India
I have very fond memories of driving from Dehradun to Joshimath along the
holy Ganges in the picturesque Uttarakhand.
We were blessed with a daughter in 2002.It was quite a task to manage
motherhood and my job but like most, I managed it with the help of my
family.My parents and my in laws stayed with me in the field area to help
me raise my daughter.My husband would do all my night duties,so that I
could stay with my daughter.
Mrs IndiaLife moved on and I quit Army in 2006 after completing my ten years and
moved to Singapore.Singapore was a great experience,being exposed to the
global culture, far different from the protected Armed forces environs.
From there we moved to Dubai in 2010 and have been there since then.Life
has been a complete picture .I am fond of painting ,and I do paint in my
leisure ,about my life experiences and can dare to say that its been a hell
of a ride,full of exciting experiences.I think I am so lucky to see so much
in so little time,and have become worldly wise.My happiness lies in small
joys of Life.