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Mrs India is blessed with India’s Most Beautiful married Woman who have made mark in every front of life with their tremendous Talent , compassion and zeal to exel.Mrs India is graced by most remarkable married Woman of India who comes from all walks of life right from Housewife , successful Entrepreneur to athlete, Mrs India’s Winner are ruling the roof top of Career as working Woman , As Mrs India She is rocking in Glam World as Model or grabbing Eye balls as Talented Actress  or living Hobbies of various Art and culture .Be it devote Yoga practitioner , Classical Dancer or humble School teacher Mrs India’s have proved her mettle in every role she has taken . Mrs India is fortunate to have such a diverse pool of Talent that makes Mrs India stand taller to taller every next year.

Mrs India Pageant Second Season Mrs India 2014 Shweta Padda

Mrs India
Mrs India 2014 -Shweta Padda ruling Ramp

Unparalleled Talent at Mrs India is USB of success of Mrs India till date and hopefully Mrs India will continue to pull in exquisite Talent from all across the World. It’s very difficult to pen down about our every Gorgeous Mrs India contestant.  So we decided to narrow done on our common love of all Indians in general, a Bollywood.

Peppy Numbers of Bollywood never failed to grab attention of audience and tune them move on its musical numbers whether you know how to dance or not .We know at least one Bollywood Number that make us hum it all day .Bollywood knows very Pulse of Indian’s who has made us Cry or laugh . Bollywood is part of our life in some other way so we decided to write about Few of Bollywood Queens of Mrs India.

Mrs India 2014 Talent Round -Shweta Padda

Mrs India
Mrs India 2014 Talent Round

Mrs India’s Bollywood Talent has made special place on International Platform with Mrs India’s breath taking talent that made our Queens stand apart from rest of the World. Mrs India platform have showcased electrifying performances that stunned the audience every time with their moves, expression and grace.

Contestants of Mrs India have proved that Talent have No Age ,No Language and No Boundaries. That’s Why Mrs India Pageant have dedicated Sub Title called Mrs India Bollywood that will be bestowed on Contestant who have Bollywood Queen Qualities ,It can be Dancing ,Singing or Acting .

When we Speak about Mrs India Bollywood first name that comes to our Mind is Shweta

Mrs India 2017
Shweta Padda receiving award

Padda from Chhattisgarh who makes heads turn with just one Bollywood move , Mrs India 2014 contestant and winner Shweta Padda has proved her supreme dance talent on India’s leading reality shows such as Dance India Dance (DID) on Zee TV or Star TV  .

Shweta Padda not only impressed India but astonished Asia with her Bollywood Number at Mrs Asia International 2014 that received overwhelming response to the extent that she Won Mrs Asia International Bollywood title .Shweta Padda was invited to perform specially on Grand Finale of Mrs Asia International which was really prestigious and proud Moment for India to receive this Honour among 36 Talented and Beautiful ladies from across Asian Continent.

“Whenever Mrs India will speak of Mrs India Bollywood, Shweta Padda will be first lady we will remember always.”



We have another such Beautiful Bollywood Dancer who herself is living message Whats in the  Age ? Pratibha Saunshimath from Bangalore, Jury missed a heartbeat when she did turn upwards with Be Buoying at the age of 48 , No one could imagine Mother of Two Teenagers is so talented and continued her love for Dancing all her life despite of Busy acting career and juggling on growing  two kids beautifully ,Mrs India salutes the spirit of Pratibha Saunshimath who continue inspire many Woman .

Mrs India Pageants Third Season Mrs India 2015 – Pratibha Saunshimath

Mrs India 2017
Pratibha Saunshimath at Mrs Asia International 2015

Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2016 saw two such thrilling performers who grabbed Mrs India Bollywood 2016 and Mrs India Dancing Queen 2016 sub titles with their breath taking Performances.

Mohini Sharma Mane claimed Mrs India Bollywood 2016 without any second thoughts, her perfect footwork, detailed Costume and dot timing of moves was noteworthy. In limited timing of performance Mohini made sure she is not missing Bollywood Drama, not to forget she used Typical Properties Bollywood Audience love with her Goggles and Guitar in the End.

Mrs India Pageants Fourth Season – Mrs India 2016 Talent Round

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Dancing Queen 2017

While Shweta Oza surprised all on Mrs India 2016 Talent round when she jumped on Tune of Bollywood Peppy Number “Surma Lagake” when all were tired and about to retired after busy Day ,Shweta Oza’s Peppy Number was like breath of Fresh air .

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India 2014 Grand FInale- Jazzpreet Kaur

Our talented Regional Director Jazpreet Kaur is spontaneous dancer, You cannot ignore ourvery Talented Bollywood dancer who can dance on any number any time, Pageant Groomer by profession Jazpreet is running her own dance show called Move for Cause to promote Local Talent from every corner of India. Jazpreet Kaur gave amazing performance on “High Heel Nacche” after receiving Director of the Year Award for Mrs India 2016.

Mrs India
Purnima Khare’s Winning performance on Mrs Asia International 2015

Another name that we should never miss is Mrs Purnima Khare who mastered Hula Hoop skills that she grooves around on any songs including Bollywood Song. Purnima received accolades for her Bollywood Number “Udi Hawa Main Udi” with her Hula Hoping and bagged Mrs Talented Award on Mrs Asia International 2015. Purnima was invited to performance her unique talent at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia .

Well one day is not enough to write about immense talent Mrs India have to showcase to the World, We would like to take a break here and will come back with more interesting stories and inspiration from Mrs India.

Mrs India, I am Woman Eternally Beautiful!

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