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Mrs India 2016 Contestants and their inspiring Stories

When you are surrounded by #Teachers you are ought to be #AllRounder , #fearless and prepared to take on all #Challenges .. You dont mind taking #risk as you know your #LovyDovy #Hubby will be there for you to #CheerUp in all #ups and #DownsMrs India

Lets Welcome #Longlassy #Funloving very #adventures yet #serious when it comes to #prove #selfworth Mrs Rajyashree Vishanth from #ITHub of India #Bangalore

I am an elder daughter to my parents with one sweet little younger brother. I as an eldest sibling have always been responsible from a very young age. I belong to a teacher’s family where my parents, uncles and aunts are also teachers. As most of the Indian parents won’t be happy to have a baby girl and my
parents were too disappointed when I was born, but now they are proud of having a girl like me in their family. And I am die hard dog lover.
When I grow old I just want to carry my memories, without any regrets, like I could have, I should have or I would have. No way. When I feel like I want to do Something. I do it. I don’t think too much. I just do it. Either I lose or win, I don’t care. Come on, this is my life and I can do anything, that makes me happy. I don’t like usual things. I am always hyper active. Keen to learn. I love challenges which Strengthen me. I am adventurous. Mrs IndiaExperimental in profession to explore new things and discover myself to the fullest. I am now 30 years, but still feel younger in my mindset to exploring myself even further. But whatever I do I enjoy to the fullest. Parallely along with my studies, I have done modeling, acting and also I have worked in shopping malls to became financially independent at a very young age. Have Perceived Masters in Botany and have served as a Science Lecturer for 4 years in Bangalore. Those 4 years are the best part of my life. I have learnt lot of things From my students. Mrs IndiaBut somewhere I felt like I shouldn’t be limited for teaching. So, I quit the job and when I started to explore new professions, I found myself in a
completely different field, Media. I found out a TV anchor in me, Yes now I am working as an anchor and Program Producer for a reputed News Channel (#Janasri News) where I get to ride different kind of two wheeler and luxury cars. Meanwhile I am also a president for a ladies club where we are conducting free tailoring classes, Personality development programs, dance, drama and yoga classes to empower and encourage women.
Achievements and awards Beauty Pageants :
Miss Bangalore 2007 ( subtitle – best body postures)
Miss Bangalore University 2009 (First runner up)
Mrs. India Karnataka 2016 – First Runner up and
won subtitle Mrs Diva 2016
Finalist of Mrs. India – 2016

I love dancing. I have learnt Bharathanatyam and belly dance, Bollywood and folk dances. Apart from dancing I am a fitness freak and I work out everyday. I love dressing up myself well ; even though if I am not going out. I love trekking, long drive
and exploring new places. I also do painting and embroidery sewing in free time. I am always keen to learn. people ask you are a triple graduate, why do you want to learn sewing? My answer – learning sewing does’t make me uneducated. Whatever I learn will be helpful for me some or the other day. I handle my tailoring class when the master is on leave. It is all about passion and skill, learning and teaching new things.
When it comes to my work, My life is on roller-coaster. Since I am into Visual Media I don’t get government holidays or festival holidays. I get only 4 days off in a month. Can’t help. Most of the time I ll be exhausted traveling here and there, as most of my shoots will be outdoor. thanks to my darling hubby who always encouraged me and supported me in each and everything. Its
been 4 and half years of our marriage but still it feels like we have just met. He stood next to me in all my bad times always encouraging me believing in my talents. It is not easy to live with the woman like me who is #hyper #active and short tempered. I also like to thank all my lovely friends who support and encourage me in everything, during good and bad times.. Love you guys

Mrs India

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