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Mrs India 2016 Contestants – Dr Minaxi Chauhan

Apple a Day and Keep Doctor away, But if you have Doctor like Dr Minaxi Chauhan keep Mrs IndiaApple Away…
Yes we have Beautiful ,Smart ,Energetic Doctor who lives her vibrant and colourful life along with Nobel Profession of Physician .
Mrs India Proudly welcome Dr Minaxi Chauhan from Vadodara

I am  confident, independent, creative and optimistic woman.
I am from the cultural capital of Gujarat, Vadodara. My native place is the old Diamond city of Gujarat, Cambay. I was born and raised in a town. My school years were wonderful; I enjoyed my childhood years with my 4 sisters and 2 brothers, I was 2nd in number. During my school time, I was very fond of exploring my local area; I used to go roam in jungles, gardens and hilly areas by bunking my school because since that time I loved nature, big trees, flowers, waterfalls, streams, and birds.
My father was from a village but yet he is an engineer, and made sure all of his children got good education. He motivated us for achieving higher goals in life and to enjoy our hobbies. My mother was not that well educated still she is very caring and supportive to us.

Mrs India
Dr Minaxi Chauhan

I have enjoyed my childhood a lot with my friends, I have had friends from extremely different backgrounds and I still do.
During my school vacations, I used to go to my grandmother’s house in the village. My grandmother was a huge inspiration for me, she believed firmly, in those times that education for women was important and necessary; she was a hardworking and extremely particular lady. She had been educated till metric in the time when women were not allowed to be educated.
I used to spend my days roaming in the fields, doing many things like carrying water from the well, painting on the mud walls with natural colours like turmeric, salt, and gull, making clothes for my dolls which would mark as the start of my journey with fashion, I used to make toys with sticks and mud, which helped cultivate my sculpting talent.
Even though I used to roam around and waste time, I was still achieving good grades academically. I always topped my classes.
After completing my schooling, I completed my MBBS degree from the highly reputed

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Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat. It was not my favourite time, because I didn’t like studying, still I managed my studies and along with my hobbies. As it would have it, I had more friends from different departments, like architecture, arts, and science faculties, than I did from my own. I enjoyed my hostel life with them.
I have always been inspired to be a model from my school days, mostly by watching Zinnat Aman movies.
I got married after completing college while I was doing an internship. I soon started my job as a Lady Medical Officer in the VMC. I have a very supportive husband and family because of which I was able to start living my dreams, like painting, making sculptures, designing clothes, and home decoration.
I had my first child after 4 years of marriage; I managed my job and my joint family very well. I have a lovely mother-in-law who supports me in everything that I do.
I officially did my Diploma in Fashion Designing from IITC with first class distinction. This helped widen my take on the fashion world.
After 10 years of my marriage life, I gave birth to a beautiful, lovely, girl child which completed our family. I continued my job and at present I’m working as a Deputy Health Officer in VMC since 23 years.
After having my two kids, I started taking part in fashion shows at the age of 37. After that first show, I didn’t look back. I tried not to miss a single to chance to participate in any show.
I won,
-Mrs Baroda, 2005
-Mrs Gujarat, 2013
– Vibrant lady of Baroda, 2007
– Supermom, 2013
– including many others,
I also won many subtitles, like,
– Beautiful eyes,
-Best Catwalk
-Best Personality
Mrs IndiaAmong some of the fashion shows, I took the opportunity of designing my own dresses.
Along with these shows, I actively pursued my other hobbies like dancing, painting, sculpting. I have completed 6 years of Kathak dance. I have participated in many group art exhibitions and I have got state level award for my sculptures, and have been selected at national levels. I also won many awards in paintings. My themes revolved around womanhood, and nature.
Mrs IndiaI have always loved social work, and my job has provided my opportunities for the same. I used to work in slums and semi-slum areas of the city, providing them health services and health education; especially related to women, children and adolescent girls.
My one goal in life is to make a rehabilitation centre for mentally challenged girl child, where they can feel safe, become independent, and live happily. I have visited many such organizations, and given help as much as I could.
With the support of my loving husband, my kids and my family members, I will continue to fulfil my dreams.
I am thankful to Mrs. India for giving me such an amazing opportunity to live my dream

Mrs India


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