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Mrs India 2016’s Contestant and Winner of Mrs India Fitness Guru 2016,

When IT Professionals are known for Sedentary life and inactive lifecycle, Mrs India 2016’s

Mrs India
Loving Wife !

Contestants stands out of Crowd with exceptional enthusiasm  for Fitness .Let’s talk to winner of Sub title Fitness Guru Shobha Sing from Bangalore and her Story behind winning Fitness Guru Sub Title.

Playful Shobha is born in Silk City Bhagalpur of Bihar State & brought up in Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand moved to Bangalore to chase her dreams and flourish her career in IT.  Though her life changed from Small town Girl to IT Professional, who traveled overseas child in her refused to grow.

Vivacious Shobha still loves dancing and singing the way she did in childhood. Shobha gave new look to her Hobby and now Tunes for Fitness to spread Happiness with Zumba, Yoga and Running. No wonder Shobha is Marathon Winner and now want to continue her journey as Fitness enthusiast.

Bright Child in Her Never Compromised

Shobha always participated in annual day .During one show she got hurt and fractured her hand  just four days before her Annul Exams .”My father was really disappointed on me ,He never liked my passion for Dance now reason for not writing my exams .”

Shobha challenged  her  Dad .Not only she did write exam but came with flying colours to Rank improved from 4th to 3rd Rank in School, that was the time her father realised Shobha is unstoppable and her  ambitions are very high .There after he is always been source of inspiration.

Motherhood Changed everything and How ….

Mrs IndiaMotherhood changes life for sure but this change is good .I always loved dancing, walking or jogging but ever seen this as physical activity it was part of my fun activity, things changed when Prince Charming came to my life My Son Nishit. When new Moms don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in rest and eat whatever they want to I decided to Tighten my Shoe Less and Run…Started hitting Iron every day soon my started showing results and trust me it was so inspiring that I continued it till date. I love the way everything transformed me in new person, it’s not only transformation about my Weight or Fitness I am talking about my transformation that happened from within, somewhere I felt very confident and content that being New mother I achieved that is not so easy .Today I feel energetic, pleasant and positive about myself that I want to spread this awareness around and get Fit Mamma on-board. Well I should not forget to thank my Son who inspired me to what I am today.

“I never missed a change of Any Marathon, Winning is now my addiction and Medals is Treat to Soul.”

New Horizons and Achievements:

After Nishits birth I decided to take break and join my hubby on his overseas project, this

Mrs India
Shobha Sing and Family !

was wonderful opportunity to bond with my little prince and spend luxurious time with my Hubby and that’s all I packed my Bags took sabbatical off from work and flown to Montevideo, Uruguay in Latin America .And it was most wise decision ever in my life or else I would have missed golden glory of being New Mamma and bonding as Parents with my Son Nishit.

Well that was not all ,we landed on most  a vibrant, eclectic place Montevideo which is very a rich cultural life with elegant older theaters , cosy little tango bars to modern beachfront discos everything was ever fascinating. City offers beach-side suburb of Carrasco near the airport with Music, theater, the arts and most of wonderful people who speak Spanish but all understand one common language Love.

In initial days I stared doing Surya namskar at home while my little master joined me in my Sun Salutations and soon became expert well I really want to pull my Collar with pride after all My Son learned 12 Steps Of Surya Namaskar at such Young Age ,certainly Mamma’s Achievement .

Mrs India
Shobha Cuddling her Son Nishit

Grab every opportunity comes your way!

I decided not to miss such cheerful environment and started running around Beach side, soon I joined Marathons. I use to be the only Indian face among all and trust me I enjoyed all the attention I use to get being Foreign national. This attention energized, because my Mrs IndiaMrs IndiaMrs India

identity was now Indian and how can I let down my Indian pride ?I pushed myself to do better that I could do before and I bagged many Medals ,well though I was not running in Olympics I feel like proud of myself you know why ? Because Indian me Inspired me to get those Medals I wouldn’t have done better in India .I realized healthy competition is always good it improves us and inspires us to do better and better !

I being fitness freak living in Latino American culture developed interest in Zumaba fitness and soon joined Zumba and today I am total Zumba girl who can train 100s of people.

“With same enthusiasm I joined Mrs India 2016 that added new feather to my Hat , I

Mrs India
Shobha on Mrs India Grand Finale !

really enjoyed my journey .Lived each and every moment at Mrs India and not to forget I got wonderful opportunity to represent my Heritage ,My Culture my mother Land Bihar has to offer .”

“First time I represented as Bihari Woman in typical Bihari Attire with Pallu on my head Ohhhh My God I loved it.”

My Husband and friends were stunned to see me as typical Bihari Beauty, Especially for my

Son Nishit it was treat. Today after Mrs India, I am different Woman all together specially after winning Fitness Guru Subtitles I feel so much responsible towards fitness.

Mrs India – Fitness Guru 2016 title has empowered me to work on my cause to bring awareness in Fitness, I am not more inspired towards it and certainly would love to take to new heights. Your love and support is always appreciated so are Joining me on my Next Marathon?

Shobha Sing on Backstage before Hitting Ramp of Mrs India 2016 Grand Finale


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