Mrs India Finalist 2017

Mrs India 2017 is all Set to rock again !

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This time much bigger than ever , Mrs India 2017 has successfully completed Nation wide auditions then selected Contestants of Mrs India appeared for Zones and State Pageants . From there winners and wild card entry Mrs India contestants will be participating in Mrs India 2017Mrs India 2017 ,Yes India’s Largest and one and only National Pageant for married Woman .

Mrs India 2018 Auditions

Below List of Mrs India 2017 Finalist but this is not a complete yet ,we are in process of updating it there after you can encourage most beautiful Indian Married Woman by simply Voting for supporting Mrs India Finalist with comments .Your every step will help our Mrs India Contestants to boost their confidence and Mrs India will do better than best before .

So Stay Tuned .

Mrs India 2017 Finalist :

Who is Mrs India 2017 ?

So be ready to choose your Favorite Mrs India 2017 Contestant .Soon our official list of Mrs India will be up with name of Mrs India Contestants .

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  1. I wish all the contestants good luck, first. Am highly excited to see Manisha Prakash as a contestant who reached the top 16, and is now a wild card entrant . I know Manisha not just as a friend but as a woman and a human, I have observed her set very high standard of perfection in all she does. I wish to see her go ahead since this is the kind of dream I endorse. It broadens a human mind and makes them aware of the finesse life can offer. Good luck once again.

  2. My so happy to see my friend as a finalist..she deserves it and has a long way to go . Manisha Prakash… congratulations n all the best for the future.

  3. I want to see Manisha prakash with Mrs India Crown.. She is one of mt besties.. I like her as my friend.. She has a great personalty .. In my opinion she deservs The crown as she has a Beauty with brain.. Hope she will get it..All the best my darling Manisha prakash..

  4. I know Manisha Prakash as a very beautiful person and as a lady with an elegant demeanour. And am way excited to see her as a finalist in Mrs. India 2017 contest. Wish her a very good luck!

  5. I know Manisha Prakash as a beautiful person and as a lady with an elegant demeanour. And am way excited to see her as a finalist in the Mrs. India contest. Wish her a very good luck!!!

  6. I wish all contestants good luck also very proud and excited fr my friend Manisha prakash who reached top 16 and now is wild card entrant she is very talented good human being she has been inspiration fr all i wish her all the very best fr mrs india 2017

    1. Its proud to see my lovely friend Manisha Prakesh reaching in top 16 fr mrs india and is nw wild card entrant I wish her best of luck fr Mrs india 2017 as a human being she is multi talented good human being also has been inspiration to many of us

  7. All the very best to all contestants! I like Manisha Prakash and would love to see her in finalist contenders… C u there Manisha ☺

  8. All the best Manisha Prakesh u made us proud its great u hve reached top16 and is nw wild card entrant she is multitalented good human being she has been inspiration fr all all the best fr Mrs india 2017

  9. I wish all the contestants the very best for their future endeavours. We would like to see Mrs.Manisha Prakash to bag the top prize. All the very best once again. .

  10. Very happy to know that Manisha Prakash has been chosen fir Mrs. India contestent.Best of luck.

  11. Lots n lots of Congratulations to everyone for aspiring their dreams… If possible may everybody’s dream come true…Best wishes for Manisha Prakash… Feeling Great to see her as one of Finalists… Everybody dreams but she loves to live her dreams so, All the best…

  12. I think manisha is the best one.sha has a great anthusiasm and talent which appeals most of the people who love Indian beauty.we are fond of her

  13. Manisha Prakash is a good example of beauty with talent. Her Indian beauty appeals and I am very fond of her.

  14. All the best to Ruchita Mehta… she is a confident, cheerful, caring and fine human… multitalented and deserving candidate for the Mrs India crown… So very proud of you ❤️

  15. All the best Ruchita Mehta. Proud of you and your achievements your simply amazing. The crown is definitely yours..

  16. I am really happy for my friend Manisha Prakash, who reached top 16. I wish her all the very best for Mrs India 2017👍

  17. I wish Manisha Prakash all the very best. She is a person with great heart and great smile. A beautiful soul having a beautiful personality with incredible elegance and grace.

  18. मैं सौंदर्य प्रतियोगिता के सभी प्रतिभागियों को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ देती हूँ । किसी भी प्रतियोगिता को यदि सकारात्मक रूप में लिया जाय तो हार -जीत कोई मायने नहीं रखती । कोई भी प्रतियोगिता हार-जीत के लिए नहीं बल्कि स्वयं को और अधिक तराशने के लिए होती है । so , once again good luck to all lovely ladies .

  19. Its a proud feeling that my dear friend have reached this level. All the best to Swetha Singh. Proud of you. 👍

  20. I wish all contestants good luck and very excited to see Manisha Prakash in finalist contenders. She is multitalented n good human being. I wish all the very best for Mrs India 2017 contest .

  21. A mother of two children has reached to this height,is itself a great and appreciable .I personally seen her sincerity in all sphere of life.Whether it may be at home front, social gatherings, or in any festivals , she gives her best efforts .She is cute, soft hearted, helpful nature .She deserves to stand in a position with head high.I wish her a grand success for Mrs.India-2017 which will be proud to all of us.Manisha look forward and go ahead.

  22. I wish all contestants good luck. Manisha Prakash is my friend. Now she is wild card entrant.she is multitalented n gud human being. I am excited to see her as finalist in this contest. She deserves it. All d best:)

  23. Ruchita chedda you are the best, you deserve to be crowned as Mrs India 2017😇 and I am sure you will be. Good Luck & Best Wishes ☺👍👍

  24. Great achievement Mrs.Mamta. I know Mamta Trivedi as a very smart & lovely lady with a pleasent nature. Very excited to see her as a finalist in Mrs. India 2017 competition.wish her all the best n waiting yo welcome her with crown at Hyderabad.

  25. I wish Manisha Prakash all the best …!! She is really a nice human being full of energy and enthusiastic. A creative charming and very helpful, lady ..See u as winner …!!

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