Mrs India 2018 Chhatisgardh Auditions

Mrs India 2018 Chhatisgardh Auditions :

Mrs India 2018‘s Auditions for Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2018 was hosted at Raipur on 21-Jan-2018 at Babylon International Hotel . Mrs India’s Regional Director and Former Classic Mrs Asia International 2015 Purnima Khare hosted Auditions for Mrs India Chhatisgardh ,Our reining Queen of Mrs India 2017  winner Prachi Agrawal who is recently been crowned Mrs Asia International 2017 joined Purnima Khare as jury along with our Beauty Queens of Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2017 Winners.

Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2017 was a super successful show and Mrs India 2018  is going to be the best ever .You can have a look of Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2017’s Auditons till Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2017 Grand Finale which was hosted at Taj Gateway on 8-Jan-2017 .

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Mrs India 2018

Mrs India WinnerMrs India Winner Prachi AgrawalMrs India Winner Prachi AgrawalMrs India Winner Prachi Agrawal

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2018 eminent Jury :

Meenakshi Tuteja : Mrs Meenakshi Tuteja a Queen in her own right do not need any introduction was Jury for Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2018 Auditions , Meekashi Tuteja is another name of Woman Empowerment in Chhatisgardh State heading Chain of Meenakshi’s Beauty Salons across the state .She is Director of Chambers of Commerce for Woman’s Wing .

Dr Risha Bagrecha : Dr Risha Bagrecha a renowned Cosmetologist of Chhatisgardh ,One of Most Successful practitioner of state is known for bringing latest technologies on Skin and hair Care to provide advanced Skin Care . Dr Risha Bagrecha has served society with her contribution in Social Work .

Dr Ritu Gupta : Dr Ritu Gupta is a Dentist aesthetic physician by profession ,who is known for crafting most beautiful ornament “Smile ” . She is passionate about photography and never miss to capture beauty around in her camera .

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2017 winner

Mrs India 2017 Winner Prachi Agrawal who has represented India at Mrs Asia International 2017 and won the title of Mrs Asia International 2017 was one of the Jury at Mrs India Chhatisgardh 2018



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