Mrs India 2018 Asia International Mamta Trivedi Say No to Depression Embrace Life

Mrs India 2018 ,Embrace Life !

Mrs India 2018 , Depression has claimed one more Life ,One more time Depression has faded the blossom of Beautiful face . This loss of life could have been saved says Classic Mrs India 2017 Mamta Trivedi who whole hardheartedly working on  to Curb Depression and giving every possible efforts to strengthen mental health .

Mrs India 2018 Radhika Reddy

Not End of Life its End of Hope :

A very heart wrenching and sad Suicide of TV Anchor Radhika Reddy on Sunday in Hyderabad City has disturbed Mamta Trivedi as she feels this Suicide is not just the loss of life, but it is the loss of hope!This is nothing but It is the defeat of the human spirit of fighting against all odds.

Mrs India 2018 Winner Asia International Mamta Trivedi

Do not ignore signs of Depression !

Radhika Reddy’s suicide is a glaring example of how indifferent we have been, as individuals and as a society, to mental illness. Unlike many others, Radhika recognized that she is suffering from depression but was reportedly not consistent with her treatment.

Though Mamta Trivedi do not know Radhika or her family members, but She is deeply touched and feeling very sorry for loss of beautiful life. On behalf of Mrs India Pageants ,Mamta Trivedi has given heartfelt condolences to the family.May her soul rest in peace.

Rest In Peace

Embrace Life , Say No to Suicide

As a Mrs India 2017 , I would like to take this responsibility of standing against Depression and would like to urge everyone to take note of mental health issues.
Do not ignore signals of suicidal tendencies. It is a call for help.
As Mamta Trivedi is interacting with many who are fighting with depression and are Survivors of suicide attempt have said that they would not have taken the extreme step if someone had asked them if they were OK.

Are You Ok ? I am there for you can save life !

Be the person who asks the question. Save a life! You can make a difference.
Say NO to suicide. Say YES to life. Embrace Life not Death . Jai Hind
Mamta Trivedi

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