Mrs India 2018 Asia International Mamta Trivedi Rarest Daughter Loses her Mother

Mrs India 2018 :

Rarest daughter of India loses her beloved mother , Mrs India family is deeply saddened with demise of Mamta Trivedi‘s mother Smt Yashoda Tripathi ,who left this world at the Age of 77 Years . Smt Yashoda Tripathi ji beautifully lived her life and bravely fought Breast cancer beacuse during her all ups and downs of life Mamta Trivedi stood by her side and left behind an example of Woman strength and dutiful daughter to the World .

Mrs India 2018 2019 Mamta Trivedi
Mamta sharing winning moment of Mrs India with her Mother

Mrs India rarest daughter and beautiful Mother

Mother and daughter shared a very beautiful bond all her life , this Beautiful duo is Classic Example of how strong and timeless Mother Daughter bond can be.

This Beautiful  Mother and Daughter Mrs India Mamta Trivedi and her Mother Smt Yashoda Tripathi  have broken the stereotype that Daughters cannot look after her Parents after marriage like Son can do . Mamta Trivedi took care of her mother all life as a responsible daughter .

Mrs India Family

In her entire jouney Mamta’s Family was instrumental who never made any distinction between Maternal and Paternal Family .Mrs India family is fortunate to have such Role Models who live the change .

Smt Yashoda Tripathi was a strong woman who nurtured her daughter with strength of her family values that made Mamta Trivedi what she is today , Smt Yashoda Tripathi  ji always stood behind her daugher in her every en-devour ,encouraged her and celebrated every phase of her daughter .

Mrs India 2018 2019 Mamta

Mamta Trivedi‘s mother fought Breast Cancer for 6 Years during this difficult time Mamta and her family were strong pillars for Mamta’s Mother to look up to and continue her fight against breast Cancer .

Mamta Trivedi’s mother smt Yashoda Tripathi, aged 77 years, is a classic case of the sacrificing house-wife for whom family came first and family came last. What mattered was the well being of her husband and the value systems imbibed in her children. Born into a very rich family and being the only child, she had a pampered childhood, before getting married and becoming a part of a large joint family of more than 30 members.  She eased into her new role and also used all her property for the well being of her new home.

Smt Yashoda ji was completely shattered on the sudden and untimely death of her husband in the year 2000, which impacted her physically and mentally so much that she suffered a massive heart attack, followed by a by pass surgery. A person who spent the best part of her life in rural India and had lived a healthy life was suddenly infested with BP, Diabetes, Thyroid and then cirrhosis of lever in the year 2012.
Smt Yashoda ji also went into depression, losing the will to live.It was then that her daughter Mamta Trivedi brought her home and decided to fill her life again with happiness that she lived with .
Mamta Trivedi decided that till now my  the mother had been a source of my strength now the its my turn to nuture her and I decided to take care of my mother. My Husband was very instrumental in my decision and I am very proud of my husband who took care of my mother just like he do to his mother . Mamta Trivedi says I feel I am most blessed woman who have such a beautiful Mother and strong Husband .
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When My mother was diagnosed with cancer doctors had given her a maximum of 1 year in 2012. but Mamta total dedication and commitment towards her mother, Mamta Trivedi beautifully improved life span of her mother to more than 6 years.
Mamta Trivedi’s Mother Smt Yashoda Tripathi took her last breath , Mamta was with her as loving and caring daughter that every Woman should look up-to .
But Mamta Still feels that if her mother’s cancer would have been detected at earlier stage which unfortunately detected very late in the year 2015, Smt Yashodaji would have lived much longer.
Mrs India Family is always with Mamta Trivedi and her family , We pray for departed soul of Smt Yashoda Tripathi ji and bereaved family members to have strength to bear the big loss .


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