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Mrs India 2018 :

Mrs India is Trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd headed by Deepali Phadnis. Mrs India 2018 Registrations are in progress ,You can apply online ,Mrs India 2018 Auditions to start soon. Mrs India 2017 was a huge success with our Auditions across nation and the Mrs India Pageants for Zones and Mrs India Pageants for States . Winners of Mrs India Zonal and State participated in Mrs India 2017 National Grand Finale . Mrs India 2017 winners represented India on World’s premium beauty Pageants and made India Proud . Mrs India 2017 Won Mrs Asia International 2017 by both Mrs India 2017 and Classic Mrs India 2017 . While Mrs India 2017 Won Mrs Personality and Mrs Green Costume at Mrs Planet Pageant . You can be the next Mrs India 2018

Mrs India Contestants worked on Mrs India MyCityWoman , Mrs India Beauty with Heart

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Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Contestant is performing Classical Dance of India Kathak in Talent Round at Mrs India West 2017, Kathak is one of Eight Classical Dance forms of India . Kathak Dance form is is one of Art and Cultural Heritage of India which is now embraced Worldwide .We all Indians should be proud of it so does the Mrs India Pageants .

Kathak is origniated in Northen Part of India and literally means Story Telling ,the Kathak dance form emphasizes rhythmic foot movements, adorned with small bells (Ghungroo), and the movement harmonized to the music.

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Mrs India Contestant :

Mrs India 2017 Contestant is performing ShivStotra in Kathak Dance form in her Talent Round ,

Mrs India 2018 Pageant

Mrs India 2018 Pageant’s registrations are in progress you can apply online ,Auditions to start soon .You can be next Mrs India 2018 .

Mrs India Pageant believes Dancing any form is treat to soul as Dance is nothing but expression of Soul , Where Mind and Soul connects together to express though body movements. Regular Dancing not only keep us Physically active and fit but as well helps be happy and improves ways of expressions .Kathak is Cultural Gift to the World given by Ancient Indian Culture .

Today World embraces Indian Heritage an UNESCO has recognized Kathak Dance as one of World’s Heritage which every Indian Citizen should feel proud of .

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Regular practice of any dance form helps mental well being as well in turn reduces stress ,blood pressure and many other disorder .So watch beautiful Kathak Performance by Mrs India 2017 Contestant

About Mrs India :

“When Mrs India Celebrated Bathukamma , Festival of Flowers in Telangana”

Mrs India is TradeMark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd by Deepali Phadnis ,India’s one and only National Pageant for married woman hosted Mrs India West 2017 which was organized from 4th to 7th May 2017 at Radisson Blu, Kharadi, Pune. Beautiful Mrs India Contestants participated in Mrs India West 2017 the Pageant organized in two categories– Mrs India West 2017 for contestants below 40 and Classic Mrs India 2017 for contestants above 40 years.Winners participated in Mrs India 2017 Grand Finale as Mrs India 2017 Finalist 

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Mrs India West Talent Round 

Mrs India 2017 Winners : Click for Mrs India Winners 

Mrs India 2017 Photoshoot : Theme Purple Feathers

You Can Watch our Green Queen who is making difference .

Mrs India West 2017 – Talent Round 

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 Mrs India 2018 Auditions :

You can be the Next Mrs India 2018 registrations for Mrs India 2018 in progress apply now for Mrs India 2018 .Auditions for Mrs India 2018 to start soon .

Mrs India 2018 Auditions


Mrs India 2018 You Can be the Next Mrs India 2018. So do not hesitate go for it . Live your dream

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2018:

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2018


17 thoughts

  1. Its such a big platform for all married ladies through which they can show their talents. Thanks to Mrs phadnis who come up with such great idea. I too am very much inclined towards modelling from my very childhood. For me its a pride n honour for every ladies.

  2. The perfect platform for an Indian Married Woman to find her true identity in society other than being a daughter, sister, girlfriend, bestie, bride , daughter in law , wife , mother …etc
    The only platform that will open doors to the world for you

  3. It was grt show …. and feel proud that we Himachal film city were the part of ur show in Mrs India Himachal Pradesh 2017…
    Now We also feel double of proud …. becoz our 2 candidates from Himachal are the winners in classic category…..
    Conrats to whole team of Mrs. India and Thanks to Deepali phadnis mam…..
    All the best for 2018 events….

  4. Creating new dreams or making your old dreams come true, instilling confidence in you or enhancing your abilities, or simple… changing your life all together…that’s what MRS INDIA has done for me…from a normal home maker who hadn’t seen the outside world to a celibrity where the out side world now stands up to respect me…that’s what MRS INDIA has done for me…and none of this would have happened if madam deepali phadnis had not had the courage to bring this platform to us…for making that huge difference in our lives and giving us this new identity…we salute you mam…we will stand by you in helping you to do a lot more to our women.

  5. I personally attended the event and the amount of energy, enthusiasm and effort was amazing. Kudos to the organiser on bringing in these talents to light which definetly will improve the morale of the participants. It was good to see family members supporting the participants and it did surprise me to see fellow participants helping each other. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see the next event . Keep us posted !

  6. Mrs India is giving new wings to married women in society.. making them get their confidence back, giving them a new identity and a whole new world to explore.. a platform where these women can prove themselves and create difference in their lives.. the only trusted pageant for married women is MRS INDIA.. Being a part of this pageant I have learnt so many things and having a gallore of sweet memories to be cherished whole life !! Thank you so much DEEPALI PHADNIS MA’AM the national director of MRS INDIA for giving us this opportunity to prove ourselves !!

  7. I never dreamed that I would ever be able to participate in any of beauty pageants. I thought that glamour & beauty pageants are just a dream for a common housewife. My zealness to learn encouraged me to the local pageant & that lead me to state level.FURTHER victory at statelavel gave me a new direction.I was excited by thinking that now I have to go for Mrs India..a dream destination for every married women.
    Deepali Phandis..impressed me for her persistence towards women,her effort to provide married women a platform & gave them a new direction in life.She brought out role models from a simple housewife to the society.
    My journey at Mrs India & winning the title, the story is now well known to all. But I gained a lot from entire Mrs India team, the fellow contestants.. which has changed my life from a common women to a celebrity.
    This is just a beginning .. still miles to go. Not to win tiitles but to win hearts,to live for others. Not for mere to shoot photos for popularity but for me,fight for social justice,environment conservation & garbage contamination issues .
    That’s my new beginning… thanks Mrs India !!

  8. Dear Deepali Phadnis Ji.It’s a very good idea as well as a good platform for the married women… I salute your efforts and idea…. At same time I request you kindly do the same in Bhubaneswar for married women and Men…..if you need I may help you and your team….with regards Rusi Pattanaik

  9. For me, the entire journey of Mrs India, from registration to winning the crown,has been a life transforming experience. I registered with Mrs India because of its unique concept of making role models. It gave me a great platform to express and rediscover myself and to realize my full potential.
    With Mrs India, I could exhibit my talent, hone my skills, interact with inspirational women and understand the true meaning of beauty. The amount of love and respect I earned is overwhelming. By being part of Mrs India, I not only evolved as a better person but also got an opportunity to make a positive difference to the society.
    The greatest honour for any individual is to represent his or her country at the international level. Mrs India has bestowed upon me this rare honour.
    All this would not have been possible without the pioneering efforts of Mrs Deepali Phadnis. Thank you ma’am and wishing you many more successes with each passing year.

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