Mrs India 2018 2017 Prachi Agarwal Asia International on Mothers Day

Mrs India 2018 :

On this Mothers Day Mrs India 2018 thought of having Chit Chat with our Queens and Dotting Moms who are donning both the Hats with responsibility and pride . On mothers our Mrs India 2017 Winner  Prachi Agarwal who went ahead and represented India at Asia International 2017 and Won the title sharing her feelings being a Mother .

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Mrs India 2018 2019 Prachi Agarwal

Lets see what they have to say :

Mrs India Pageant : When you saw your child for first time?
Mrs India Winner :  Ohh My God how can I forget this It was midnight. I was lying on the labor bed ,after sometime nurse gave  most beatiful gift on Earth by Son to me . First touch of my Son was so magical and the Moment I saw him for the first time was most amazing moment of my life ,Till date I have a that vivid memory

Mrs India 2018 2019 Prachi Agarwal
Mrs India 2018 2017 Prachi Agarwal

Mrs India Pageant : What does it mean by being Mother to you?
Mrs India Winner– Being a mother is something very precious because its your rebirth .You start living a whole new life with all new aspects. A person can be termed wrong or right but a mother can never be wrong to her kids. whether rich or poor, be it a human’s or animal’s but a mother’s love is always the same for her childrens

Mrs India 2018 2019 Prachi Agarwal
Mrs India 2018 Prachi Agarwal

Mrs India Pageant :What you want your child to be?
Mrs India Winner – I want him to be a good human being first. I am with her whatever whichever profession he would like to pursues in his life. As a duty of being his mother I will make sure that whatever he chooses he should do with heart follow ethics and maintain good moral values in it .

Mrs India Pageant – What you do when your child is not around?
Mrs India Winner – Prachi replies with giggle ,Ok I pick my phone moment  he is not around me.The social media connectivity and the internet surfing is the thing I do only when he is not around because I don’t want him to grow watching us being technology slaves.

Mrs India 2018 2019 Prachi Agarwal

Mrs India Pageant :What is Favrite Dish that your child loves and how often you cook it?

Mrs India Winner  – My Son is just like me, He love anything cooked by me, He specially enjoys it if I am feeding him then it can be anything. I always make sure that cook fresh and nutritious meals for my Son and I cook daily for him . Trust me there is nothing satisfying than feeding my baby boy.

Mrs India 2018 2019 Prachi Agarwal
Mrs India 2017 2018 Prachi Agarwal

Mrs India Pageant.What makes you a proud mommy?
Mrs India Winner –  When I see my Son helping others or caring for his grandparents ,this really makes me feel proud of him.

Mrs India Pageant.What is that one habit about your child that bothers you and why ?
Mrs India Winner– He has never been an annoying kid. My Cute Little boy is bit Shy Guy for now and he really gets nervous whenever he meets new people or finds him conscious in public . Though he is too small to think about him still being a Mom in Public figure I would like to improvise in his social interaction but I will never impose it on him .

Mrs India 2018 2019 Prachi Agarwal
Mrs India 2018 Prachi Agarwal

Mrs India Pageant.If you can become a favourite character of cartoon for your child what that could be ?
Mrs India Winner – Prachi shouts with Single Loud word “Doremon” , Yeah Yeah Yeah ! ..Ohh My Goodness He loves Doroemon Cartoons and the  way to Doremon solve complicated problems in a funny and easier ways interest him so much . It will be really a great fun to become a Doremon and watch my son enjoying over it .

Mrs India Pageant.What is one thing that you always keep saying to your child
Mrs India Winner– I always remind him that an almighty power God is always with Us so you need not to fear of anything and at the same time he is always keeping an eye to the good and bad deeds done by you..

Mrs India 2018 2019 Prachi Agarwal
Mrs India 2017 Prachi Agarwal

Mrs India PageantOne thing that your child loves about you
Mrs India Winner –  I am blessed mother, My Son loves everything about me. Believe it or not even at this tender age he never forget to compliment me whenever I get ready for Public Appearance. My every attire is actually being approved by my Son. The way he claps on my Public speaking is my best compliments.

One particular thing my Son Loves about me is my Crown, He fondly addresses Me Mrs India I love you and Mrs Asia International I am proud of you ! There is nothing that encourages me than word of my Son.

Mrs India 2018 2019 Prachi Agarwal
“My Son Loves My Crown ,
He Fondly Addresses Me, Mrs India
I Love you
and My Mrs Asia International
I am Proud of you !”
– Prachi Agarwal, Mrs. India 2017

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