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Mrs India’s Fitness Secrets

Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane ,Well known for her commitments and giving 100% of efforts in everything she does ,Today Everyone is interested to know what’s the secret behind Queens Tireless attitude and everlasting  Stamina. While Mrs India is gearing for Mrs World to be hosted at South Korea on from October 26th till 4th November  ,Mrs India  thought we should not miss opportunity to take sneak peek of Queens Fitness Regime after all Queens Fans are Eager to know what keeps Queen of Mrs India so fit and furious   .

While Queen is busy following a tough schedule on Food and Fitness of course with dash of fun, Mohini spared sometime to share her Do’s and Don’ts about her Fitness


First thing that comes to your Mind Every Morning

Mrs India 2016 :Yes I Did it! I did it !! Yesssss !!!  WooooHoooo I have won Mrs India World 2016, Yesss I did what I always wanted to do, Aaahhaaa Wait “Picture Abhee Baki Hai “ Get up and Hit the Floor Mrs World is Next !

How you start Your day ?

Mrs India 2016 :Well I am addicted to Bed Tea, I cannot imagine my day without Cup of Piping Hot Tea. It’s like Steam of Hot tea Stimulates Good Vibes in me.

Do You Gym?

Mrs India 2016 :Yes I am Gym Rat.

Mrs India
Mrs India

You are Cardio Enthusiast or Weight training advocate?

Mrs India 2016 Balance is my Mantra,I try to keep equilibrium between Cardio and Weights. Cardio improves stamina and fills my lungs with Oxygen .Aerobic energy out of cardio improves blood circulation by rushing blood that brings Glow on my Chicks, while weight keeps me toned. So I divide my workout in 60/40 .60% of Aerobic Activity anything like Jogging, Dancing or Power walk and 40% of weight training.

On Busy day when you have no time for Gym?

Mohini Sharma Mane said I  simply switch on my Music System and start grooving for time I can manage with and I am done with two things at a time. I am recharged for my busy day and burned good Calories. Try it ,It really works .


Who is Your Fitness Inspiration?

Anyone like Desi Girl? Yes you are Right Priyanka Chopra is my Fitness Inspiration .I really admire the way she has maintained herself till date. She looks so perfect in all of her Action Movies be it Bollywood or Hollywood she has made it right with her Fit Body.

Any Fitness Fad till now?

Mrs India Laughs … Ohh You why did you ask me this Question? Ok well I went on Full Fad Fitness diet recently. Mumbaikar in me stormed on all the Delicacies of Ganapati Festival without a bit of guilt until my designer pointed on my bulge while trying my National Costume for Mrs World.

Moment she pointed this I paused my breathing and stopped eating meals since then. from that time till today I am on Fad Diet not eating Meals at all and doing all work outs as usual ,I know it so very wrong and I am damaging my health ,setting very wrong example but I am not able to help myself . I promise I will rectify it soon.

Mrs India
Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane

Anything you simply grab on Run?

Well I do it most of the time, Beauty of Mumbai is that this City serves food for everybody in their own style. I am pure vegetarian .Whenever I am in hurry I simply pick Bhel or Freshly Prepared Veg Sandwiches .Its Yummy and low Calorie food that keeps me filled for long.

Your Fitness Goal?

Now I am going to Mrs World, World Largest Beauty Pageant for Married Woman and no

doubts as I should have that perfect Body after all I will be competing with Beauties around the World in Bikini. For Europeans it’s no Big deal ,Indian Woman is Curvy and you know it’s really difficult to get that Flat perfect Bikini Body ,So Yes my Goal is Get that Bikini Body and Flaunt it .

I want to Flaunt Crop Tops, Low waste Jeans, Shorts and much more on my to do list Sighhhhhh…

Mrs India
Mrs India World 2016

One Snack you rejoice all the time?

Mrs India says ,Well I am very much on Quality than Quantity, Fortunately I am very finicky when it comes

on Snacking .Recently I developed a very healthy habit of snacking on Sprouts .Its high in protein, Minerals and Vitamins best part is it’s tasty and, Trust me I never get enough of Crunchy Sprouts.

One Fitness Friendly site of Your City everyone should visit?

Mrs India Without any second thoughts, I would like to welcome everyone to Nariman Point of Mumbai. Magnificent Sea facing stretch of Worli is just so perfect for Jogging, walking. One can keep walking for hours with beautiful Breeze from Sea.  Or simply seating on Footpath Wall of Worli watching Sea is like Meditation right in the Heart of Busiest City Mumbai. Next time in Mumbai? Don’t miss take Morning Walk here at Nariman Point.

Mrs India
Mrs India

One advice you have for Woman on Fitness.

Grab Slice for yourself first! To We all the Woman are juggling hard between Career and

Family ,to reach on every front be it family ,career  we keep ourselves on back foot .We dutifully cook for our family but never feed ourselves first ,we make sure everyone is relaxed at the cost of sound sleep for self . So much of stress and unhealthy eating around is causing Obesity .Biggest Heath Hazard Woman around the World is facing.

While Mrs India working on Cancer awareness, I met several patients, doctors and I came to realise that Obesity is one of major reason for Cancer today. So one advice to all beautiful ladies out there, Keep yourself at First. Take care of your health. Healthy Woman makes Healthy Nation!

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  1. Your very name ring bells in my ears as it reminds of Madhuri and her song ek do teen…..
    True, it is difficult to balance between family and professional lifestyle. Expectations galore, everywhere. Being a fitness freak is compulsion for a would be Mrs World as I see you next. A celebrity you are already but one needs to remember the shelf life.
    Wish I could serve you as your PR.

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