Mrs India 2017 Tripti Arwind

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Mrs India 2017 Tripti Arwind

Someone has said it right, Diamonds are girls best Friends. Yes that’s very true in fact our Queen Mrs India 2017 Winner Tripti Arvind says that my Friends are Diamonds who are Bright, Beautiful , valuable and most of all always in style .

Friends are Diamonds :

Recently Tripthi Arvind received heart Warming Homecoming by her friends who Celebrated her victory at Mrs India 2017 in most unique way.

Playful friends of Mrs India 2017 winner Tripti Arvind made a Beautiful Collage of her Journey at Mrs India 2017 which is but Snapshot that goes around her Beautiful face depicting spectacular Queens achievement.

This Queens Homecoming was Moment full of laughter, fun ,food ,flowers and off course Queen’s beautiful Friends and Celebration.

Few Snapshots of Queens Homecoming of Mrs India 2017

Mrs India Tripti Arvind 2018

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Mrs India with Beautiful Friends
Mrs India 2018 2017 2020 2019 (2)
Mrs India Tripti Arvind’s Collage
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Friends Forever

Tripti Arvind is from Bangalore Karnataka who participated in Mrs India Karnataka 2017 . Tripti Arivind is perceiving her PhD and she is Educationist by profession . Tripti is been in Modeling before marriage . During her reign Mrs India Winner will be working on Breast Cancer awareness . Mrs India 2017 winner is Yoga practitioner and fitness enthusiast .

3 thoughts

  1. trips… proud of you dear … you are very inspiring person and you have inspired us a lot … we are blessed to have such wonderful friend… may success always be your side may you have more achievements ……waiting for another big celebration !!!!!!!!!!

  2. My dear Tripti
    I feel so proud of you was happy to see your pics with your friends. any of your classmates in the group ? coz I can’t recognise anyone dear.
    lov and God bless.

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