Mrs India 2017 Semi Finalist Dr Duyu Meena Mudang

Mrs India 2017 Semi Finalist Dr Duyu Meena Mudang

Stylish ,Smart, Talented , well-spoken ,beautiful and very much committed to every endeavour she has taken in life  is what Dr Duyu Meena Mudang you would appreciate about her but wait that’s not all about this beauty from Rising State of India Arunachal Pradesh .

Dr Duyu Meena Mudang is perfect representation of today’s Indian Woman who is very contemporary at thinking yet very much proud of Indian Culture and Values. She never failed to express her commitment towards protecting Indian heritage and Indian values. She proudly represents beauty in diversity of Indian State Arunachal Pradesh.

Dr Duyu Meena Mudang just don’t say it but do it with her at most commitment, She is involved in many community services and working tirelessly to protect Indian Heritage sites .

So lets know what makes Dr Duyu Meena Mudang a Mrs India 2017 Semi Finalist

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Q.Mrs India – What Motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning ?

Mrs India Contestant– Being thankful to God for taking care of yesterday. Thanking God for the new day today and to take care of it too. With prayers to see another new day in form of tomorrow.

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2) Your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017.

Mrs India Contestant— Each and every moment throughout the journey of Mrs. India was memorable. Because it was the journey of my Dreams Transforming into Reality.

Right from the moment I saw the advertisement to filling up the form online, giving audition to being selected, the final 4 days at Delhi, meeting co-contestants from different states and exchanging and sharing our different background and culture, And finally the moment I was crowned.

Above all, most memorable moment for me was when I first met our Director Deepali Madam in reality and especially when she recognised me and gave a sweet smile and when I finally hugged her, which was my long desire.
And followed by meeting very smart and super energetic Pratibha Madam and sweetheart Jaz Madam and very sober Purnima Madam.
Each one of their persona emanating a kind of positive aura had really touched my heart deeply.

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3) If you can swap a role of one person from Family who that would be and why?

Mrs India Contestant— Definitely it has to be my Husband’s because in my entire life so far, I have not yet seen a better human being than him in any ways.
Who doesn’t have even an inch of ego or negative attitude.
Who always forgives and forgets about others mistakes.
Who is forever ready to help anyone anytime without expecting anything in return.
Who always deals even every worst situation with love and love only.
Who always counts and respects the good things of others and ignores their bad things.
His life’s greatest motto and desire is to be able to provide livelihood for the underprivileged ones.

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4) What do you do when you are not working ?

Mrs India Contestant– I love lying leisurely on bed with a good book in my hand and seeing my husband and kids playing around me. That moment is just heavenly😃😍

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5) How would you describe Yourself in one Word ? And Why ?

Mrs India Contestant– I’ll describe myself in one word as “EARTH”.
Mother Earth beautifully and exactly defines and describes who I am because the fertility, productivity, beauty and my essence as a whole is reflected outwardly as what the World sees as who, why, what and where I am. But to nurture, nourish and balance these things to maintain it’s equilibrium, deep down inside there’s a vast untold, untouchable, unreachable, unreasonable and unsolved mysteries and facts lying within, which when digged out will unfold an entirely different world of reality existing there.

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6) Who inspires you and why ?

Mrs India Contestant– Many great personalities inspires me in many different ways but my parents INSPIRES me to the highest. Because of
Their Tolerance towards the injustices done to them,
Their Patience and Perseverance to wait for a good better days in their life,
Their Positive Attitude toward Life by gracefully accepting whatever worst circumstances came in their life.
Their Faith in we children which gave us the Freedom and Liberty to choose our path and forge ahead in our lives with our own choices.

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7) What is your favorite Quote and why ?

Mrs India Contestant– Whatever happens it happens for the best and better. So, live and love the moment.
Because everything has got it’s own Season and Reason.
We cannot Rewind and Erase the Past,
Neither can we Stop and Withheld the Future,
Nor can we Pause the Present.
We only have the Moment for us Now.

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8) What is Your Favorite Outfit ?

Mrs India Contestant– Anything that fits to the occasions and I’m comfortable with.
I don’t carry any outfit, I just let the outfit carry me.

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9) If you want to go on Vacation what would be your plan?

Mrs India Contestant– Basic things like confirmed travelling tickets, map of planned place, advance lodging arrangements, sufficient Cash and Cards, clothes and toiletries as per the requirements of the destination place, minimum first aid, dry fruits.

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10) What is your spiritual practice?

Mrs India Contestant– Reading spiritual books like Holy Bible, Bhagwad Geeta, Gautham Budha.

Going to spiritual places like Church, Mandirs and Buddhist monastery.

Attending classes of The Art Of Living, Yoga and Meditation.

Daily Prayers at Home with Families

So lets know Mrs India’s Queen in her own words and what makes her Mrs India 2017 Semifinalist .

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