Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat Celebrates Go Green Day

Mrs India 2017

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Mrs India 2017 winner Rinku Bhakat Celebrates Go Green Day with Little Wings School at Ranchi ,Jharkhand .As rightly said Children’s are the future of Nation, there is not better investment than

in-lighting the minds of Children’s.

As a responsible citizen of Mother Earth if we care for our environment and should have a vision for Future of our Nation than there cannot be any better vision than recognizing and making today’s School children aware about environment, ensconce a deep affection towards mother earth.

Mrs India 2018 Winner 2017

This time Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat went to school with Go Green Message, as Queen believes that our Children’s are biggest resource of our Nation, they are our Hope and they are going to be the one who will make our vision to reality. What they need is little attention, awareness and constant feel of belonging towards Mother Nature.

Mrs India 2017 the Green Statement :

Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat made a Go Green Statement by simply wearing Green Tassar Silk that itself shows brilliant mind our Queen as Natural Fabric made-up of Tassar is not only Skin Friendly but environment friendly too.

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Mrs India 2017’s Warm Welcome

Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat received a very heart-warming welcome by School where Queen Celebrated Go Green Day with School Children where Queen interacted with Children’s, explained importance of preserving our Natural resources and made them realize that though they are sweet littlr  angels how important are they for us .

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School childres very so happy to see Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat at their school, there was a vibrant energy at school where children really enjoyed present of Queen.

Mrs India 2018 Winner 2017

Mrs India 2017 Plants Sapling

Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku planted a Sapling to initiate this Go Green drive and Celebrate Green Day at School. During this event Mrs India winner Rinku Bhakat gave small advices to school children’s that will initiate love and care towards Mother Earth.

  1. Plant a Tree on Yours birthday as well as for One tree on Birthday of every Family Member
  2. Give a Tree on as gift on special occasions such as Birth Day
  3. If any tree is being cut, Plant three more trees
  4. Never keep tap of water running, if you see so immediately get it closed
  5. Never litter around and if anybody else do it suggest them not to do

Well these small things are certainly going to make big difference on innocent minds of School children. Mrs India Rinku Bhakat certainly is a message and we at Mrs India Pageants are proud of our Queen .

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