Mrs India 2017 Mamta Trivedi on Kargil Divas

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Mrs India 2017 – Kargil Divas

Mrs India Kargil Vijay Diwas

Lest we forget a Tribute to our Brave solders who gave supreme sacrifice for our Nation .

On Kargil  Vijay Divas Our Beautiful Classic Mrs India Winner Mamta Trivedi have one very Beautiful thought

“Dear Soldier, How you gave your life, for those you never knew”

Mrs India Winner Mamta Trivedi Feels that of all the stories that are told, this shall be told of yours .

This article is by our Classic Mrs India 2017 Winner Mamta Trivedi and she writes about Kargil War and Kargil Vijay Divas

Mrs India Kargil Diwa

Kargil Divas :

Today is Kargil Vijay Diwas 18 years ago, exactly on this date, the brave Indian soldiers took control of the high outposts lost to Pakistan, after a gruelling battle that lasted for more than 60 days and cost the nation the lives of 527 Indian Armed Forces.

How many names of these 527 “Shaheeds” do we remember, or have cared to know? How many stories have been told to you and me, and how many names, forget the stories, have we cared to know?

We have taken our freedom for granted. We complain about the food we eat and the conditions we live in, of potholes on roads, of air conditioners not working because of power cuts and about the poor service in restaurants. None of it is wrong and we are probably on the right side if we complain of these issues. However, in all our daily “struggles”, do we have the time or the thought for the unsung hero?

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What Mrs India Mamta Trivedi feels as a Queen what we can do ?

Mamta Trivedi feels Can we find out how many of these 527 soldiers belonged to our city/ Town? Can we check the status of their family after 18 years of their sacrifice? Do they still feel proud that the person sacrificed his life for the country or do they feel that it was a life lost in vain? How are they doing financially? Is there anything that we can do either individually or collectively to make them feel that the country and its people have not forgotten the sacrifice and that they will forever be grateful for the brave efforts of the martyr?

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Mrs India Mamta Trivedi makes sure she brings her thought to reality !

This issue had been playing in my mind for the last few days.  I tried to find the details of the martyrs from Hyderabad through the internet. I came across the name of Major Padmaphani Acharya. Blurred memories of newspapers covering details of the war, his role and about his family members flashed in my mind. I searched further on the net for more details.

I am sharing the link of a story carried about 2 years ago on his sacrifices and how his family has coped since then.

Mrs India 2018 on Mahavir Chakra Winner Major PadmaPhani Acharya

I have still not been able to find his address. I would like to reach out to his family and personally thank them, make them feel proud that the nation still remembers its brave son.  I do not know whether I would be successful or will I lose my will to reach out to them. However, on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Divas, the least I could do was to share my thoughts with you all. I do hope my respect and gratitude reaches the loved ones of Mahavir Chakra Winner Major PadmaPhani Acharya. I sincerely salute the “Amar” son of India, his resilient family and our great nation, for which so many lives were sacrificed.

Mahavir Chakra PadmaPhani Acharya ‘s Family

Mahavir Chakra Winner Major PadmaPhani Acharya

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Jai Hind ! Jai Hind Sena !

Mrs India 2017 Winner Mamta Trivedi Pays Tribute on Kargil Divas




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