Mrs India 2017 contestants Anshu Mishra

Mrs India 2017 Contestant Anshu Mishra

Very Positive ,Humble and beautiful face with smile is what Anshu Pathak always been seen as never been stressed even with rigorous training schedules , Anshu Pathak is Mrs India 2017’s Semi finalist from North Edition . Let know more about the Queen and how she is in Day to Day life .

Mrs India 2017 contestant

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Mrs India 2017 : What Motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning ?

Anshu Mishra:I strongly believe that we are lucky to have been born as humans so one must definitely make the most of it and should feel self content by the end of the day that a day well spent, that one more day is lived and not wasted.
Every morning, the challenge to keep myself fit and healthy, the challenge to ensure my kid has wholesome meal, the responsibility of being an equal contributor in running the house while efficiently handling challenges at workplace are some of the major yet daily tasks that motivates me and pushesmotivates me and pushes me out of the bed.

Mrs India 2017 contestant :

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Mrs India 2017 :Your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017

Anshu Mishra: I am just not able to pick one special or memorable moment as the entire journey has been so memorable and would be cherished throughout my life, something that I would be proudly sharing with my kid when he’s grown up. From wearing sash of Mrs. India Semifinalist to dancing on the stage and to winning the subtitle for Mrs. India Graceful 2017, each moment holds a special place în my heart. The entire team of Mrs India was  so generous and humble that I felt like at home away from home but where I was a kid, a student and living my childhood dreams.

Mrs India 2017 contestant

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Mrs India 2017 :If you can be swap a role of one person from Family who that would be and why?

Anshu Mishra: We at home, just the three of us, my husband, my 3 year old boy, do not believe in playing fixed roles.We keep interchanging and play each others role. Its really funny but sometimes I become the kid and the rest two behave like my guardians. At time my husband like a trained mother is cooking, serving, getting my kid ready for school. And most funniest when our kid treats us like a kid and he becomes a strict teacher and starts teaching. Hence I think swapping of roles prevail even though there isn’t any actual swapping.

Mrs India 2017 contestant

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Mrs India 2017 :What do you do when you are not working ?

Anshu Mishra:I usually do not get much idle time to spend because of my quite off work schedules. Hence the very little time that I get is spent dancing, playing or doing some art and craft with him. At times it may just be sipping coffee with my husband while we just chit chat and talk our heart out. This really gives some peace to my mind and soul. Additionally Small things which gives me immense happiness is when I teach underprivileged kids. I have also been part of few adult literacy programs.

Mrs India 2017 contestant

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Mrs India 2017 :How would you describe Yourself in one Word ? And Why ?

Anshu Mishra :Explorer.,Yes and that’s what actually my close ones describe me as and to which I would certainly agree as I love to explore my desires.Be it anything from adventurous desires like paragliding, cliff jumping, rafting, rowing or childhood desires like being a part of any prestigious beauty pageant, I have explored all and will continue to do so for all my other desires.

Mrs India 2017 contestant

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Mrs India 2017 :Who inspires you and why ?

Anshu Mishra :Two people who really inspire me are my Mom and my Grandfather.
Mom because she has taught me how to be a good human being, honest, repect elders and how she has been an amazing daughter to her mother especially during her mom’s old age day really inspires me.
Second my Grandfather, since he has taught us how to be the toughest person in the worst of situation, importance of self respect and being self dependent whether you are a girl or a boy, married or unmarried.And most importantly he completely disregards the Dowry Practice.

Mrs India 2017 contestant

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Mrs India 2017 :What is your favorite Quote and why ?

Anshu Mishra :Life should be big and not long and that you should live your dream and not die with it.
Because I strongly believe that we all have one life and that whatever we dream of, at least maximum of them should be lived.

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Mrs India 2017 :What is Your Favorite Outfit ?

Anshu Mishra :Usually I can carry any outfit well, however my favorite would be denims and any smart check shirt.

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Mrs India 2017 contestant

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Mrs India 2017 :If your want to go on Vacation what would be your plan

Anshu Mishra :I have a pretty long list for vacation, from Maldives to Andaman, from Venice to Vizag, from Cape town to Kanyakumari. So actually I love traveling and love vacaying but the irony is that I hardly get time.

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Mrs India 2017 :What is your spiritual practice

For spiritual practice, I follow Buddhism. I do chanting, daimoku practice and swear by it.

Wow so that’s Mrs India 2017’s Beautiful Semifinalist for you ,Mrs India is blessed to have such a Beautiful ladies as Mrs India 2017 contestants Contestants ,We will you a all the very best .

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Who is Mrs India 2017 Winner ?

Well Mrs India 2017 is Scheduled in Late June 2017 , Where all Regional and Zonal winners will participate as Mrs India Finalist .So wait and watch Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman winning the Crown of Mrs India 2017.

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