Mrs India Combating Gender Inequalities

Mrs India Combating Gender Inequalities !

What is the difference between Yesterday Woman and Today’s Woman?
Well we would like to speak about bright side , Today’s Woman is recognized as individual who have her own identity ,she is not dependent or confined within four walls .Today’s Woman have opportunity to make choices on own and lead life from front .Today’s Woman is not only independent but she major influencing factor in changing the society we live in . Woman is always been aspiration and inspirational factor but today she can realize these aspiration while yesterday’s Woman didn’t have window to look out for her dreams .

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Mrs India’s views on Gender Equality .

Open-hearted Change in Indian Society!

Today’s World is accepting Woman’s contribution in development, Her abilities are believed to be as equal to Men .It is now accepted that Woman should be given an equal opportunity as Men .We agree that change is not enormous but on positive note there is a change and it’s going to take a while to change things completely . Few Woman out there are still struggling for existence but difference is that today she have voice and support which yesterday’s woman did not have . Let us accept we all still a have long way to neutralize gender inequality but Good News is “Together We Can”
We all should stop blaming Indian Values first!

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Indian Woman have always been there 

History is a proof that World have prejudice and discriminated Woman in each and every strata of society all across the Globe, not only India .What is the difference in Indian Values? Indians Values Welcomes the change and Today’s Indian society is open to accommodate the progress and recognizes Woman’s individuality.

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Let’s not forget India, Largest Democracy of the World, elected Woman Prime Minister

Indira Gandhi way back in 1966 and headed Indian Government for 11 Years, while Woman in rest of the World is still struggling for their existence.

Mrs India 2017 IndWorld’s Most Powerful Corporate Woman Indira Noyi comes from Indian Origin who proved that if Woman is given equal opportunities she can outshine better in her career in fact sometimes better than men cannot do.

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Late Kalpana Chawala became first Indian Woman to go to space, still today she inspires millions of children’s across the Globe.

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Kiran Bedi broke the stereo types of Muscle power when she became first Indian IPS officer in well her struggle story is not a secret but what inspires is she fought all odds and remained grounded. She is one of most Celebrated Woman and respected in India.

We can never forget to mention Rani Laxmibai of Zansi, Who was leading force of first Indian Freedom fight in 1857. Rani Laxmi Bai proved emotional strength of Woman as well as leadership qualities of Woman. She is symbol of Woman’s strength, Motherhood. Rani has set an example that Woman is equally capable to protect Heritage as that of men.

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“Mrs India agrees that all Woman above must have gone through their own share of struggle and challenges, but end of the day they emerged as winners, the leaders from Indian Origin with Indian Values ,this means our society is not as rigid as we think .If we woman take a control our society is open to accommodate a change .”

When they did it Long Back, Why Todays Woman is still struggling?

If you take a closer look of all successful Woman listed above, all are in their late Fifties, While Rani Laxmibai is Exceptional leader is from two centuries back. When these Ladies achieved tremendous success in tough situation and challenging environments why Today’s woman is still struggling?

Well Answer is Gender inequalities! Or Simple Gender discrimination.

We are born and brought up with such an ease in prejudice that bigotry is accepted without any single thought. We never realize that We Woman ourselves are exploiting our own capabilities under the name of multitasking, we Woman ourselves are doing injustice with our Talent .We woman ourselves are closing doors on opportunities.
Worst part is Woman is been psychologically prepared to feel content on making sacrifices for society, family. Most of times these sacrifices comes with compulsion so will never be acknowledged.
Expectations from Woman are very high , every woman irrespective to her individuals abilities expected to be a “Super Woman” on other hand this Super Woman should not make choices on Own but only contribution which most of times society failed to recognize.

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Domestic Gender Inequality is bigger Concern !

Today most of Wedding Matching emphasize Woman to be Working Woman, Most of the time hidden reason Double Income for family that helps to make life more comfortable in soaring inflation and growing day to day needs (this is generic point of view of Mrs India).

“Working woman certainly reduces financial burden from family but sometimes Families forget to reduce burden of responsibility of Home maker on Working Woman.”

Domestic work is prominently gender based activity where woman supposed to take control of work while domestic work for Men is Taboo, which is sure sign of hypocrisy. This hypocritical mentality comes from Gender inequalities that are deeply rooted in all of us that refuses to accept when Woman is working equal to men at Work place Why Men cannot work Equal to Woman at Home?

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Respect your Individuality not only being Independent!

Well who is victim of this Gender inequalities? Outsource a Woman ,then why Woman is hesitant to take control? Because Woman herself is trained to think its ok for Woman to overwork and never complain about it . Well how much Working Woman Over work than that of Men?

Statics about Working Woman

  • Working Woman works almost double to Men
    Working Woman Works 17.9 Hours per Day while Men works for 9 Hours on average ,so Woman almost works double of Men do , isn’t it exploitation ?
  • Indian Woman is Most Stressed and Needs to Relax!
    Nielsen survey of 6,500 women across 21 different nations, Indian women are the most stressed in the world today. An overwhelming 87% of Indian women said they felt stressed most of the time, and 82% reported that they had no time to relax.
    This unfortunate situation is again a outcome of gender inequalities where working woman should forget how much she worked at Workplace and resume all her responsibilities of Home maker moment she reaches home.
  • Working Woman’s Health is deteriorated!
    Working Woman have less time for herself ,All the stress and strain working woman goes through takes toll on her health naturally, Today Working woman is suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and diseases and disorders related to stress.

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Again No time for herself comes from Gender bias where woman is expected to take care of family first, which is fine but why she shouldn’t have time for herself? It should be a Family on whole and not only Woman.
We at Mrs India, believes in gender equality and will take every effort to combat gender inequalities for stronger nation and healthy society where everybody have equal opportunities to excel in life and everybody can realize their dreams without any hesitation or burden.

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Mrs India believes Combating gender inequalities is Woman’s struggle but its starts with all of us, its starts with every Men and Woman out there. Let’s make India free from gender inequalities so that our coming generations can have equal opportunities to outshine in life be it Men or Woman. Mrs India combating Gender Inequalities.

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