Mrs India 2017 2018 Winner Rinku Bhakat

Mrs India 2018 :

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Mrs India 2017 Winner ‘s on Kargil Day

Classic Mrs India 2017 Mrs Rinku Bhakat who is proud Army wife who know what it takes to be a Soldier who serves Nation and does highest Sacrifice . Mrs Rinku Bhakat understands difficulties Indian Army live in to protect us and our National Boundaries ,She decided that on 26th July, which is an eve of Kargil Vijay Diwas, she will reach Indian Army living at most difficult post and encourage then and appreciate their love and responsibility for Nation .Classic Mrs India 2017 Mrs Rinku Bhakat addressed and honored the Indian Army Soldiers for their bravery and never ending spirit to fight for their Motherland.

Mrs India 2018 Rinku Bhakat

Mrs India Says Never Forget the Sacrifices the Made

Classic Mrs India 2017 Mrs Rinku Bhakat made us remember the sacrifices given by the soldiers to guard our country. She says when soldiers achieve martyrdom during their service for nation, they are remembered for a time, but after a period of time, they are forgotten. We should never forget that, “They give their today for our tomorrow”.

Classic Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat

Mrs India 2018 2017

Mrs India Winner of Heart

As a Proud Army wife of serving Indian Army Officer and being the chairman of Defence Women Welfare Association, Mrs Rinku Bhakat gives her persistent and diligence support to the families of Indian soldiers. She says that she tries to help those families in every possible ways with their daily based problems and their financial crisis. Classic Mrs India 2017 Mrs Rinku Bhakat is professionally an advocate and thus even support the families from this aspect too.

Mrs India 2017 Extends Helping hand

Mrs India 2018 Pageant

Mrs India Beauty With Heart

Basically, Mrs Rinku Bhakat gives help and support to those women who are wives of late Indian soldiers who have sacrificed their lives during fights by teaching them the art of Madhubani paintings and making crafts out of waste materials and showcase these in exhibitions so that she can provide an earning to these women. By doing these things she not only lightens up their life but also inspires them to rise up.

Mrs India 2018 Contest

On the occasion of kargil Vijay Diwas, she visited the Army camp and even discussed the problems and hardships which the Indian soldier and their families face.

She gave tribute to those soldiers who have sacrificed their life and achieved martyrdom in retaliating and counter foiling the attacks of external enemies who are encroaching our borders.


Mrs India 2018

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