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Mrs India -Adventure Diva 2016

Re posting an Old article from Mrs India 2016 Contestants Inspirational stories campaign .

Article is about Mrs India 2016 Contestant Lekshmi Gopinathan who is winner of Subtitle Mrs India Adventure Diva 2016 and now one of our Directors .Hope you Enjoy the adventures story of Queen of Mrs India .

When Voyager turns Queen , Adventures is just not Hobby for her ,she is all set to Mrs IndiaConnect World with Indian Art
Here Comes Lekshmi Gopinathan Mrs India 2016 finalist …

Mrs India Contestant Laxmi says Every once in a while, a stranger comes up to me during my journey and asks me this question, what do you do for a living? I smile and I tell him that I am trying to change this world, one life at a time and that’s what my life is about. It leaves many perturbed but a dialogue follows and they sort of understand my life’s yatra. As a growing girl I dropped out of medical school when I was young, I pursued journalism, produced documentaries for national television, worked for wildlife conservation, became an entrepreneur and landed where I am today, with Kalayatra, my baby step at changing this world, an attempt to bring the closeted art and handicraft treasure of India to the forefront, to stop it from being lost.

Mrs India a Voyager

Mrs India says To live life to the fullest, to do good, to spread love like sunshine, these are the true lessons I have learn. Twenty nine years of my life have been nothing short of what I call an adventure, born and brought up in various states of India, I realized that home is everywhere and this made me what I am today- a traveler. Mrs India winner I travel extensively across India, I backpack and the contentment I experience is beyond compare. Marriage to the love of my life of ten years was a fabulous decision but it also brought numerous changes in my life, after all I had married a sailor. It’s not easy to lead a life where you are away from your beloved for more than 80% of the year, but I guess sometimes all it matters is faith and trust in the relationship and love. We are getting there, together.

Mrs India 2016 was televised on National TV Channel .

Mrs India
Lekshmi Gopinathan

Mrs India 2016 Contesant :

Mrs India 2016 Finalist says that I have had my wow moments, be it when I did a sting operation with a national news channel to combat tiger poaching or when I took up investigative journalism to crack down on a child trade racket, while I went deep into the forests to work with the snakes, when I trekked in Nepal, climbed rocks or when I decided to embrace the writer in me and start penning down my book for children, it has all made me stronger and richer with knowledge. I do all of these and I dance, I act and I sing, isn’t that’s what life is all about? Being merry, happy and spreading good energy and love. I think am blessed that am bang on, my life is my best adventure. All that matters in this lifetime is purity of heart and good karma, the energy we pass on to this universe.Mrs India Pageant 

Mrs India
Lekshmi Rocking



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