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Mrs India – An Incredible Journey !

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Mrs India 2015 Winner

Doe Eyes and Goddess like face is what you notice moment you see Mrs India 2015 Nupur Saigal who hales from scenic Shilong known as Scotland of North East. When you will start interacting with her you will see a very Elegant Woman who carries herself with utmost pride and style.

More than winning a Mrs India Pageant biggest achievement of Mrs India Nupur Saigal was breaking stereotypes about Conventional Beauty Standards set that underestimates inner beauty and talent that comes in exhibits beauty in various means. Mrs Nupur is not very tall yet she won Mrs India 2015 and went ahead to represent India at Mrs Asia International 2015 hosted at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Where she won main title of Mrs Asia International 2015, with her winning she proved that what it takes is determination and hard work to live your dream. When one decides to hit the goal no one can stop you from reaching where you want to be.

Mrs Nupur Saigal is just not a only Beautiful face but talented Singer who loves to sing Western Style ,she delighted audience of Mrs India 2016 with her sparking performance that left audience speechless ,she know how to rule the stage with her elegant presence and stunning voice that makes her  different person all together .                                                                                         Nupur is born Bengali married to Punjabi in very Bollywood style love story at very young age, Couple is living happily ever after in Shillong with picture perfect Family. Nupur is mother of two who makes sure that before taking any endeavor she is serving duty of being mother first .She do not mind dropping important work if her kids need her to be with them.

Mrs India 2017 23
Mrs India 2015 Nupur Saigal on TV Interview

Mrs Nupur Saigal lived her reign to the fullest, during her reign at Mrs India she visited many places and promoted Tourism of North East .Recently passed on her Crown to New Queen of

Mrs India 2016 at Chennai National Grand Finale of Mrs India 2016 .However as we all know reign of Mrs India Queens never ends as She say Mrs India, I am Woman Eternally Beautiful!

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Mrs India 2015’s walk on Mrs India 2016 Grand Finale

From Queen to Making Queens.

Nupur always did have that spark in her eyes that was searching for right platform to explore her Talent, then she came to know about Mrs India’s Beauty in Diversity theme that truly believes Every Woman is Beautiful and Every Woman should feel beautiful about herself   . There after Nupur could not wait to live her dreams and decided to try her luck at Mrs India. Her journey started with regional auditions, Won Mrs India 2015 and Mrs Asia International 2015 consecutively. Nupur Saigal became the first lady from North East to win National and International Pageant in one year.

Mrs India
Nupur Saigal Performing at Mrs India at 2016

When Nupur discovered her real self she could not simply Don a Crown of Being Beauty Queen but decided to give a platform of all North East ladies to showcase their Beauty, Talent, Glamour and Culture that celebrates Beauty In Diversity as we all know Indian Beauty is diverse yet Unique .When Nupur Saigal decides no one can stop her from reaching her goal.

Mrs India 2017 5
Mrs India 2015 and Mrs Asia International 2015

Nupur Saigal decided to continue her journey with Mrs India so Beauty Queen turned regional director of Mrs India. After all who else can find the best of North East than a Lady who herself represented a Region so beautifully that made her Queen?  So this time Nupur added Five Stars to Mrs India 2016 with her very talented and beautiful Contestant from North East under her regional directorship of Mrs India.

Perfectionist makes it perfect even at first time, well what makes Nupur stand tall out of crowd is her perfection and preparation before taking any endeavour, she not only represented North East but bloomed Mrs India Pageant with North Eastern Beauty and successfully Bagged winner of Mrs India 2016 who represented India at Mrs Asia International and won the Pageant under Pageant coaching and Pageant grooming of Nupur Saigal.

Mrs India, We are Family!

Well at Mrs India we don’t look for Models we Make Role Models © ,Certainly Mrs Nupur Saigal is role models for millions of Woman across the World who never gives up on herself and dares to live her dreams ,One who can go out to challenge the odds and comes home Victorious .

One who just cannot be Happy with winning but love to rejoice success to eternity .We at Mrs India are very proud of our Queen Mrs Nupur Saigal. Mrs India wish you all the love and luck for your future endeavor.

Mrs India, I am Woman Eternally Beautiful!!!


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