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“Life has No Replays ,No Rewinds , Life Goes so Fast Nothing Changed but When You Look Back Everything is Changed .”..

We Live #Life once  … Live it to Fullest Do not Settle for it
Here Comes Mrs Chhavi Sharma from Bangalore represents a Beautiful Family Mother 13247798_903932503048889_563189902132260556_oof Beauty Queen and A Proud Army Wife and here is Her Story …

It seems like only yesterday when I was just a precious little doll to my parents. Today when I proudly hold the title of Ms. India Karnataka, 2016, I realize how fast time flies. Looking back at the days of my life, I remember how each person and each moment up to my crowning second has contributed to my life and made me what I am today.

Mrs India
Mr & Mrs Sharma ..Made for Each other !

have always been a very hardworking and focused person with a strong will and a never ending perseverance and am always open and keen to learning and facing new challenges and experiences. I feel so humbled to have made my parents proud on various occasions. Be it my gold medal in my M.Sc. statistics, my Prabhakar in #kathak, me becoming a life skills trainer or being a good hearted human being in general.

And then came the blessed day when I was honored to wed an Army Officer, my husband, Lt. Col. S.K. Sharma. It was after that, that I felt the pride in being called an Army Officer’s wife. My blissful 22 years of marriage have changed me as a person for the better. Mostly, by changing my perspective towards life to that of a positive one. God has been rather generous when it came to blessing me.
I have two beautiful children. My 20 year old daughter, Nikita, who was given the title of

Mrs India
Miss Nikita Sharma Winner of Miss Vivacious title

“Miss Vivacious 2016”, at India’s No 1 and Leading Beauty Pageant . And my 15 year old son, Sankalp, who is the recipient of “The Akhil Uday Award” for extraordinary contribution to the society and setting an example for others to follow.
And just about 2-3 years back, one fine day, my daughter encouraged me to train in life skills. Because of her constant support, I eventually became a successful life skills trainer. And all because of that, I could make my name, #Chhavi, exist as an independent identity. And I feel this every time I’m invited to reputed colleges/institutes to deliver various talks.

I feel there has been a role reversal of sorts and life has come to a full circle. Until

Mrs India
Proud Parents of Mrs Chhavi Sharma !

yesterday, my daughter, who I took care of completely, is now taking care of me and inspiring me to help me discover my identity. When I enrolled myself for the Mrs. India Karnataka, 2016, my younger one motivated and encouraged me so much to give it my best shot and helped me with all the work. And then, as per the chain of events, I was crowned the Mrs. India Karnataka, 2016. Another feather was added in my hat on that momentous evening.

My story would be incomplete without mentioning the pillar of my strength and my constant source of support. My loving husband, Lt. Col. S.K. Sharma, from whom I learnt that patience is indeed a virtue. He is an army officer with an extremely strong character and a very soft behavior. Which I would say is a deadly combination in the same person. A combination that makes me feel blessed that he is my man.
I look forward to see what the future holds for me. And I am always ready to put my heart and soul into whatever I do.

I feel that sometimes we search too hard for answers that are right in front of us. We look for years for the key to a door that has always been open. It is my family that gives me the sight and the wisdom to seize every opportunity and put my best foot forward each time. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Mrs India
Mrs Chhavi Sharma representing Al Gore for Climate Reality Project !


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