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Format : Originally recorded on 4 sound tape Escorts in Bronx New York NY in. Reformatted in as 11 digital wav files. Duration is 8 hrs. Summary : An interview of Porter A. McCray conducted Sept. These interviews are part of the Archives of American Art Oral History Program, started in to document the history of the visual arts in the United States, primarily through interviews with artists, historians, dealers, critics and others.

Funding for the transcription of this interview provided by the Smithsonian Institution's Women's Committee. The following oral history transcript is the result of a tape-recorded interview with Porter McCray on September 1, Funding for the transcription of this interview provided by the Smithsoinian Institution's Women's Committee.

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The reader should bear in mind that he or she is reading a transcript of spoken, rather than written, prose. Why don't we start at the beginning? You were born in West Escort services Bellevue in, in Clarksburg. Now did you -- just give me some rough family background. Was the family there a long time?

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Are there brothers and sisters? You lived there a long time? They lived in Virginia, but Mother had gone home to have her baby with her mother. And we moved at that point to a town nearby called Staunton, spelled Staunton, Virginia, where there are a of schools and colleges just nearby, the University of Virginia and Washington Lee and VMI and a of prep schools in the area. As a matter of fact, the Episcopal church there was the site of the meeting of the House of Burgesses from Richmond when it was run out of Richmond when Angeles Henry was the governor of Virginia.

And it's country also where there have been a few Jefferson houses done, people who were sort of friends with Jefferson when. At the time, he was in Charlottesville, which is only like 28 miles away. And it is primarily a town of schools, really, the Lyceum Mccray Finishing School for girls, Stuart Hall, Los there, one of the early women's seminaries, Mary Baldwin Seminary, now a flourishing women's college, Presbyterian college, was there.

And there was, for a long time, the Staunton Military Academy, which has since ceased to Escort in Mobile angles. But who lived for a while with me here in New York. McCRAY: As far as my career was concerned, certainly, the -- I think it is quite important Nyc me escort realize what the southern town Exclusive escorts in Corona this was -- after all, I was Trisha Los Angeles escort inand the South was still -- even Virginia, which was more prosperous than some of the deep South, was still existing on a very low economic level.

And in a town that size, for example, Staunton was the capital of the largest county in the state, which was primarily an agricultural -- rather prosperous agricultural and apple and peach-growing region, and had a certain economic escort to it.

So Frederick MD brazilian escorts was a predominantly white town.

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Of course, there was segregation in education in those days there. And however, the town was -- seemed Mature escort in Lubbock TX -- reasonably well adjusted and the cultural opportunities of the town were very limited. There was a public library, a Carnegie library, there were -- the benefits of these colleges and university, you occasionally had visiting lecturers sometimes on cultural subjects.

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And who had schools of music and there were concerts and things of that sort. McCRAY: Well, you know, everybody -- not everybody but a good many people Nude San Juan escorts the victrolas and they had McCRAY: -- a certain of recordings, classical ones usually, and also popular ones.

There was very little actual -- there was a -- from time to time, it didn't have a continuous life, but there was a Tryst Wayne MI escorts theater organization, which did plays and which sometimes attempted rather extravagant things, not too well produced. There was a small group of people who were responsive to this kind of thing.

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The library was noticeably lacking in any kind of very rich representation of architectural literature. The town had some really quite beautiful Greek revival and Federal buildings in it. It had been this town chosen by the state to accommodate the fist asylum for the insane and the first institute for the deaf and blind. And the buildings that were done were very handsome sort of Greek Doric buildings.

Louisiana prostitution arrests the level of architecture was relatively good. 40 year old women escort in Boise Baldwin had some handsome old houses with which it started, private houses, of rather bold character in Tuscan revival and there was one Jefferson house in the town.

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And by then, there had been some rather interesting even sort of Swiss gothic revival little houses that people who had traveled had brought back. The influence of Davis was felt a little bit back then in some of the building there. There was a house built, for example, on the highest hill in the town about by the grand nephew of President Lincoln NE cheap incall escorts who had shortly afterward moved allegedly to be the private surgeon to Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee later when he went to be the president of Washington College and later Washington and Lee.

Charlottesville had the Southern Railway. Waynesboro had the Northwestern, so the spot was chosen primarily so Belle Cincinnati Oh jour escort the And he remained in Staunton as long as he lived, and inaugurated of course some very ificant things in the training, particularly, of teachers for both black and white. They were interested especially in setting up a system of black It was quite interesting.

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McCRAY: And I have looked at some correspondence recently when I was home, between him and some of the more educated people, lawyers and so forth, and the rector of the church, the Episcopal church, in Staunton and there was quite an extensive correspondence, in that they all lived in the same town, about ideas. And it was fascinating to me that there could be this kind of rapport [inaudible] discussion of McCRAY: Well, I remember vaguely the first world war, particularly the awful winter before the end of the war with the very severe flu epidemic that Prostitute Austin Tx cost hit -- killed a noticeable of people, even Chinese Scottsdale AZ escorts those small communities.

The so-called bubonic plague [inaudible] at the same time.

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And you have to remember that the climate in that part of Virginia is really not unlike the climate in New York. McCRAY: It is -- the valley is about 1, feet above sea level, so that it has rather cold winters and cold nights -- cool nights in the summer. So that they have Cincinnati escorts full service most severe winter, with heavy ice on the ground for months and months and months and other recollections that I have.

Typically, the armistice day, I was young, I was what, nine. That wasI was 10 years Japanese independent escorts Tulsa OK. The madness I can recall, a great deal of which I did not understand at the time, Female escorts Hawaii ms went on on the streets.

My parents took my by the hand and we, like the whole population of the town, gathered in the center of the town to celebrate the victory and there was everything from fireworks to excessive drink to everything else that went with it. And I was -- my family eventually, I think, were allowing this shock for my sake and we went home.

But after that, let's see.

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Earlier on, I used to keep my mother's flower garden and our little vegetable garden. McCRAY: -- did extensive hiking. We had marvelous mountains around us. And it's interesting that today I am on the board of Escort Ogden UT plus of the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation. But I also remember Wilson's visit to Staunton McCRAY: When he was campaigning with the first administration and I had asthma [inaudible] and I was spending the summer, that summer, part of it, with my aunt and uncle who lived there in Staunton.

And then I used to occasionally go up to my grandparents and spend part Bootycall escorts in Baltimore the summer in Hot Springs It would be the early nineteenth century, I think, along with a lot of other people, looking probably for employment. Both my grandfathers, the one who later lived in West Virginia, and my grandfather in Staunton, were from Hot Springs.

They were both Virginians by adoption.

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And both of them, interestingly, had been in the Civil War. They had both been in the Confederate army. My grandfather Escorts in Fort Myers rock had been wounded, had lost a hand in battle. Bernley and Ms. Plum [phonetic] were very indulgent, I think, and who really responded to interests that I had. I did have certain interests in aesthetics and things. Sort of distinctive, I guess. My mother was a woman with considerable tastes, just in terms of her house and that kind of thing.

But there was, I think, in principle there was a rather high -- I'm not sure if it Escort service in whitefield Worcester MA a high level, but an average level of what we would regard as conservative taste -- using that awful word -- that lasted through the -- and it had something to do with, again, with the economic level of things.

People did not have the money to follow the fashion.

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And they were still sticking with old things that they had, the And I remember my grandmother and grandfather McCray were married right after the war and it was interesting to me, in view of the present tastes that we have, my grandmother's china, wedding china, was absolutely the severest and plainest kind of white china, which goes very well with some white Limoges that I have.

But everything was Couples escorts Davenport severe to a certain level. But it partly had to do with the fact that there was not much room for Yonkers escorts biz. You used what you had and the eighteenth and early nineteenth century had a fairly high level of aesthetic standard, Los guess, and that carried on into the -- late Christie Vallejo CA escort the nineteenth century Angeles even to the early twentieth Gujarati escort Jackson in [inaudible] the economic level was -- very difficult I think to understand nowadays, or escort then, in the areas of the country that did not suffer this terrific economic setback after the war, the Civil War.

It had a great deal to do with the incredibly meager wages that were paid. And she lived in, but it was about the average mccray that time.