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Surendra D. United States of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v.

United states court of appeals,fourth circuit.

More specifically, each of the Defendants was convicted of eight offenses:. The jury also made a criminal forfeiture award to the Government against the Defendants, pursuant to 18 U. Each of the fourteen offenses of conviction arose from the Defendants' involvement in an interstate prostitution scheme. After the jury's April verdict, the court, on August 1,vacated the Defendants' convictions Escorts no Collins the money laundering conspiracy and money laundering counts and awarded them a new trial on these charges.

See Escorts bucks Brooklyn States v. Singh, No. Additionally, the August 1 Order vacated Jalaram's convictions on the Mann Act conspiracy and Mann Act counts and granted it a new trial on these charges as well.

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On March 15,after the Government sought reconsideration of the August 1 Order, the court granted reconsideration in part and denied it in part. The March 15 Order supplanted the new trial award to the Defendants on the money laundering conspiracy and money laundering counts with entry of judgments of acquittal. By Bodyrubs Anaheim escort Order, the Prostitute locations Manchester NH declined to reconsider its new trial award to Jalaram on the Mann Act conspiracy and Mann Act counts.

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The Government has appealed the post-trial rulings made against it by the district court in the August 1 Order and the March 15 Order, seeking reinstatement of those aspects of the verdict that were set Elkton Fredericksburg VA escorts and replaced with judgments of acquittal and a new trial.

Singh and Patel have also appealed, seeking relief from their convictions and sentences on the Mann Act conspiracy and Mann Act counts. As explained below, we reverse the post-trial rulings being challenged in the Government's appeal, and we reject the appeals of Singh and Patel.

We thus reinstate the verdict as to Singh and Patel on the money laundering conspiracy and money laundering counts, and as to Jalaram on the Mann Act conspiracy, the Mann Act counts, the money laundering conspiracy, and the money laundering counts.

We affirm the convictions Escorts in and Santa Ana Singh and Patel on the Mann Act conspiracy and Mann Act counts, reinstate the forfeiture award as to Jalaram, and remand. During the Gold Club's two-and-one-half years of operation, Powell employed approximately fifty prostitutes, using as many as nine motel rooms per day on peak days, and four or five rooms on average days.

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Powell recruited female prostitutes for the Gold Club from West Virginia and the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia by advertising in newspapers in the three states. Each of the out-of-state prostitutes who testified acknowledged that, when she travelled to work in West Virginia, she did so for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. Powell negotiated a deal in that regard with Singh, the owner and manager of the Economy Inn How much is a prostitute in Denver a Gold Club customer.

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This arrangement allowed Singh to rent these rooms again, to legitimate overnight customers who arrived late in the evening. On some occasions, the Economy Inn would rent the same room to two different prostitutes on the same Top secret escorts Portland Or working early in the day and the other coming in later.

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Powell would usually communicate with Gold Club prostitutes about their upcoming appointments by telephoning them through the Economy Inn's switchboard. Singh normally operated the switchboard himself and, before connecting Powell to a prostitute's room, would discuss with Powell the appointments of the day.

Initially, the foregoing arrangement between Singh and Powell Party girl escorts Champaign satisfactory to everyone involved with the Gold Club. As the Gold Club's operations progressed, Mature private escort Shreveport, several prostitutes complained to Powell about paying the Economy Inn for rooms on days when they had no customers.

To mitigate this financial burden, Powell began to delay booking rooms at the Economy Inn until after customers made appointments.

How police brought down a tech-savvy prostitution network in bellevue

These delays caused scheduling problems for Singh, who needed to know how many rooms to set aside for the Clapham Rhode Island escort Club's business on a given day. InPowell decided to transfer the Gold Club's operations from the Economy Inn to a new location. Patel, another regular Gold Club customer, was the manager of the Scottish Inn, a motel in Martinsburg owned by Jalaram. Suresh advised Powell that she should address the issue with Patel, the Inn's manager, and scheduled a meeting between Powell and Patel for the next day.

Patel and Powell discussed the matter further, and then agreed that the Scottish Inn would match the Economy Inn's terms with the Gold Club. She communicated with the prostitutes through the Inn's switchboard and discussed their appointments with Patel. Like Singh at the Economy Inn, Patel would monitor the Gold Club's customers at the Scottish Inn to ensure that the prostitutes paid for their rooms after their first customer. As the manager of the Scottish Inn, Patel San Antonio Texas TX escort couples responsible for its daily operations.

He registered guests, accepted room rental payments, and cleaned rooms after they had been occupied.

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In carrying out these duties, Patel and his wife lived and worked at the Scottish Inn seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Suresh Patel, the Inn's owner, visited the Scottish Inn a few times each month, and would assist at the Inn when, for example, Patel Mature women escort Mission to the bank.

With the exception of his visits to the bank, Patel was generally present at the Scottish Inn and in charge of its operations. The Gold Club operated out of the Scottish Inn for about six months in late and earlybut its prostitutes were not happy there.

Consequently, for a short period of time the Gold Club operated at both motels simultaneously. Eventually, Powell moved the Gold Club's operations back to the Economy Inn, primarily in response to problems involving Patel and the Gold Club's prostitutes. The prosecution contends that, under the evidence, the payments actually received by Jalaram were several times that Cheapest escort Santa Rosa CA. The Gold Club's operations ceased after a police raid that occurred on July 4,when Powell Tna Arkansas escorts arrested.

On March 14,a grand jury in the Northern District of West Virginia returned its fourteen-count superseding indictment charging the Defendants, plus Suresh Patel, with offenses arising out of the Gold Club's operations at the two Martinsburg motels.

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A jury trial was conducted in Martinsburg over a six-day period in Escorts in upstate Lansingand the jury, on April 20,returned a guilty verdict against the Defendants on all fourteen counts. The Defendants thereafter filed post-trial motions and, on August 1,the district court entered its Order that first addressed those motions.

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By its August 1 Order, the court vacated the Defendants' convictions on the money laundering conspiracy and money Escort Tacoma online counts for insufficiency of evidence, and granted the Defendants, pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 33, a new trial on those charges. In Fat escort Kalamazoo MI August 1 Order, the district court also vacated Jalaram's convictions on the Mann Act conspiracy and Mann Act counts, and granted it a new trial on those charges.

Jalaram's convictions were based on the prosecution's theory of corporate criminal liability, i. The court concluded, however, that there was insufficient evidence to render Jalaram criminally liable, and ruled that it had erred at trial in failing to instruct the Escorts Albany paolo on Patel's possible status as an independent contractor. On August 19,the Government sought reconsideration of the court's August 1 Order, asserting that the court had erred in its post-trial rulings, requesting that the convictions on the money laundering conspiracy and money laundering counts be reinstated, and urging that Jalaram's convictions on the Mann Act conspiracy and Mann Act counts also be reinstated.

On March 15,the district court granted partial reconsideration of its August 1 Order. First, on the money laundering conspiracy and money laundering counts, the court's March 15 Order replaced its earlier award of a new trial to the Defendants with judgments of acquittal, Laredo escort ads pursuant to Rule 29 c.

United states v. singh

On March 24,the Government filed a notice of appeal from the adverse post-trial rulings made by the district court. Orlando Florida teen prostitutes July 17,the district court conducted sentencing proceedings for Singh and Patel, and sentenced them to fifteen months on each of their six convictions, with those sentences to run concurrently.

Final judgments were entered in the district court on July 28,and Singh and Patel have filed timely notices of appeal. On August 28,we consolidated these three Marta San Antonio Tx escort, and we possess jurisdiction pursuant to 28 U. We first assess the contentions made by the Government in its appeal.

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In that regard, the Government has appealed 1 the district court's March 15 Order granting judgments of acquittal to the Defendants on the money laundering conspiracy and the money laundering counts, and 2 the court's earlier award, made in its August 1 Order, of a new trial to Jalaram on the Mann Act conspiracy and Mann Act counts. The Government first contends that it was error for the district court to award judgments of acquittal to the Defendants on the money laundering Belcamp Hartford escorts and money laundering counts because of an insufficiency of evidence.

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We review de novo an award of judgment of acquittal. Escorts in hershey Island, F. In assessing such an issue, we view the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, and inquire whether a rational trier of fact could have found the essential elements of the charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt. The Defendants were each charged, in Counts 13 and 14, with a single substantive count of money laundering.

The statute underlying those offenses, 18 U. Alerre, F. The Defendants were also charged in Count 12 with the money laundering conspiracy, in contravention of 18 U. Bolden, F. Although the jury convicted Vip Louisville escort Defendants on the money laundering counts, the trial court, in its August 1 Order, vacated these convictions, as well as the Defendants' convictions on the money laundering conspiracy, and granted a new trial.

On reconsideration, the court, on March 15,granted judgments of acquittal to the Defendants on all three charges. The court's explanation for the judgments of acquittal was brief, and its March 15 Order simply referenced its August 1 Order. In the August 1 Order, the court concluded that the evidence failed to support the guilty verdict on these counts for the reasons spelled out in the status conference of July 22, At the conference of July 22,the court, relying club on our decisions in United States v.

Butler, F. Heaps, 39 F. And the Court gold concludes escort the Government's theory of the prostitute giving money Washington a coconspirator for the room, actually dividing money amongst the coconspirators, that there was no financial transaction involved. Butler and Heaps emphasized that the money Elite escort agency Paterson NJ statutes were to create a new and distinct offense away from the underlying crime. Best escort in Minneapolis, the specific Mann Act violations.

The Butler case also held Escort Michigan pete the laundering of funds cannot occur in the same transaction through which the funds first became tainted by a crime.

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