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Nicholas S. Cook gathered here Saturday to pay their respects and lay him to rest under a clear March sky.

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Ford in the Advance Office. Bob Goodwin was interviewed for the Gerald R. Download a PDF of this Transcript.

Smith: Thank you for doing this. Tell us a little bit about you before you and Gerald Ford crossed paths.

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Goodwin: I was working here in Washington. I left because I bought a radio station in Iowa.

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I was born and raised on a farm in Iowa and so I Oceanside CA march escort familiar with the area. Goodwin: My dad started the Hoover Library. He was the first chairman of the Hoover Library. Goodwin: Something like that.

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Never heard a word. Goodwin: During the Nixon presidency, aboutI believe.

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And, about six months after that, I got a call in the middle of the day one time to see if I would be interested in going to St. Louis to do a trip for Julie Eisenhower. So, not having any idea what was involved, I said yes. And, not even knowing whether I was going to get my expenses reimbursed or what was happening, I Prostitution in Haven KS ms there and met the fellow they went out to do the trip for.

We did the trip, including, as I recall, a trip to the top of the Arch which was interesting. Julie was the nice daughter. Tricia was the one who ruined the careers of a lot of young people unfortunately. I guess I was fortunate to be ased to Julie, so then I got called to do another trip for her, maybe a month or two later. And Chicas escort en Spartanburg SC we got several calls to do trips for President Nixon.

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Goodwin: Nixon, at that time in the spring ofhad not reached the point yet where there was ificant talk that he was going to be impeached. But things were not going too well. So, he instructed Kissinger to Ontario prostitution mugshots into possible foreign trips for him in the spring of Nixon was more popular in Egypt than he was in the United States and that trip was quickly arranged. Then a trip on top of that to meet with Brezhnev in Moscow, oriented on the Black Sea in Minsk, was arranged.

So, Frank, Red, and I and a couple other people were sent out to do these trips.

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We got to Cairo for the first trip. I got to Alexandria and Cracker Newport News VA personals set up the trip. So, they sent back the names of the people with one exception. And so the day that Nixon arrived, there were huge crowds and on one side of the route — seven miles to the presidential palace — was the Red Sea. On the other side were miles of open apartment buildings with balconies impossible for the Secret Service to secure.

In my view, might have wanted to be shot over there and be a martyr as opposed Bronx cme escorts what he faced over here potentially. Goodwin: So, anyway, the train arrived with the entourage and he got into the open car — I have some pictures of that, I think, still — and there are these huge throngs of people that are wildly supportive of President Nixon.

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So, they got to the palace and everybody settled in. By the way, Nixon wanted to do a reciprocal state dinner, so the entire state dinner was flown over 24 hours before.

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All the china, all the silver, the California cedar, the steaks in dry ice, and the staff from the White House; they were working in a hundred plus degree weather putting on Sexy escorts Ogden lavish dinner. Then after everybody got to the presidential palace, some of the rooms were less than perfect.

A couple of the rooms where they had beds, they had sort of a common toilet area which was in the floor, but where the President stayed and where Kissinger stayed were very opulent rooms. Well, that person that showed up was Diane Sawyer, she and Ron were friends at that time, so he wanted her to come down and enjoy the evening.

So then we had about rapid days off and then went to the Soviet Union and I did Minsk where the Putin memorial was. We were in Moscow for a few days and then went down. Anyways, Nixon came back and, during this time after President Ford had become vice president deate — I was still living in Iowa at the time — I was called and asked if I would arrange a few of his trips, which I did. It was a very small traveling party at the Cd escort Virginia Beach VA of, I think, about six people.

And we flew around. The only airplane they gave him was a twin engine plane. But he made a few trips. Then he had Muslim escort Kalamazoo MI confirmation hearing and after that, they asked me to Springfield cuban escorts down and do trips when he was vice president. Then, the day after President Ford was sworn in, they called me and asked me to come down and work full-time in the advance office. There were just three of us, I think, at the time.

Smith: Okay. Was goodwin said? Smith: Yeah, as vice president, anything in earshot that led you to believe that they were planning or anticipating or—. Goodwin: I suspect that Phil Buchen and some of the others were kind of planning behind the scenes and not talking to the vice president about it. I would think there were some conversations going on, but not including the vice president.

Goodwin: I liked him very much. He was very down to earth. Red and I did the last big event back in the United States that President Nixon did, which was a rally in Phoenix and we filled the basketball arena at the time with, I think, twelve or fifteen thousand people. That was after Nixon returned in June and before he escort in August.

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But, there were a lot of demonstrators and there were difficult times then and there were a lot of people who were creating mischief as far as that was concerned. So, they asked me to come down here and work Washington Dc ana escort for the president. And, from then on, it was just steady travel, domestically and internationally. But Bush was more highly regarded there than other ambassadors and he could get in to see Teng Hsiao-Ping or anybody he wanted to on an hour or two notice, whereas any other ambassadors had to wait a couple of days.

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Goodwin: Well, not surprisingly, he was Escorts in grand rapids Sacramento very nice individual who went out of his way to thank people. Whenever I was traveling on Air Force One, he would always go up to the cabin and thank the crew for flying him on his way out the front door. Everybody on the staff liked him.

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Goodwin: Well, I heard him on a of occasions talking about policy. 40 up escort Scranton this is what we need to say. And there were some very solid people slated to come in. Goodwin: Into the White House and a lot of the so-called dead wood that had come with the President from the Capitol were going elsewhere.

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He was a little bit on the gruff side, but he was nice to me, personally. Smith: We talked to Don Rumsfeld. He said he urged the President very early to clean house and to do it as ostentatiously as possible. Trying to decide whether to run or not. But, anyway, I think he was probably just a little bit reluctant to change people so quickly and Don probably perceived that these people were not White House level people and he supplemented them with others who were. In the case of Hartmann, someone who had been enormously loyal, who had produced the most memorable words the President had spoken—.

Smith: Leo Naperville IL escorts yet, someone who was clearly a lightening rod. It got to the point where there were in fact two separate speechwriting operations going on. And he [Ford] was willing to tolerate that. Can you be too nice to be president?

Was he capable of ruthlessness? Goodwin: Well, the President was Girls escort in Tyler TX capable of making the decisions that needed to be Medford escort online.

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I was with him a lot, personally, and he never seemed overwhelmed. He seemed fully capable of doing everything that needed to be done and I just never saw him obsessed with the job, but fully capable of handling every aspect of it. And, if you stop and think about those people, Bill Roseburg Minneapolis escorts or Carla Hills, those are heavyweights in their own right.

So, he was clearly comfortable with having around him people of great intellectual fire power and sometimes ego.