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Kind Attention, This is to Notify that Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd is proprietor and Rights Owner of Title “Mrs India™”.

It has been brought to our Notice that some unscrupulous organisers are falsely using Title Mrs India which is unlawful and illegal.

While Mrs India only have largest and National Presence we are concerned with proliferation of fraudulent and infringing activities of Organisers who are trying to make illegal Title “Mrs India™” by offering Auditions, Events and Titles etc. and posing as Mrs India, there by causing Confusion and infringement of Mrs India Title.

It has further came to our notice that these unscrupulous organisers are sending scam messages to create panic therefor be aware of these Organisers and notify us such elements.

Such unscrupulous organiser are here by warned of swift and stringent legal action for Trademark Infringement of Mrs India™.

We further would like to inform that Only Winners ,Contestants and Directors of Mrs India have right to use Title Mrs India anybody else claiming Title Mrs India is sheer False and Fraudulent attempt of gaining publicity by using Mrs India Property which has been created and developed by Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd .


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Mrs India 2017 Gourmet Queen

Mrs India 2017 Gourmet Queen ! by Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India 2017 Gourmet Queen ! by Deepali Phadnis

Mrs India 2017 Auditions

Mrs India 2017

New Year for Mrs India started with Mrs India 2017’s first Auditions right at National Capital at Dilwalon Delhi on 7-Jan-2017 at Radisson Blue Paschim Vihar Delhi.

India’s most beautiful married woman from Northern states participated in Mrs India 2017 North Edition’s Auditions.

Mrs India 2017 North Auditions Jury:

Former Mrs India 2014 and Classic Mrs Asia International 2014 Promila Kapoor , Mrs India 2015 Pratibha Saunshimath , General Manger of Radisson Blue Paschim Vihar Ashwin Oza Judged the Auditions . While our Director Jazzpreet Kaur made sure entire show is executed as planned.

Selected candidates are now participating in Mrs India 2017 Semi-finals for north on 7-April-2017  at Radisson Blue Paschim Vihar Delhi . Winners will participate at Mrs India 2017 National Pageant to be hosted in Chennai on first week of June 2017 .

Mrs India™ is Largest platform for Indian Married woman and India’s only national gateway to World’s Premium Beauty Pageant .

Mrs India follows a long and steady process to hand pick best of Indian Married Woman .Mrs India 2017 has successfully completed Number Auditions and State grand Finale that received Tremendous response and Media attention. We will be doing Regional Pageants and National Pageants

Mrs India 2017 Auditions PhotoGallary :

Mrs India 2017 Auditions Highlights Video :

Mrs India Hair Color Care

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hair Color and Care

Beautiful Hair runs in the Family is what we know all about till date ,but beautiful hair can be achieved with Proper care ,Today we have many options that can change look and feel of Your Hair .

Mrs. India gives Hair Color and Care Tips from non-other but Hair Color Guru Bony Sasidharan

Hair Color Guru Bony Sasidharan

Bony Sasidharan
Bony Sasidharan – Hair Color Guru

Mrs India 2016 was fortunate to have Seasoned Hair Stylist and magical hair makeover professional Bony Sashidharan with solid 12 years of experience presently leading Essential Looks by Schwarzkopf Professional World’s Leading Hair Products. Bony Sasidharan has groomed India’s Leading Pageants such as Mrs India 2016, Gabbana Life Fashion Show (2008 & 2010), Femina Miss India (2009), Ms Navy Queen Beauty Pageant (2009), Anams man’s PVR Launch in 2009, Bangalore Fashion Week (2010), Esthetica Hair Awards (2012), Esthetica Hair Magazine, Audi and Mercedes Awards (2015). So Here you go and Learn from Hair Color Guru Bony Sasidharan exclusively for Mrs. India.

Bony Sasidharan
Bony Sasidharan during Mrs India 2016 Workshop

Bony Sashidharan on Hair Color and Care

Our hair is our biggest beauty asset. Our appearance is what makes us unique as individuals. A great hairstyle can mean the difference between feeling ordinary and extraordinary. Once you get a great style, maintaining and styling hair is required.

Hair plays a vital role in the personality of an individual. It gives you a formal as well as a casual look. If we are emotionally in balance, our hair grows and looks beautiful.

Myths about hair coloring

Coloring will lead to hair loss or dryness.

  • It is really important to know that 100 hairs falling a day are normal. It is a part of hair growth cycle where after the fall the new hair grows. Coloring hair will never lead to a hair loss. Coloring hair is a professional service and it has to be done at a Salon. It is absolutely safe; it will never lead to any dryness or hair loss. It is important to know that taking care of hair once it is colored is very important. And it is not a tedious process also. Continue using the shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. Avoid home coloring, figure out some time and try to visit your stylist for color

Q Will coloring hair lead to white hair

  • Hair gets its natural color from Melanin pigments. White hair is the absence of these melanin pigments in the hair. Cause for white hair is Vitamin Deficiency or it can heredity. It is an absolute myth that hair colors lead to white hair. Coloring hair is an external service, where it has been applied on the outer surface of the scalp. That’s the reason you would require a touch up once your hair starts growing.

Whether the hair color will suit my complexion.

  • We are surrounded by color. Hair coloring is one of the quickest and most dramatic ways to change your personality. Choosing the right hair color is not as easy as picking a color you like. It’s important to consider your natural hair color, your skin tone and eye color when choosing a new hair color.

Hair color is not only about making your hair look brighter. When the hair color works correctly, your skin tone comes alive – hair color should make your face glow.However if you are not sure what color to choose the shades of Chocolate or Auburn browns, Keeping it dark or light as per your complexion.

Maintaining colored hair is really difficult.

  • Yes it is a fact that Colored hair needs extra care to keep it in good condition. But it isn’t that difficult though, use any Sulplhate-Free shampoo and conditioner contains UV protection for your color treated hair. Avoid using strong shampoo as it can strip color or dry out hair. Make conditioning as a habit. If you have fine hair use any leave-in spray conditioner.

Mrs India Beautiful Hair

Asha Jois Mrs India Planet 2016 and Mrs India Beautiful Hair 2016 who is simply proud of her lustrous long healthy hair and she never fails to Flaunt her Beauty on Mrs India . Apply now for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Asha Jois
Mrs India Planet 2016 Asha Jois

Blessed Beauty with inheritance

  • South Indian roots is what the secret of my hair is says Asha Jois with giggle and all I thank my Mother for giving this gift of Beautiful Hair that I never get enough of loving it while she runs fingurs thourgh her Hair .

Constant Pressure on looking Beautiful !

  • Being actress by profession Beautiful hair is what comes with compulsion but maintaining that is tough task . My Hair has go through so much of styling ,heating ,back combing .All this Harsh treatment takes a toll on my hair sometimes makes me nervous .but then I have left with no choice but do it .

Home Remedies First !

  • I owe my beautiful hair to my mother, from childhood my Amma will give me Hair Massage with warm Hibiscus oil and leave it over night .So make sure to follow hair care routine like Mrs. India.

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 56565
Mrs India Beautiful Hair 2015 – Swiza Paul

Mrs India Beautiful Hair 2015 Swiza Paul

“Well I never gave much attention to beauty of my Hair until I received Mrs India Beautiful Hair Subtitle at Mrs. India 2015 “

.Appreciation always encourages to be better, now I really treasure my hair ,its an assets of mine .When I am blessed ,I should treasure my beauty with proper hair care .I dont know much but yes few tips that everybody can follow .

Brush Your Hair upside down !

  • I always Brush my Hair upside down this avoids hair damage due to Tangles at the same time improves scalp blood circulation making Hair roots strong .

Quality Hair Products

  • As I am very busy with work and kids ,I cannot concentrate more on diet but yes I make sure I use Quality Hair Products such as Shampoo , Conditioners and leave ins I always use heat protecting serum before treating Hair with heat such as straitening. So now keep in mind these tips from Mrs India .

Below is Moment Swiza Paul crowned as Mrs India Beautiful Hair 2015


Mrs India
Mrs India Contest

Mrs India – Ready to Swift

“Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise
Choice is Yours “

Mrs India 2016– Would like to Introduce Water Baby at Mrs India who is all High with Mrs IndiaHighFives , FAMILY, FITNESS , FRIENDS,FOCUSED & FAITH.
We have such Super Energetic Woman from Bangalore who is nothing but Living Mermaid

,Despite being Married at Young Age she didn’t give up on her aspirations and dreams ,Rather completed her education along with serving her #family duties .
Lets see what it takes for Woman to be a SuperWoman

Here comes Mrs Gayathri Ravi who is ready to Swift away

I can swim, dance, exercise cycle, jog ..anything under water. I just joined swimming coaching classes to over come the fear of water and over years overcame everything under water.
MY #JOURNEY OF LIFE started in a nuclear family as a elder daughter with so much of love and care from parents and was soon blessed with siblings of a brother and a sister to accompany me. But I dint even think I would be out of that loving family so soon. I was married at the age of 18. My dad wanted to get me married as he was concerned of his health .

Mrs India
Mrs India Karnataka

I am married for 14 yrs now and blessed with a son who is 10 yrs and a daughter 6yrs old.
my dad had given me the confidence that he will be doing things that is good for me and my future and that I Should take complete responsibility of the house I will be stepping. It was a very traditional family wedding with so many positive and negative comments.
Had so many dreams unfulfilled even my studies suddenly felt drowning. Just decided to obey my parents .
But all thanks to my dear hubby with whom I have grown all these years and my mother in law who knew the value of education for a girl though she is not educated, she always felt that if I am educated I will be able to teach my children and understood my dreams and educated me . I had a lot of discouragement from many of my close people and relatives who felt that studying after marriage was next to impossible and that I had to give up on my studies.

Mrs India 2017
Happily Married…

Today I can proudly say I hold Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree of Engineering in Information systems. And not to forget my friends in college who have supported me. Though I had the fear of how will my treat me if they knew I was married .they helped me during my semester projects and those days during my final year project as was carrying . The day my results were announced I was happy to know I cleared my BE in #disctinction.
During my final year I was excited and always Dream of being that one person who could get in the right candidate person into the company and not just the person who works always. Yes Recruitment and training is all that I was passionate about my career. And I can proudly say I am an expert in it now.
My passion for dance anchoring modelling always kept me tickling for an opportunity. I have learned few forms of classical dances.
And then came a chance of walking the ramp for MUMS OF Bangalore. Through which I could make some more friends and that got me here Mrs India Karnataka Inner beauty title and Now into the national finale where I will be representing my State is a very proud moment for me.
I cherish those really encouraging women in my life. My in laws, my favorite teacher at school, my sister , my swimming mermaids, my dance teachers , my friends who keep me on my toes always encouraging me at every point and now a beautiful women who gave me this opportunity .it is shaping up very colourfully.
A Beauty pageant is not just about how you dress and walk. It is about how a women is balanced mentally and how well her life is handled and how strong she is to face every step to reach the destination.
I strongly believe that there is nothing impossible that a women cannot achieve.


Mrs India 2016
Mrs India in Hawaiian Round


Mrs India

Mrs India 2016 – Contestants

“Life has No Replays ,No Rewinds , Life Goes so Fast Nothing Changed but When You Look Back Everything is Changed .”..

We Live #Life once  … Live it to Fullest Do not Settle for it
Here Comes Mrs Chhavi Sharma from Bangalore represents a Beautiful Family Mother 13247798_903932503048889_563189902132260556_oof Beauty Queen and A Proud Army Wife and here is Her Story …

It seems like only yesterday when I was just a precious little doll to my parents. Today when I proudly hold the title of Ms. India Karnataka, 2016, I realize how fast time flies. Looking back at the days of my life, I remember how each person and each moment up to my crowning second has contributed to my life and made me what I am today.

Mrs India
Mr & Mrs Sharma ..Made for Each other !

have always been a very hardworking and focused person with a strong will and a never ending perseverance and am always open and keen to learning and facing new challenges and experiences. I feel so humbled to have made my parents proud on various occasions. Be it my gold medal in my M.Sc. statistics, my Prabhakar in #kathak, me becoming a life skills trainer or being a good hearted human being in general.

And then came the blessed day when I was honored to wed an Army Officer, my husband, Lt. Col. S.K. Sharma. It was after that, that I felt the pride in being called an Army Officer’s wife. My blissful 22 years of marriage have changed me as a person for the better. Mostly, by changing my perspective towards life to that of a positive one. God has been rather generous when it came to blessing me.
I have two beautiful children. My 20 year old daughter, Nikita, who was given the title of

Mrs India
Miss Nikita Sharma Winner of Miss Vivacious title

“Miss Vivacious 2016”, at India’s No 1 and Leading Beauty Pageant . And my 15 year old son, Sankalp, who is the recipient of “The Akhil Uday Award” for extraordinary contribution to the society and setting an example for others to follow.
And just about 2-3 years back, one fine day, my daughter encouraged me to train in life skills. Because of her constant support, I eventually became a successful life skills trainer. And all because of that, I could make my name, #Chhavi, exist as an independent identity. And I feel this every time I’m invited to reputed colleges/institutes to deliver various talks.

I feel there has been a role reversal of sorts and life has come to a full circle. Until

Mrs India
Proud Parents of Mrs Chhavi Sharma !

yesterday, my daughter, who I took care of completely, is now taking care of me and inspiring me to help me discover my identity. When I enrolled myself for the Mrs. India Karnataka, 2016, my younger one motivated and encouraged me so much to give it my best shot and helped me with all the work. And then, as per the chain of events, I was crowned the Mrs. India Karnataka, 2016. Another feather was added in my hat on that momentous evening.

My story would be incomplete without mentioning the pillar of my strength and my constant source of support. My loving husband, Lt. Col. S.K. Sharma, from whom I learnt that patience is indeed a virtue. He is an army officer with an extremely strong character and a very soft behavior. Which I would say is a deadly combination in the same person. A combination that makes me feel blessed that he is my man.
I look forward to see what the future holds for me. And I am always ready to put my heart and soul into whatever I do.

I feel that sometimes we search too hard for answers that are right in front of us. We look for years for the key to a door that has always been open. It is my family that gives me the sight and the wisdom to seize every opportunity and put my best foot forward each time. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Mrs India
Mrs Chhavi Sharma representing Al Gore for Climate Reality Project !


Mrs India – Bravado is She

Mrs India 2016 Contestant – Story of Major Poonam Sharma who is now Practicing Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai

Best Part of being FaujiChild is opportunity to explore #New Places ,Make New #Friends  Mrs IndiaPand #Learn about #differnat #Cultures making you a different person all together

She Always wanted to be a #Doctor and #Serve the #Nation and guess she did it All… Mrs India Proudly presents #Major Poonam Sharma from #Dubai and here is her Beautiful Story ….on Mrs India 2016

I was born in the pink city Jaipur,in a Defense family,so use to love it
that every 2-3 years, would move to a new place,have new friends.However my
father liked the city of Ajmer and he settled there after being posted to
different parts of the country.
I have fond memories of Vishakhapatnam ,where I did my early part of the
schooling.Later we moved to Ajmer and I completed my schooling from Ajmer
SOPHIA.I always wanted to be a Doctor,partly inspired by my two elder
sisters who were doctors.Despite my studious commitments,I always had an
adventurous streak,which inspired me to join the Indian Army.In the army I
met my soulmate and married in ’96.My adventurous streak was awakened as my
hubby was also an outdoor man .We always use to drive to new stations on
posting.We would drive in turns by the day and stop during the night.In
2000 we finally got posted together to the field area Joshimath.

Mrs India
I have very fond memories of driving from Dehradun to Joshimath along the
holy Ganges in the picturesque Uttarakhand.
We were blessed with a daughter in 2002.It was quite a task to manage
motherhood and my job but like most, I managed it with the help of my
family.My parents and my in laws stayed with me in the field area to help
me raise my daughter.My husband would do all my night duties,so that I
could stay with my daughter.
Mrs IndiaLife moved on and I quit Army in 2006 after completing my ten years and
moved to Singapore.Singapore was a great experience,being exposed to the
global culture, far different from the protected Armed forces environs.
From there we moved to Dubai in 2010 and have been there since then.Life
has been a complete picture .I am fond of painting ,and I do paint in my
leisure ,about my life experiences and can dare to say that its been a hell
of a ride,full of exciting experiences.I think I am so lucky to see so much
in so little time,and have become worldly wise.My happiness lies in small
joys of Life.