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Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Gwon

Mrs India on Everything You Want to Know About Evening Gowns! Evening Gown Born in Royal Courts of Europe is now global resident and local to wardrobe of Costume Lovers.As name suggests evening gown is type of dress to be worn in the evening has its roots from Royal Courts as formal attire which was considered a luxury of a

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Mrs India 2016 Photoshoot

Mrs India Winner

Why Mrs India love Photo-shoots ? Deepali Phadnis have always worked on unique and lively photoshoots for Mrs India Pageants . Mrs India Photo-shoots are real fun ,which are based on themes in every Season of Mrs India ,Mrs India Photo-shoots very important part of Pageant, It is  not individual thing but at Mrs India we consider this as Team

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Mrs India Combating Gender Inequalities

Mrs India Combating Gender Inequalities ! What is the difference between Yesterday Woman and Today’s Woman? Well we would like to speak about bright side , Today’s Woman is recognized as individual who have her own identity ,she is not dependent or confined within four walls .Today’s Woman have opportunity to make choices on own and lead life from front

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Mrs India Hair Color Care

Mrs India 2017 2016 Hair

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hair Color and Care Beautiful Hair runs in the Family is what we know all about till date ,but beautiful hair can be achieved with Proper care ,Today we have many options that can change look and feel of Your Hair . Mrs. India gives Hair Color and Care Tips from non-other but

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Mrs India Cocktail Wear Photo Shoot

Mrs India 2017 5

Mrs India 2016 Mrs India’s Celebrates Beauty In Diversity at Mrs India 2016 Well We all love Parties , This is occasion when woman spares leisure time for herself and get dressed for Party .Parties are always fun but deciding what to wear on party is tough task . Moment Mrs India thinks of getting ready for Party no matter

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Mrs India Pose Like a Goddess

Mrs India 2017 2016 1

Mrs India – Strikes Pose like Goddess Mrs India’s Breath Taking images speaks itself about Beauty and Glamour of Indian Married Woman.   Jaw dropping images of Mrs India’s Contestants have always celebrated Womanhood to the fullest and made mark in every Edition of Mrs India with innovative themes ,efforts and perfection. Mrs India Finalist during Mrs India Photo shoot Mrs

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