Mrs India 2020 2019 Winner Nimisha Saxena Classic Catagory

Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner Nimisha Saxena

Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner Nimisha Saxena in Classic Category , adorned Mermaid dress made from her mothers 30 Years Old Saree . Mrs India Winner adored Crown made up of Sea Shell to symbolism Aquatic Life to and of Fabrics to bring Textile Pollution Awareness specially in Fashion World at National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2019 2020 hosted in Chennai Mrs India 2019 2020 Winner conveyed the importance of Crown to Queen and importance of aquatic life to water bodies like Sea , Rivers and everything . By becoming mermaid dressed in cotume made by 30 years Old clothing , Classic Mrs India 2019 2020 Nimisha Saxena not only reused her clothing but gave a very strong message beautifully . hashtag#mrsindia2019winner

Mrs India 2019 2020 Finalists

Mrs India 2020 Goodwill Ambassador Dr Shruthi Chetan

Mrs India 2019 2020

At Mrs India 2019 2020 National Grand Finals, we awarded our Former Queen Dr Shruthi Gowda as Most Achieved Queen of Mrs India for successful work on personal and professional front as Mrs India’s Queen, Mrs India Pageants have Crowned Dr Shruthi Gowda as Goodwill Ambassador for her commitment to the Society in Dental Health awareness, especially in under privileged Children’s.

Mrs India 2020 2021 Shruthi Gowda
Mrs India 2020 2021 Goodwill
Mrs India 2020 2021 Ambassador Goodwill Shruthi Gowda