Mrs India 2017 on international girl child day

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Mrs India on international girl child day

Do you know Every 10 Minutes one adolescent girl dies due to Violence somewhere in the World !

This is unfortunate fact that we are living with in Today’s 21st Century and that why Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat Celebrated International Girl Child Day in a very special Day !

Little Girl with Dreams becomes Woman with Vision ! A Woman with Vision makes Strong Nations in turn making this World a Better Place !

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Mrs India 2017 :

Mrs India Rinku Bhakat feels that there is gender inequality in each and every part of the World where few nations with extreme Worst to while few with marginal Nations but fact is that it does exist even in Developed Nations such as U.K and U.S.

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Why Mrs India 2017 on International Girl Child Day?

Mrs India feels Basically Gender Discrimination is not geographical issue ,its International Issue which needs an attention to minimize it to the level of none .Classic Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat said that Today we all need to work together to tackle this issue and hence ,United Nations has declared 11 Oct of every year from 2012 “The Day For Girl Child”.

which is also known as International Girl Child Day,as an international observance day to highlight issues concerning the gender inequality facing young girls while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights and health issues.

Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat on The Day of Girl Child

“The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.”

Theme of Celebration of International Girl Child Day is “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.” which is actually Classic Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat is working on from long time .

Mrs India 2017 is working it from long !

Rinku Bhakat is been visiting many schools, villages and slum areas to find out the problems and their solutions to bring girls as par to that of boys. During this course she noticed huge gender inequality which leaded Girl child’s to school drop outs due to house hold chores .

Mrs India Rinku Bhakat said These Girl child are not only despair of education but self protection too , helpless Girl child are been subjected to physical and mental harassment at very tender age .

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Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat

Mrs India 2018 Winner Rinku Bhakat

Mrs India 2017 feels !

Classic Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat after working and being with Girl child and knowing there issues she feels workaround is Woman Empowerment ,Right to Education and awareness about Woman rights

Mrs India Winner believes in words of Kofi Annan who said:

There is No Tool for Development More effective than Empowerment of Woman !

Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat

Mrs India 2017 Have Vision :

Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat who is an advocate by profession and Social activist by passion .Who has worked on many issues of Woman such a WitchCrafting and she understand what problem Girl Child is facing today .Mrs India Rinku Bhakt have found some facts and those are as follows

  • There are nearly 600 million girls aged 10 to 19 in the world today, each with limitless individual potential, however they are disappearing from public awareness and the international development agenda.
  • Between inequities in secondary education to protection issues, adolescent girls are uniquely impacted and should benefit from targeted investments and programs that address their distinct needs.
  • Investing in adolescent girls can have a formidable ripple effect to create a better world by 2030.

Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat have come-up with five point plans that will help Girl Child to have a better future .

  1. Education is Actual Empowerment of Woman
  2. Make Society Gender discrimination free
  3. Lets have equal opportunists
  4. There shouldn’t be a single drop out from school
  5. Let give a voice for fight

Mrs India Pageants is proud of Queens who are not just a Beautiful Face but Beauty with Heart , we at Mrs India are very proud of our Queen Classic Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat .

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