Mrs India Cocktail Wear Photo Shoot

Mrs India 2017 5

Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Finalist

Mrs India’s Celebrates Beauty In Diversity at Mrs India 2016

Well We all love Parties , This is occasion when woman spares leisure time for herself and get dressed for Party .Parties are always fun but deciding what to wear on party is tough task . Moment Mrs India thinks of getting ready for Party no matter How much her Wardrobe is loaded with Costumes she always feels like she is running out of it. We are sure almost all woman go through this situation after all there is Queen in every Woman. Queen needs a change in look of every single time.

Queen like to take her own time to get ready so lets not talk about how much she makes one wait when she is busy getting ready .After all Queen needs her Own Space isn’t it ?

Mrs India 2016 -Photoshoot !

Well Fortunately Mrs India 2016’s Queen proved it otherwise, when we decided to do a Photo-shoot on Party wear, Mrs India’s Queens transformed from tired look to Photo Ready Party Queen in just one swirl and rest you can see from magnificent images of Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot.

Every one of them looked stunning and dressed in their own unique style that matched their personality and body type.

What is Cocktail Dress:

There are different conventions when it comes for Western Party Wear which in general known as Cocktail wear in terms of length or being elaborate. But Key is to select Party Wear is simple select between Formal to Semi formal .It need not to be long and heavy as Red Carpet look nor so elaborate to be called as Formal wear made for Formal occasions such as professional office work or religious rituals code of dress .Always wear Heels ,unless completely unavoidable such as medical condition or pregnancy .

Mrs India 2016 Cocktail Wear Photo hoot saw stunning Beauties dressed in large varieties of Cocktail dresses.Everyone dressed wisely and sported it with unique attitude and style .You can see Contestants in Chick, well spread Frock type of cocktail dress with knee length .

Very Trendy and Classy look of Mrs India Contestant that embraced her Perfect Hourglass Body .Fashionable look for  Mrs India 2016

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Mrs India 2017
Mrs India Finalist Shweta Bet Ayala

Mrs India 2016 Contestant’s Socialite look who just love to pluck full length dress made from selective silhouettes and dress like Celebrity who loves socializing look for Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2017 1
Mrs India Planet Second Runner up

Red Hot look in exclusive Red Ankle length dressed to set party floor ablaze look for Mrs India 2016 2016

Mrs India
Mrs India Finalist

Asymmetrical Red Frilled dress which very much in trends Now Flaunted for Mrs India

Mrs India 2017 5
Mrs India Finalist Sheuli Bhatia

Sophisticated, Elegant & suitable for semi-formal occasion and New Mothers for party look for Mrs India 2016

You can be Next Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 4
Mrs India Asia International First Runner Up

Cheerful , fun loving  and playful look of Mrs India

Mrs India 2017 9
Mrs India Finalist

Baby Doll look for Mrs India

Mrs India 2017 5
Mrs India Finalist

Bohemian  look for Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2017 3
Mrs India Pageant 2016

Mrs India 2016 contestant in Elegent and Sassy look for Mrs India 2016

Mrs India 2017 91
Mrs India Finalist

So dress like Mrs India , go fun and frivolous .Mrs India would like to thank Rahul Dev for  capturing these Beautiful Images .

Entries for Mrs India 2017 are now open you can register on or

Mrs India 2017 Contest
Mrs India Contest


Author: Mrs India

Mrs India is Trade Mark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd. India's only Beauty Pageant for married Woman offering International Platform. Mrs India is Official Host of Mrs World,Mrs Asia International and Mrs Planet Preliminaries

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