Mrs India 2017 2016

Mrs India 2017 on Beauty of Black Colored Wardrobe

Whatever the theme of Season or Trend of time One Color of Wardrobe that never goes out Fashion is Black….Black …Black … Let it be a Sheath Dress, Cocktail Dress, Simple T-shirt paired with Jeans, Kurtis Bordered with Gold or Simple Lace Sari or Black drape this has always been Timeless Favorite color that sustained all Generations of fashion trends and emerged undoubted winner of all time.

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India

Mrs India Contestants in Black

Black Simple ,Elegant Yet Dominating

Perhaps the most Simple, Elegant and attractive Wardrobe that looks good on all Skin Stones is Black .You want to cover extra pound Black does is all .Sudden Saturday night party and you are not prepared for it just a piece of Black Cocktail and Red Lipstick does a quick fix or simply you want to look gorgeous with Minimum efforts Black Sari with Gold Border does it all for you.

One Black Sari that practically can be taken everywhere by everyone is most common piece of fabric in Indian wardrobe. Glaze of Magnificent Black Silk Sari is incomparable and timeless trend that will

Sustained Depression !

Black colored Fabric has fought all its depressing periods and rejection not only in India but throughout the World on the name of tradition .It has come over all prejudice it was related too. There was a time when black was wore to symbolize Mourning or avoided during rituals, still in parts and pockets of the society do consider it inauspicious  during rituals Or Wearing black may bring misfortune but same Black Dot is assumed to  you keep Evil Away. Rudali the Mourners from Rajasthan wore Black to symbolize grief and mourning was a very prominent form of Black dress.

But not anymore !

We have seen Many Bollywood Beauties Dazzling in Black dress who won Millions of Hearts. Its Black Color that has dominated Every Red carpet of the World right from Cannon festival to Bollywood film Awards. Color that adorned almost every Glamorous venture and made it to super hit cannot be unlucky anymore.

Eminent designers have lions share to bring this change, but the name that should not be missed it right back from 1920’s is Coco Channel who reformed this simple but elegant Piece of Wardrobe to most Glamorous and universally accepted Cocktail dress Labelled as Little Black Dress. Most Famous look of the time Little Black Swan that changed the way people use to look at Black.

Mrs India Season two Mrs India 2014 Finalist in Black for Mrs India

Mrs India

Mrs India 2014

Mrs India 2014 – theme Little Black dress

Mrs India did a Little Black Dress Photo-shoot for Mrs India 2014 hosted in Pune City ,This theme proved to be the most robust and evergreen Photo-shoot themes of Mrs India ever hosted .

Be it hiding little post pregnancy bulge ,Want to look tall or Queen is in last minute preparation Black dress did it well with Minimum efforts but made Queens ready for Photo-shoot in just few minutes. Mrs India witnessed the countless variety of Little Black dress on Mrs India 2014 Photo-shoot where every Contestant looked unique in same black Color ,every was drop dead Gorgeous .No one felt the monotony of Black Color . Well instead we speak about our beautiful Queens let Images of Mrs India 2014 speak it all for you ,what a magic Black dress can do. Image of Batch of Mrs India 2014 is epitome of aptness in Little Black Dress.

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India

Mrs India Darshini Laxmi in Black Gown

This Black Magic can still be seen on Mrs India, Where winners of Mrs India 2016 swear to wear only black and look timeless Beautiful. Our Winner Darshini Laxmi have Wardrobe loaded with Blacks of almost every form of Black Fabric right from classy Kajniwaram Silk Saris , delicate chiffon Drapes or stylish Evening Gown Queen has it all. When it comes to get ready quickly out of her busy schedule and endless travels Darshini Laxmi says always keep Blacks on back-up ready to Put-on and end-up looking implacable for Business meets or family get together. Black can never go wrong. Black Pochampalli is now new trend and want to explore it more and more. Black Pattu saris of Telangana/Andhra are timeless favorite of queen.

Mrs India

Our Mrs India Asia International 2016 who won Mrs Asia International did her first Photo-shoot in black right after winning Mrs India in very beautiful Black Gypsy Lehenga paired with Crop Top Designed by Jyoti Kashimiri . Seema Subedi rocked Mrs India 2016 Photo-shoot and won Mrs India Photogenic 2016 Crown and Title in very same Black Colour Dress.

Mrs India Winner of Mrs India 2016  Seema Subedi Mrs India 2016 Photogenic. who will be Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India  Asia International 2016 Seema Subedi

For our Very simple and playful winner of Mrs India Anita P never goes wrong with Black, Anita always carried her best in black and recently looked immaculate in Emblemised Gown designed exclusively for her after winning Classic Mrs Asia International –Second Runner 2016 .

Mrs India Classic Finalist in Mrs India 2017mrs-india-anita
Mrs India in Black Embellished Gown

Our another winner of Mrs India with very Indian face and earthy look leaves everyone speechless in black off shoulder beaded dress. When Asha Jois represented India at Mrs Planet she made sure she carries this Black Magic along with her to Bulgaria at Mrs Planet.

Mrs India Winner for Mrs India Planet 2016 ,Mrs India looks stunning.Mrs Indias search is on for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India

Mrs India Planet 2016 Asha Jois

Recently our Mrs India World 2016 Mohini Sharma Mane spotted sporting Black sheath dress for Post Mrs India win and how? Queens Classy Little Black dress is just perfect piece of cloth that photographer finished his work effortlessly.

Mrs India Winner for Mrs India World 2016

Mrs India

Mrs India in Little Black Dress

“Queens Little black dress bejeweled by most ambitious Crown of Indian Married Woman Mrs India doesn’t require any other accessory to finish her look.”

So are you going to indulge in Black Magic? Is your Wardrobe missing this magical piece of Black?

If so go and grab it or just recycle it from wardrobe and come with New look to stun the world.

Indulge in Black Magic of Black Beauty !!!

A little preview of Mrs India 2016 Photo-Shoot !

Mrs India 2017 Contest

Mrs India Contest

Mrs India 2016 Photoshoot on Haw-wain Queen ,wht should be for Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 2016 Winner

Mrs India 2016 Finalist


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