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Mrs India 2018 :

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Mrs India 2016 Contestant

Mrs India contestant says I am what I am, I am not the Clone of what people want me to be nor I desire to be what you see on Advertisements or Magazine Coverage.

Mrs IndiaMrs India Contestant feels I am Beautiful, Confident and Talented and that is what I am !         Mrs India Contestant says I am Perfectly Ok with the Promotions that promote healthy living in Positive Way but I am not ok with shaming Any once Body to Validate Yours is Great!  Is what Christina Strongly Say.                                                      Why well guess? As Mrs India says Every woman is Beautiful and every Woman should feel beautiful about herself !.That is why I decided to participate at Mrs India. For me Mrs India is Journey that is never going to end ,I will carry my Saga of being Mrs India – Sparkling Diva 2016 my all life , leading life with spark of my Beauty and Talent .

Because I Feel Beautiful ! I believe I am beautiful , I am confident , I am Talented and most all I am what I am …I am unique and special . I am Mrs India .

Waaahaaaa!!! this is what we call a positive attitude and this is how We Celebrate Beauty In Diversity at Mrs India.

Let’s meet Sub Title winner of Sparkling Diva of Mrs India 2016 Christina David a Goan Mrs IndiaMalayali Beauty living in Bangalore Married  to Bengali .…. Huuhhhhhhhhhhh?                     Well stop scratching your head and don’t get confused she is Diverse in true sense adopting Indian culture as much as she can still her identity is strong as a person. A Young married Girl who is an example that we all need to look around in present situation.

Today when we get tired to reading News about Interstate, interracial, Inter-religious conflicts this Young Married Couple Living in Bangalore has set example where mature elderly people fail to understand that its takes only love and respect for each other to be Happily Married.

Mrs India 2018 2019
Christina during her Wedding

When one truly loves someone grudges of Cast, Creed and Religion are immaterial.Christina recently married to  Soumik Ghosh Who belongs to totally different culture and background.

When World might look at Cultural differences as difficulty to merge well, Christina overjoyed it as Double Delight where she can be a Playful Goan Bride who Glides through Catholic Church in White Gowns while Flower Girls Follow her giving her Heavenly feel .

Mrs India
Christina in Catholic Wedding Style at Goa

Charming Bong Bride Cladded in Bright Colorful   Traditional Bengali attire following all

Mrs India
Christina as Bong Bride

Wedding Rituals whole heatedly .Mrs India 2016 Contestant Christina looks Divine with Sindur smeared Forehead on Goddess like Face making it Picture perfect Wedding and you can look at Photos of Mrs India Contestant.

Mrs India Semifinalist Christina is brought up by Single Mother who proudly serves Indian Army, Well now we all understand from where this Brave Young attitude of Mrs India Contestant Christina comes from? Child raised by strong Woman bound to be Positive Person who is Caring, Loving and most of all knows how live life on Own conditions making the World a better place for all.

Mrs India Congratulates Christina David for being Mrs India – Sparkling Diva 2016.

Lit the World with Spark of Your Talent and Beauty with Grace and Dignity.

Mrs India ,I am Woman Eternally Beautiful !

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