Mrs India – Timeless Beauty

Mrs India 2016

Have you ever Wondered ? Why Mrs India say I am Woman Eternally Beautiful?

Well because Mrs India Queen’s Reign never get over ! Why ? Well for that you should have a Look at our Queens who gets better and better with time ,She is not less than any generation to compete with .Thats why We at Mrs India address them Mrs India – Timeless Beauty  .

Mrs India

We would like to introduce our Classic Mrs India 2015 winners who recently completed Reign as Classic Mrs India gracefully and gave a way to New reining Queens by Crowning themselves at Mrs India 2016 held at Hilton Chennai .

Picture speaks louder than Words so does the beautiful image of Pratibha Saushimath(Left ) and Purnima Khare (Right) says it all.Queens sisters not only Ruled their homes but proved their mettle being successful Career Woman and entrepreneur of their generation. Their Journey with Mrs India continued as Regional Directors of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd.



“World has to look around for Inspiration ,I just have to Turn back and see my Mother ” Mrs Indiasaid daughter of Purnima Khare who is recently married . Purnima is not only inspiring mother but has inspired all coming generation.We all should look at her ,how to stand tall against all odds and live Dignified life on own . Being from conservative Chhattisgarh FB_IMG_1434527705414Purnima never lived behind the Boundaries who represented India in Mrs Asia International and became first Married Lady from Chhatisgardh to Win International Pageant .Purnima is Timeless Beauty in True sense and known for her Signature Statement “My Time Starts Now “ and We all should agree her time is never Ending coz she is Timeless Beauty .And We Proudly call them Mrs India- Timeless Beauty

Now lets have a Look at “Super Mom” as we fondly address her at Mrs India, for being FB_IMG_1434530631157Super Energetic , Super Loving and caring lady you will ever see in your life .Pratibha is not only winner of Classic Mrs India but she represented India at Mrs Asia International and Won Mrs Photogenic Title for having Beautiful face and most expressive eyes .She is Actress and Modeled for Many Big Brands ,when you tune in TV you get to see Beautiful Pratibha Saunshimath from Bangalore .

 Pratibha will stun you with her electrifying performance and leave you clueless that she has crossed 48 years of her Life and still can challenge younger FB_IMG_1434170919960generation to compete with.Her Aura is shining day by day making her timeless Beauty and Mrs India is blessed to have Beautiful ladies who are not just a pretty face but leader who inspire many people around the World .Who themselves are symbol of change and Mrs India is proud to have you .

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Mrs India is Trade Mark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd. India's only Beauty Pageant for married Woman offering International Platform. Mrs India is Official Host of Mrs World,Mrs Asia International and Mrs Planet Preliminaries